Lesson 2 How To Customize Invoices In QuickBooks Online

Welcome to the Fit Small Business
QuickBooks Online training course. In this lesson we’re going to cover how to
customize the look and feel of invoices sales, receipts, and estimates to follow
along with me login to your QuickBooks Online account
now or click the link below this video for free 30-day trial of quickbooks
online. You can also click this link to access our full How To Set Up QuickBooks online course and other helpful resources. Let’s get started. Customizing the style
and appearance of your invoices will give them a more professional look than
just the standard default sales forms the default quickbooks forms are not
very professional looking and may not contain enough space for your customer
information it’s important to customize sales forms because they are reflection
of your business. For the purposes of this video we will use a fictitious
company called Paul’s Plumbing as you view this video think about how the information might
differ for your business. To begin after you have signed into your QuickBooks Online account go ahead and click on the gear icon and
select account and settings. Click on the sales tab. At the very top is the
customized section go ahead and click on the customize
look-and-feel button on the next screen you want to go ahead and click on the
blue new style button in the upper right hand corner this green brings us to the
customized form style where the magic happens the first thing that you want to do is
select the forum that you would like to customize to do this just click the
drop-down and select a form: invoice, estimate, or sales receipt are the
options here there are five areas that quickbooks allows you to customize for
business sales forms style, appearance, header, activity table, and footer. In the
Style section we have five templates to choose from. Airy is the default template
modern, fresh, friendly, and bold. Each template
differs in formatting, the number of fields, and the type of fields that appear
on the invoice. In the appearance section you can change the look and size of your
logo, where your logo appears on the invoice, either the left side, the center,
or the right. You can set the font for your invoices here. You can set the
height on the body of the invoice. This is important if you have long product or
service descriptions. Page margins can be set here if you use custom letterhead
that is not the standard 8.5 by 11 size paper. In the header
section you are able to change the name of the form so for example if you prefer
to call an estimate a quote you can actually change it right here. Company information allows you to select what information you want to appear on your invoices so for example we have
company name, we have email, address, website, and phone number. Customer information: allows you to have
payment terms and due date show up on all invoices you don’t want your
customers to have to guess when payment is due. finally the custom fields section will
only be applicable if you have created custom fields and quickbooks that you
want to appear on sales forms and how to set up sales forms content video we
discussed why you might want to create custom fields and how to do this in
quickbooks. To access this course just click this link. In the activity table
section you can select the columns that appear on your invoices and the order in
which they appear. For example since Paul bills by the hour we will go ahead and
change the quantity field to hours. In the footer section you can include a
brief message to your customers on each invoice like we appreciate your business there is also a place to enter
information that you would like to appear at the very bottom of each invoice like
your website. As we make changes in each of these areas we can do a print preview
at any time to see what it looks like print preview is located at the bottom
part of the screen. Let’s go ahead and take a look at our
custom invoice that we’ve created for Paul. Once you are satisfied with the
form we can go ahead and save it. When we get to the save screen we will also need
to give it a name so for Paul’s invoice will call it pause custom invoice in
order for Paul to use his new custom invoice he must make it his default to
do this we want to go ahead and click on the arrow to the right and select make
default that wraps up the lesson on how to customize the look and feel of your
invoices sales receipts and estimates and quickbooks online to access our full
How To Set Up QuickBooks online course or any of the lessons in this series click this link
you can also find a link below this video for free 30-day trial of
quickbooks online.

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