LibreOffice Base (01) Create a Database, Create a Table

LibreOffice Base (01) Create a Database, Create a Table

LibreOffice base is a tool to
create and manage data bases but the first thing i want to point out
is we don’t call this LibreOffice database because it’s not the database by itself the default database for LibreOffice for
LibreOffice Base is HSQLDB but it can also be used as a front end to
read in other databases like mysql or an access database for this tutorial series we’re going to
treat it as if it were an all-in-one database although it’s not meaning we are only going to use the default HSQL-DataBase when we open up LibreOffice Base it brings up a database wizard and asks us what we want to do do we want to create a new database? open an existing database file or
connect to an existing database now if we had a data base out there, we could select that, connect to an
access database or down here we see mysql i don’t have one out there now, but if i did
we could create forms and reports from it what we want to do is create a new database so i’m going to
select that radio button and click on next and i’m also going to mention let’s go
back “Save and proceed” does the same thing is
next. You clicked this brings it to the next sceen now it’s asking us do we want our
database registered it really doesn’t matter right now we
can always register it later I will mention that registering your database just makes your database viewable to the
different the libreoffice modules. It has nothing to do with any online
registry of any kind if you want to know a little more about
how the registry works right now you might want to check out the
LibreOffice Writer mail merge videos i made we will look at how register databases
work later in the series, but that’s way down the road I’m not going to register my database
right now but i will open the database for editing i’m going to click finish and i want to give this a name i’m going to give our database the name
odb01 employees and click save we told it to open database and that
we did so we see it up at the top on our title bar odb01-employees and right now we have been empty database where are at our main screen and we see three
windows one that’s his database, one that says tasks any other says tables under database we have tables selected
if i change this to queries we see our tasks changed and our third window now says queries in the same thing happens for forms and
reports we’re going to start with tables sensor data base won’t lose any good
without any data in it and all the data we’re going to need a
table looking over their tasks this top on
says create a table in design view and the description for that is create
the table by specifying the field names and properties as well as the data types that’s the one we want; so i’m going to
click on it this brings up something that looks like
a spreadsheet with three columns we see field name field type and description to help us visualize what we want to
create i’m going to use the tean contact list
we created in the calc series with a few changes to it here we see we’ve got lastname firstname
gender start date, end date, phone number, and so on when we form editor calc spreadsheet we used different formatting for our text fields for our date fields in for our new numeric fields we’re going to do the same thing here one difference between a new database and the calc employee list is we want each employees to have its own
number just like most companies give employees
numbers to the employees or schools might give a student number to each
student we’re going to do the same thing here and we want LibreOffice based to enter it all in for us in their field name we’re going to call
this employees i_d_ Libreoffice base wants is to enter the scene as a
text field we’re going to change this to integer down in our field properties we have a thing called autovalue We want to turn this to yes so this will auto populate this field
for us giving each employees a different number starting with your own and counting up i’m going to put a description n we’re going to see this is the unique
employee number looking back at are calc sheet we now have lastname and first name this one we can use, a text varchar looking down our field properties it’s asking us if this entry it’s required we want to
say yes we need to have lastname if we’re going
to give them employees-ID the length is one hundred but when we see var char that means variable characters if we don’t use all one hundred
characters it will just cut it off: to what we need
in only use the memory which we need so we prefer varchar because that’s a little more efficient than fixed giving it description now the first name we’re going to make first name required
as well and leave the rest and will put in a description here next one we have is gender instead of variable characters this time we’re going to make this one fixed and we’re going to give it a length of six under our description we’re going to say it must be either
Male or Female next week at the start date and we’re going to make this one a date
field Since the descriptions are not
required i’m going to enter in the rest without any descriptions now we have our entire table entered the only other thing i want to point out
right here is, if I want to add a field i can go up to where it is right-click and insert a row. new field. but once i save this database i can’t do that any new field i want to enter after I save this database will have to
go at the bottom you’ll see later that it really won’t be that a big
deal but just to let you know we can’t change the order before we see at the table let’s save it right now i’m going to give it and name of employees so now we’ve got in empty table inside
of are database to open up this table double click on it and there’s all the fields that we just
entered if i right click on this it brings up a
shortcut menu we can copy this table deleted rename it edit or open when we double click it we opened it now we’re going to take a look at edit edit brings us back into the edit mold. edit mode is where we just
where, where we added all our fields to the table we may want to add or delete a
field this is where we would make that kind of
change now i’m gonna open it and Lets add some data now this first one was said was awful
field so we don’t need to enter that field let’s get our values for calc table we’ve got last name…. Taylor Mark he is a male start date was two thousand five ten-thirty-one to get to the next row i’ll just hit tab so we see that our first employee i_d_ turns to zero if i start to type in the next one not put in his last name now i tried to save this table it gives me an error because our last name in our first name where required fields so i have to give it it least a last name and the first
meeting now i can save the table I’ve typed the rest of the data in from the
spread sheet. so now we’ve got some data in our table in our database so i’m going to save my
table and save my database I’ll put this on the website incase anyone wants the download it from

Danny Hutson

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    Great to see the continuation of the LibreOffice series.


  2. Greetings! Yes, Libre Office Base this time, I’ve had a lot of requests for this topic. As with the other modules – there is a lot to it! This could be a long series…

  3. Good eye to catch that! In the video, you will see that I try to save my table after typing in the last name of the second record, but before I typed in the first name (both required fields). LibreOffice incremented the auto value and tried to save the record (It couldn’t enter it at that time) after I typed in all required fields, I clicked save, it incremented (again) and added the autovalue to the record.

  4. Actually, I don't have a complete plan (yet), so I can't say for sure how long this is going to be or what will be covered, but that's how all my series start. I have some idea's to work with and right now, it seems there may be a lot of videos, but we will have to wait and see…

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    What hardware-software do you use to produce your videos?

  6. Thank you! That’s a great compliment. I’ve got a basic windows 7 home premium computer and the screen capture software I use is Microsoft Expression Screen Capture (It was free with windows 7, but I did have to download it separately).

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    Probably no noticeable difference for even medium sized databases but it just bugged me a bit to hear you say "efficient" rather than highly convient and with a non-noticeable speed difference (though this is a tutorial on Libre's Base not on how computers work internally so…forgiven of course :))

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    Gramps… Sharpsburg KY USA

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    I meant to say: Even if the components of each step of both instruction works exist in separate tables. (So Table 1 doesn't get crowded and messy looking like your phone number situation)

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