LEGO Spamland Episode 2 Rise Of The Spammers Part II

LEGO Spamland Episode 2 Rise Of The Spammers Part II

Those shadows are arriving at any moment now! And that’s why I upgraded the cannon so the spammers have an equal chance of fighting em! Pretty cool huh? Good, now lets gather up our spam soldiers! Alright men! My daughter will lead you all into battle while me, Hedwick, and Charlie will load up the spam so the shadows cant get a hold of it! Is that clear? Sir yes sir! ATTACK! ATTACK! The spam is loaded up! Good, now let’s get outta here! It is kinda nice up here! I do like the view! Well except for the fighting and gunshots that is! I think I’ll go join Hedwick! Hello Walter! Edmund! Sandra, why did you call us? My father is in trouble! I can feel it! I know I’m not supposed to give you guys these just yet, but I think you’ll need them now more then ever! I wonder what kind of effects these powers have on those shadows! You guys finish up here! I’m gonna go save Walter! Mwa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! There’s no one to protect you now Walter! Thanks for saving me! No problem! No! I was so close! You may have won for now Walter, but trust me, I will get that spam! Boys I wanna congraduate you all for saving our spam! And I should be very mad at my daughter for what she did, but because they used their powers to save the spam and me, I guess i can forgive her! Walter, who was that guy i punched that ship? That was my brother Edmund Lake, the leader of the shadows! And he will be back for the spam! But for now, I’m just glad to call you guys true spammers!

Danny Hutson

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