‘Let Her Talk,’ Says Dr. Phil While Coaching Guest Through Backstage Chat With A Woman He Wants T…

Now, after a round of speed dating with five really lovely single ladies, Adam said he wanted to speak some more to Tracy and get to know her better. Now, the goal is for Adam to get another date and to be appropriate, so I’m in his ear, but Tracy doesn’t know that. We’ll tell her when we’re done, of course. Adam, I just want you to ask her to tell you more about herself, that you’re really interested in getting to know her. I definitely wanna get to know you more and more about you, ’cause I know it was such a short, you had, yeah, so definitely. Yeah, five minutes. I always say it’s either, if you’re on a quick date like that, it’s either five minutes goes like that or it’s the longest five minutes of your life. Right. (laughing) Sounds like you’ve experienced both. I thought it was very fast because I thought our conversation went really well. I thought so, too.
So it’s good to talk. It’s just very flowing. So tell me more about yourself. Not a lot of awkward pauses.
Yeah, yeah. So if you had a couple quick things that you’d like to tell me about yourself, what are some top things that you would share? I’m a little quirky sometimes. I don’t know if you’ll get that, but I come off as very serious, but I’m not always that serious. We talked about the cat rescue. I saw you panic a little bit. Are you not a cat person? You have dogs? I have dogs. (laughing) Monkey and–
Monkey and Mister. That’s right. And when you said that, I just envisioned cat rescue of like 100 cats, but that’s; two cats is, yeah, that’s awesome that you have pets. Let her talk.
Yeah, and we do have 100– Let her talk.
They just don’t all live with me.
Tell you more about herself.
Okay. All the time.
Okay, so cat rescue– Sometimes.
Is a big part of your life. How long you been doing that?
It is. I’ve been doing it for, gosh, out in LA for about 10 years. Okay.
A few years before that. I love dogs. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression that I don’t love all animals, because I do. Yeah?
But cats are easier to stash. (audience laughing) To stash?
In your apartment, when you’re fostering. (laughing) I’ve never heard them called stashed before. They don’t bark, nobody hears them. Yeah, okay. No, I’m being a little facetious. Yeah.
But, yeah. So how did you get your dogs? Are they rescues? They were both rescues. I wish more people would get rescue pets– Gosh, you and me both.
Because that’s amazing. There’s amazing dogs in there. Good.
Tell me what you do for fun. So for fun, on like a weekend, what’s your top type of (audience laughing) activities that you do? Oh my god, I am–
Is it more with friends, or just– I am gonna sound like the most boring person that you’ve ever met.
Okay. What I generally do is, Friday night, come home from work. The first thing I do, other than go to the gym, I put on my pajamas and sit on the sofa and watch some TV. Okay.
So tell me about your family.
That’s my favorite thing. It would be really nice to have people to do that with. But I’m not a total homebody. I like to go out sometimes, not super fancy places. Yeah, that’s good.
Just fun, comfy places. But I like a restaurant as much as I like a diner or a dive bar.
Yeah. What about you? I definitely like to do those things. I like some TV. I don’t have any family in the area, so, where I live, so it’s kind of hard. But, what about your family? Are you close with them, or? (audience applauding) My mother is my best friend; super close with my mom. Yep, she lives in Baltimore, which is where I’m from. We talk 20,000 times a day.
You know, I grew up there. Oh, it’s so weird. And you were in Florida for a little bit, too. Interesting.
So you’re really close with your mom?
Yes. Super close with my mom.
Okay. How about you, you have parents? I have parents, yes. Siblings? (laughing) I have nine brothers and sisters– Oh my gosh.
That are mixed up with some half and step. And do you have siblings, too? No, just me.
Just you? Mm-hmm. So what would be your dream date? So your dream date. If you could be anywhere in 15 minutes, where would you go and what would you do? I’m gonna kind of weasel out of that question because my dream date is feeling comfortable with somebody and not feeling like I have to think about what I’m gonna say next or, oh my gosh, is he looking at my hair. Is it weird? Do I have spinach in my teeth? Just to forget–
Yeah. About all those things and just have a conversation and let it flow and let it go where it goes. That’s my dream date. Well, you sure make me feel comfortable. What about you?
Before I answer that– Okay.
I have to say you definitely make me feel comfortable. Good.
So that’s a good thing. So that’s great, you’re on your dream date. No, I’m just kidding.
(laughing) (audience applauding) When we come back, we’re gonna talk to Tracy and see what she thought of Adam. We’ll be right back.

Danny Hutson

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