Lessons From Getting Shredded (Things I Would Do Differently)

Lessons From Getting Shredded (Things I Would Do Differently)

– So you’re interested
in getting shredded. Awesome, you came to the right video because in this video, I’m going to share with you a couple of things
that I would have done differently if I was getting
shredded for the first time, the things that I now do
differently with myself and with my clients that really
do improve those processes and those systems to getting to that low body fat percentage. And by the way, none of
these things are some kinda quick fix that I can just give you and that you’re gonna
listen to this video, and tomorrow wake up with abs, or just magically get shredded overnight. That’s really not how it works. You need patience, you need consistency. You need lots of hard work. My hope is that these things
that I share here with you and my experiences will help you improve your processes so you can do this in the most effective
way possible for you. And by the way, if you’re new here, my name is Mario Tomic,
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by clicking the bell icon so you know when the next video comes out. And now, let’s dive into it. So the first thing that
I would do differently when it comes to getting shredded is that I would have gotten
a lot more precise with my nutrition from day one. So I made a mistake basically
with procrastinating on learning how to do calories,
learning how to do macros, learning how to do
tracking, really doing it. And instead, what I was doing was, I was basically avoiding
that, and I was doing primarily some of the
commonsense fat loss things. I was trying to get away
with just doing that, which weren’t unnecessarily bad things. I mean, these things
like eating more protein, eating more veggies, not eating junk food, not drinking sodas, drinking more water. Those things are great, and
that’s a good foundation, but I should have just
gotten much more precise from day one, because the lack
of that precision was really what got me a lot of frustrating plateaus, even far from being shredded. I mean, about 15% body fat, I
was already hitting plateaus, which shouldn’t be really happening. So if I was more precise from day one, if I had those skills,
I would have, first off, known when to make changes,
what changes to make. I would’ve had data to
understand what was going on, and I wouldn’t even hit those plateaus. But then I would’ve
had a lot more momentum and more experience with these skills, so I could actually get closer
to my 10% body fat goal, which was really the ultimate goal. I wanted to be that guy with a six-pack. I wanted to get shredded. And because I was avoiding these skills, that was really a problem
because I didn’t know what to do, what to change, and that’s maybe a situation
we’re in right now. You might be stuck far from your goal without knowing what to change. And that’s a lack of data, right? So you need to dive into this. Don’t postpone, don’t procrastinate
on learning these skills because these skills will be critical to get to that end goal, right? They might not be critical to
lose the first five pounds. I mean, you can do that with some of the commonsense things I mentioned. But if we’re talking about
getting really, really shredded, getting to that ultimate goal,
you will need these skills. So dive into it, let’s get that precision. Now, the second thing that I
would have done differently when it comes to getting shredded is to not do as much cardio. So what I did, basically,
is from day one, week one, I already had two cardio sessions of about 45 minutes moderate intensity, on top of five weight training sessions and all the nutrition changes. And two training sessions
like that isn’t a lot, but what happened over time is, as soon as I didn’t see the
scale move as fast as I wanted, I would immediately go up in the cardio. I would go from two sessions to three. I would add another one, now up to four, 45 minutes turned into an hour. Eventually, I ended up
doing five cardio sessions of about an hour on an empty
stomach in the morning, plus the five weight training sessions, which was way too much for
someone at my experience level. And in general, that’s a
lot of workload for someone. They need a really, really good recovery to be able to even handle that, to be able to even survive that, especially when you’re also
looking to lose body fat. I mean, that’s just a lot. And for a beginner like myself, basically, the result was that I
didn’t build any muscle, didn’t get any strength on my cut, and that cut was just not very effective. The end result of that whole
fat loss phase was just not as good as it could’ve been, because I, at that experience level,
as a beginner about a year into lifting, year and a
half, I should have been able to build some muscle,
I should have been able to gain a lot of strength
on that fat loss phase. But nothing happened because
I was just overtrained. Also, not just physically
what was going on, but mentally, I was absolutely
exhausted all the time. I just didn’t want to do much. I was not very motivated,
