Learn Korean Online with Min Lee Ep1

Learn Korean Online with Min Lee Ep1

Hello! Welcome to Everyday Korean Class, my name is Min. I’m a Korean girl, living in Singapore.
I’m not a native English speaker so I make mistakes while I’m talking in English so please
understand that. This everyday Korean class is had to help my boyfriend to learn Korean so this is not meant to be
professional or academic. The aim of this every day Korean
class is solely for a beginner like my
boyfriend to be able to speak simple Korean
phrases and sentences. So I tried to keep it simple and short, not to overwhelm the audience including
my boyfriend. You may have heard it many Korean people saying something
something ‘yo’ or something something ‘imnida’ in Korean dramas or Korean songs. ‘Yo’ and ‘imnida’ are the syllables to show respect or politeness. In Korean, generally
speaking, there are two ways of speaking. First way of speaking is “nopimmal” and the other one is “bahn mal”. So it pronounces as “no-pim-mal” and this one is “bahn-mal”. ‘Nopimmal’ is formal or polite way of speaking and this can
be regarded as a standard a way to say to strangers, older people or for the public speech. On the other
hand, ‘bahn mal’ is a informal way and this is used to
when you talk to friends or younger people than you. iIn
Korean culture, it is important to know that being
polite is a very important had influence a lot in language and cultural
wise. For example, in English, when you say
‘thank you’, you cab say ‘thank you’ to a little kid or
to a grandpa. But in Korean, when you say ‘thank you’, you have to say “gamsahabnida” to
Grandpa, “komawa” to a little kid. “Gamsahabnida” is the ‘nopimmal’ version of ‘thank you’, it looks like this and then it sounds
like, “gam-sa-ham-ni-da”. The other hand, the ‘bahn mal’ version of ‘thank you’ is ‘gomawo’, it sounds like ‘go-ma-wo’. Here the ‘wo’ as in when you say ‘one’, it sounds like ‘wo’ here. So, ‘gamsahamnida’, you can say to someone older than you or a high-ranking
than you or someone that you are not familiar with. The
other hand, ‘bahn mal, gomawo’, you can say to your friends or to younger people than you. So if
you say “gomawo” to Grandpa, he will feel
offended. So I will teach you ‘nopimmal’ by default in this class because I do not want to get you into
trouble by only knowing ‘bahn mal’ and speaking ‘bahn mal’ all the time to everyone.

Danny Hutson

75 thoughts on “Learn Korean Online with Min Lee Ep1

  1. @Requezmann – thanks!! Am doing more videos soon and I'll be releasing an iphone app soon with all the videos so it's easier to learn… will keep you posted here…

  2. Thanks a lot! Appreciate the support – we'll be making an iphone app soon with all the videos so you can have them on your iphone for easy referral and practice!

  3. i have a very big question on this, the word "합" (hab) why do people read it as "ham"? "ㅂ" is B. so it should be "hab" right? please help me! 감사!

  4. @Cecilia Chan. I know why cuz wen u say hap your mouth is closed and you don't have space to then say mninda so koreans say it as hamnida……go on talk to me in korean it helped

  5. this is and easy way to learn, thanks
    but do u happen to have any korean friends who teach korean lesson in jakarta, cause im based in jakarta

  6. Sorry I don't have any friends in jakarta. But I'll be launching my ibook with these basic lessons this week – so you can master the essentials. Then there will be volume 2 to get you really speaking! Check it out at my blog. (Min)

  7. hi
    i have a small question, i study japanese is it wise to also learn korean next to japanese? or should i only learn one language and later the next

    thank you

  8. Learning one language at a time is wise. You might end up confusing yourself and mixing the languages together. Trust me I learned this the hard way. D;

  9. thank you for your lesson!! where do you live in singapore? i am a native singaporean but currently living in germany.. 🙂 my bf is a korean so your lesson is definitely useful for me.. 😉

  10. I can't stop repeating the word gamsamhanida :p Thanks to Korean Drama and Lee min ho <3 I'm more interested to learn about Asia and Korea..

    My question is…is their a difference in language between South and North korea

  11. Just found your blog, thank you for making this, you will be my teacher and from now on and I will go through all your lessons. Keep up the good work!

  12. Thank you so much you are so awesome, this really helped me learn!!! I wish you good luck, may you forever be blessed!

  13. Gamsahamnida Min Lee! 🙂
    Min Lee, I noticed in your lesson, you have told us how to pronounce this but sometimes it can be a little difficult to correctly identify every syllable. Is there anyway that you could write down an additional line as to how words should be pronounced as well as what the transliteration of the word is as you are doing currently 🙂 (Hope this request makes sense)

  14. im an Indian and i have many korean friends.
    love everything about korean,
    and i wish that someday ill marry a korean too 🙂
    thank you for the video.
    wish i was your boy friend 🙂

  15. you are so sweet !! thanks for the lessons (: I'll keep watching your videos trying to learn something =D

  16. Hi Min Lee
    i have been watching K-dramas online such as "My Princess" , "49 days", "Queen In-Hyun Man" and "Rosy Lovers".
    Only understood some Korean words heard often at the dramas mentioned.
    But I try not to watch sageuk drama (eg : Moon Embracing the Sun) which I believe are the old fashioned Korean conversations
    btw, I am born and living in Singapore

  17. Your English is great! Thanks so much for your videos. I'm just beginning to learn Korean and these videos are so helpful! 🙂

  18. I would be to afraid to say anything just so I won't offend anyone. but it's still good to know. I had a cousin who was stationed in Seoul for a while and she learned a lot.

  19. Gansahamnida Ms.Min Lee for teaching for your boyfriend and the people watching your video I'm trully interested to learn korean words when I saw this video It's just exactly what I hear If I am watching korean movies so please do many video other than that 😄😜

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