Les pubs sur internet – Cyprien

Les pubs sur internet – Cyprien

This morning, I was on Megaupload to download the…hum…..hum… …my parent’s holidays video. No, I’m kidding. I illegally downloaded a movie because I like to kill the movie industry. So, I was on Megaupload and I was watching the ads that were on the website. And I lost faith in humanity. My top 5 ads I’ve seen You want to see me naked? Warning:
It’s not ”You want to see HER naked?”
It’s ”You want to see ME naked?” Like, there is a girl on Earth, absolutly gorgeous who wants to make a survey, like that, putting her picture to know if people want.. This survey is absolutely not influenced by that big pair of tits. No, but seriously… What’s that ad? Eh? Who will click on ”No”? And if you click on ”No”, what’s going to happen? No ”Congratulations, you’re homosexual”.
Seriously? Other ads I’ve seen most often. The ugliest and least French as well. ”The secret for losing weight to discovered” They had choice between ”to discover” or ”was discovered”, but no, they had to make the perfect mix between the two that doesn’t mean anything. Moreover, the next sentence isn’t better: “I lost 2 kg per week of fat. No, unfortunately, in French you can’t put words in the order you want. It’s stupid eh! In the category of stupid questions : ” You want a sexy girlfriend? ” No, no, no, I want a girlfriend disgusting , toothless , very big with crusts between beads , a glass eye and who limps Why? They take us for idiots. An ad for a muscle strengthener We certainly agree ? A pub , this is made to make people want. Who wants to look like this monster, seriously? Is this a joke ? The people who made this ad didn’t understand anything. So, for the ad , I thought of this picture. WOW! Wooooo, oooooooh… Great. Let’s keep it. I knew you’d say that. (Nausea) And finally , my favorite ad. Can’t miss it , it ‘s huge. Read the first sentence. ” Hey … when is the last you had a sexy girl like this ?” Missing a word in the sentence ! Incredible! It shows that the guys don’t give a sh*t about the ad. This is the first ad I see where a word is missing , anyway! ”L’OREAL, because I it!”
CUT! It misses a word , but we keep it. Well, that was just a little bonus video you can share on Facebook.
And you can find all my other videos on cyprien.fr See you soon! And if you click on ”No”, what’s going to happen? Charles passe quoi?
(It’s a French joke. Sorry, I can’t translate it.)

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Les pubs sur internet – Cyprien

  1. " Le secret pour maigrir à découvert "
    T'as pas compris en fait ça voulait dire à découvert sur ton compte bancaire.

  2. Você disse que mulheres gordas são feias ?? Depende né ? Depende do seu gosto e se uma mulher quiser ser gorda e não se importar.. há quem amará ela!
    • Gosto muito de seus vídeos.. ??
    Mas moro no Brasil e… estou querendo aprender Francês e vejo seus vídeos!!

  3. c'est quoi le nom de la première femme?
    Ne vous inquiétez pas c'est pour le travail et je suis au chalet 🙂

  4. Je te connais et d'habitude d'habitude tu n'es pas comme ça et donc je crois que tu n'es pas le réel Cyprien et que tu es juste un hayter's

  5. A-propo du bodybuilding une fois j'étais dans une salle de sport bein le mec au lieu de metre un match ou quelque chose qui t'encourage,non il met une vidéo des concours de bodybuilding essayer de travailler avec des vidéo comme ça

  6. Mdr je ses pas si vous avez remarquer mais squeezie et cyprien. On tout les deux pas dintro mdr et ses mieux

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