I was very agitated. I was actually very hungry, as well. Even my sleep starting to, my
sleep quality just went down. I was sleeping only
about six to seven hours because I just couldn’t
handle all the workload. I just constantly felt stressed out, and I was just doing way too much for someone at my experience level. Now, if I was doing things
differently, I mean, cardio, there’s nothing bad with it. I mean, you can add a couple
sessions here or there. But that’s definitely
something to use strategically as a tool if your goal
is to have an amazing, muscular physique at the
end of your fat loss phase. It’s not something just to go full-on YOLO and go very aggressive like I did with just adding a bunch
of cardio without any kind of limitations or
considerations for the fatigue. And also, at that time I
was going into the forums. I was reading what people
were talking about. Everybody was talking about how it’s supposed to be miserable, how you’re supposed to
suffer, how it is painful, how you’re supposed to be fatigued. I kinda bought into that and I thought that what was happening to me was normal, and I was just, kept going, you know, just keep going and just,
let’s go to the end. And now, I know differently, and now, I’m telling you as well that that’s not supposed to be happening. You’re not supposed to
be completely trashed every single day after
your morning session. I was doing, basically,
morning fasted sessions. I mean, now we even know the
science on fasted cardio says that there’s not any difference
between fasted or fed. Back in the day I was like,
oh let’s do it fasted, it has to be fasted, so I was
really pushing myself so much. It was negatively affecting
all areas of my life, and I think that’s actually
one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in terms
of my fitness journey. I think this one mistake of
just doing way too much cardio, and that’s definitely what held
me back a lot on my journey. This is definitely something you want to pay attention to if
your goal ultimately is to get to that shredded physique. Now, the third thing that
I would’ve done differently when it comes to getting shredded is to have a lot more progress metrics. My issue was that I was only
relying on the weight scale. That’s how I made all my decisions, whether to do less food, more food, more cardio, less cardio training. All these changes were, basically, made based on the weight scale. We know the weight scale
can fluctuate quite a lot, and luckily, I soon moved
into weight averages. I wasn’t just looking
at the daily weighings, because that really makes you crazy. If you look at weight averages, that’s a little bit more
accurate, but it’s not enough. I wish I did weekly progress photos. I wish I did weekly caliber measurements, where you take an inch to the
right of your belly button and just take a vertical pinch there, and you just have that metric,
you have that raw data. You can make more accurate decisions. You make more educated decisions. With the progress photos, the thing is, when we’re looking at
ourselves in the mirror, we’re always looking at the abs. Is the fat melting from the abs? The thing is that that’s
the last place it’s gonna go off from, and you often lose a lot of fat from your back that you don’t even see. If you’re just looking at the middle, you’re just looking at your stomach, nothing is happening, and
it can be very frustrating. Instead, when you take progress photos from a couple of different
angles, you can see changes. And also, with those progress photos, you can actually compare. When you do the next fat loss
phase, you can look back. You can see how the
changes have been made. You can see how much muscle you put on. You can see a lot, you have
a lot more accurate insights into what’s going on with your body. That was my mistake, I
made a lot of bad choices because I was just relying on that scale. I would lower my food intake, add cardio, do all kinds of stuff, and
I would’ve probably made a lot more progress if
I just stuck with it. Maybe I was doing something right and I didn’t even know
that I was doing it right. So having more metrics to measure
your progress is critical, and I highly recommend that you implement as many as possible so you have the data to make the good decisions. That’s really what’s
gonna make a difference, because you’re no longer just guessing. Now you’re actually making decisions based on something real, on something
that’s actually going on. Don’t get me wrong, the scale is great, but it cannot be the only tool you use that will give you the decisions. You need to use other tools if you want more accurate decisions. When we’re talking about getting shredded, we’re talking about maximum accuracy, which is really going to help you. By the way, I’m going to
leave a video here at the end that’s also gonna help you on your goal and your journey to getting shredded. Also, if you’re interested
in working with me, I’m gonna leave a link
in the description below where you can check out that link and all the details will be there. Other than that, I will
see you in that next video. (chill electronic music)

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