Learn Dutch online | Basic Dutch vocabulary – lesson 1 – New version!

Learn Dutch online | Basic Dutch vocabulary – lesson 1 – New version!

Hi there! My name is Bart de Pau and this is “1000 most common words in Dutch”, the online video course to learn basic Dutch vocabulary, with additional exercises on learndutch.org. I created 40 lessons. Each lesson contains 25 of the most frequently used Dutch words. In lesson 1, you learn to introduce yourself, how to greet someone, how to say goodbye, and the articles. Let’s start with ourselves: [I] [MY NAME IS] Do you recognise him? It’s our King. [I AM] And she’s the queen of the Netherlands. She is originally from Argentina, so she learned Dutch as well, just like you! [MAN] [WOMAN] And why are we all dressed in Orange? Well that’s the Dutch national colour. Hey, hey… what is this? You crazy Dutch “man”. And what about you? You can leave your shirt on! This is not about the difference between “man
en vrouw”. This is a decent language course, not a biology lesson. And children are watching. [BOY] [GIRL] [A] indefinite article [A MAN] [THE] definite article [THE MAN] And now you’re thinking, that’s another definite article. Yes it is! But how do you know, which to use? Well, you need to learn it with every word. But I will tell you! By the way most people pronounce “het” as
[ut], [ut]. [THE HOUSE] or as some say: “[ut] huis” Now, this course is about basic Dutch vocabulary. In my other course #dutchgrammar, I explain in detail when we do use articles
and when we don’t, and also how other words in the sentence change, depending on whether the article is “de” or
“het”. For learning the basics – this course is fine. You can always decide later to combine this
course with #dutchgrammar. Let’s continue, and learn how we greet each
other. [HELLO] And less formal is: [HI] [HOW ARE YOU?] Literally: “how is it going?” [GOOD] [BAD] Hey, wait, that’s not a word… but it’s the most common answer of the Dutch to the question “hoe gaat het?”. It means: not good, not bad, but I might want to talk about it. [THE MORNING] [GOOD MORNING] Very important to pronounce this word with
the most positive voice you have. The Dutch are optimistic people, and we like
to start the day well! “morgen” can also mean: tomorrow [TOMORROW] [THE EVENING] [GOOD EVENING] [THE DAY] [GOOD DAY] This is quite formal, you don’t say it just
to friends. “Dag” can also mean “hi” or “goodbye”. You can use it for greeting and when you leave. [HI, GOODBYE] [SEE YOU LATER] “tot” means: until. “Tot ziens” is: until I see you. Informal is: [BYE] Some people say “doeg!” And that’s an appropriate last word of this
first lesson. Now, it’s time for the homework: first study the vocabulary list and then do
the exercises. You can find both on learndutch.org. And it’s totally free. That’s it for today. I hope you liked the lesson. If yes, give us a thumbs-up and share this
video. And for weekly videos to learn Dutch, subscribe to our youtube channel! See you next lesson; and you will now understand me when i say:

Danny Hutson

82 thoughts on “Learn Dutch online | Basic Dutch vocabulary – lesson 1 – New version!

  1. The way you have framed the whole lesson is commendable, appreciate your efforts and the way of teaching. Many Thanks.

  2. Oops! I thought this was german but I misspelled. Ich heiße Time und das ist in America. Das ist gut oder nein? Ich ein novice Redner.

  3. Hallo Bart,
    Ik vind je lessen heel goed. Ik heb de cursussen(Basic Dutch Vocabulary and de eerste 5 lessen van #dutchgrammer) gevolgd voor het basisexamen(A1) inburgering in het buitenland. Ik was geslaagd met de hoogste cijfers voor Spreekvaardigheid and Leesvaardigheid.
    Hartstikke bedankt!!! Zonder jou lessen, moest ik naar school gaan en dat kost heel veel geld.

    Ik ben nu bijna één jaar in Nederland en ik heb het inburgeringsexamen(A2) 3 weken geleden gedaan nadat ik de #dutchgrammer2 gevolgd heb. Ik heb de hoogste cijfers voor Leesvaardigheid en Luistervaardigheid gekregen 🙂 Binnen 8 weken na het examen volgt de uitslag van Schrijfvaardigheid en Spreekvaardigheid.

    Thank you so much. I am able to learn Dutch at a minimal cost.
    For those who want/need to learn Dutch, I highly recommend http://www.learndutch.org.
    Learning is fun with Bart de Pau 🙂

    One tip, it would be very helpful if you understand the parts of speech in English before learning Dutch.

  4. Every time I hear "doei" spoken by my Nederlands family, I think of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Excellent course. I am learning so I feel less left out in family gatherings.

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your videos helped me a lot for my exam! I got my result yesterday for my Basisexamen Inburgering❤ more power and God bless!??✔

  6. I am from the USA….My dutch girlfriend was been teaching me dutch so every morning I have to say good morning to her in dutch so she taught me to say it in dutch ,…Ik hou van jou….It makes her smile so I must say that one real well !

  7. Hallo. My name is Agus Jaya, and I'm from Indonesia. I know some Dutch words because they are exist in Bahasa Indonesia. The words like "hallo" "ja" and even "klompen". And I find this video is very good to learn Dutch!

  8. hello bart! mwoh is similar to italian "mah"? 🙂 the question about articles is easier for us italians because we have 6 definite articles ! il ,lo for singular male ,i ,gli for plural males, la for singular female,le for plural females xd

  9. Godnondeju zeg na het bekijken van dit filmpje spreek ik ineens vloeiend Nederlands wat een goede uitleg!

    Ah tyfus da's mooi zeg.

  10. extra explain about introducing your name,

    Ik ben = I am

    Ik heet = my name is.

    Mijn naam is = My name is, in literal translation

  11. Hallo Bart,

    Ik leer Nederlands met jouw lessen, en ik vind ze heel fijn. Ik hou nu al gesprekken met mijn Nederlandse vrienden. Ze vinden mijn Nederlands erg vooruit gaan, terwijl ik alleen maar naar uw lessen luister. Heel erg bedankt en nog veel succes met je verdere lessen!

  12. Прошла первый урок – все просто супер!!! Буду рекомендовать все знакомым, спасибо большое)))

  13. I loved the word "mwoh". In my town, we make a similar sound when we don't like something. It's like "no way" "what are you saying", "noooo" or "bah". We're called the Formula 1 because our strange sounds looks like a supercar that leaves fast. It's like "eeeeaaaaahhhhhnnn" or your Dutch "mwoh", but more exaggerated. ???I love you, Dutch people. ????

  14. Hey Bart,
    These are by far the best dutch lessons, really helped with pronunciation, key vocabulary, and overall just great energy ?? I was not bored once the enitre video, hopefully soon I can start speaking some dutch ! Its a dream of mine to visit the Netherlands ❤️

  15. I can both English and German and moreover I find Dutsch not so difficult to learn it. ? Greetings from Germany.

  16. Hoi Bart, goedenavond!
    Thank you so much for creating such program, I get to learn Dutch for cheap. The way you pronounce and use cultural context make it even interesting to learn. Thank you soo much, it is so helpful.

  17. I did the first test.. I fared well at the first and second quiz, but I did not understand what I have to do on the third quiz. So I failed. The one which I have to match meisye – man – vrow – jongen.. I could not click or do anything. please respond. Thank you

  18. Hallo Bart!
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing lessons!
    I'm moving to Netherlands from South Korea for a year and your lessons have been immensely helpful!
    Dan u wel!!!
    P.S. One day I can write what I just wrote in Dutch 😀

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