LBCC – Reorganization and Program Discontinuance Campus Forum – March 1, 2013

there’d been a while reserve duty okay edp dept started that meant that uh… thanks for coming out everyone i know
it’s a little bit of a short notice but um… uh… novel that uh… you must have
been little graybeards over trying to get information how they’ve been of popcorn
as much as possible uh… keep moving forward uh… the portraits of the if you begin to highlighting that god uh… the reorganization station that we’d uh… working on her in the lab several
months but because it would have been or non like program to continue and we
really haven’t had a chance to talk to people outside of the smaller
groups though with the academics and another that we’ve been working through with this uh… but we felt it was a time now to begin
coming out and talking about this with everyone and uh… getting from feedback
from everyone and helping to alaikum concerned charmer
word that may be out there as well uh… we can start a bill uh… im go it’s at beginning to
generally talk about birth program discontinuing all here and have been been talked a lot
about recently i wanted to just highlight a couple thing to make sure we all understand what’s going on and then alba begin talking about in
general the reorganization uh… that they’ve been propose uh… so after the grade inflation we will
open it up for questions and so when that happens if you could
all build reviewable wanted beat uh… ten uh… lined up on the side
income up to the podium one-by-one that ended the videotape so uh… we want to make sure and provide
an opportunity for all the employees uh… who could not come today to have
an opportunity here uh… so please peek into the microphone
if you have two questions so that we it can be properly recorded uh… and uh… i will try to answer all of your
questions along the way i know many of you may have to leave at
one point i feel free to come and go and anthony as need be and we’re just gonna
keep pushing through until we can get the most of your question sheet
metal okay uh… the other thing i want to pay is occurred several folks uh… asked me
that question on the way over here talk about it jut the administrator grip period uh… work being done on
department chair restructure which is the academic standards right now we will not be talking about department chair restructure that a
whole separate issue that’s being got elsewhere at them point will be able
to begin that discussion with with the department’s uh… but um… i just want
to make that clear we we don’t really have anything to pay about the
department to restructure at this point in time let’s get started uh… first of all the the moon of it alright let me quickly go discontinuance and fuel old eleven programs and
disciplines were approved by the board for discontinuance along go through all
of them that they’re up on the screen i think you all of her many many times with those programs are nineteen fax the reduction in the distant program should occurred at the left permit on
tuesday uh… you also in back require but but they’ll they’ll be picked but quite a
reduction and those are aligned with the discontinued program initially be uh… reductions there on the screen studio art are
studio lab assistant vocational instruction technician autonomic as well as well the mandate photo lab assistant and instructional
tool room maintenance mechanic in aviation me and you keep going in and out philip some
point you can hear me the straight for him okay alright uh… maybe with issues that
hand-held so those are the classified positions
that are impacted by program discontinuance uh… the nineteen faculty reductions
we’re working through as you can imagine elaborate process of
exactly how those reductions would actually take
place uh… there are several issues with
regard to the uh… baryon contract seniority bumping uh… a whole host of issues as well as
were working with the e_p_a_ too to try and that generate some savings by incentivize into retirement so that we
can try to absorb as many faculty uh… as possible funneled back they
could be reassign for absorbed elf elsewhere so that additional bumping doesn’t take place so we’re working to try to do that so we won’t know the results of all that
for probably another couple of months
exactly how many uh… physical faculty actually get laid off and where
they go but has that information comes out we’ll
work through that and discontinuance uh… as he relates
to the students uh… we went through a along treatment duration on tuesday to describe would be what’s happening
with the students of course that is the primary focus of our efforts right now
it to reach out to our students uh… we’ve identified uh… one
thousand six oh nine sixty one student in uh… who could be someway impacted by program discontinuance that six point five percent of all
students enrolled in fall twenty twelve unrealized deters we’ve reached out and
to the entire universe of students who either are rolled in a class or somehow
impacted by program discontinuance we know that um… um… direct impact in terms of those who could be completing uh… we’ve estimated that number at the
highest cement of of a five hundred um… and so uh… those students in auto body
aviation maintenance interior design or the only courses that are not going
to be offered in the future courses in many of the program the other expose program will continue to be taught at the
college and we are working with faculty in several of these areas to develop new programs uh… for
example were working within the art department to uh… finalize uh… they’d curriculum
for transfer associates degree in studio art rolta looking at using the a faculty in around that part
department to create a new uh… digital media hav there are a lot of great ideas on the
table right now that will begin to be discussed
internist now that we’re turning the corner
program discontinuance as well as in the trade too many people
have grave concerns about trade that welding his going away no whole host of skills are going away
and that’s just simply not true we will continue teaching skills and we
will continue look for ways to incorporate these hills into broader
certificate in degree program further student continue to benefit from those killed that are being taught where working directly with the city the port of long beach in many
of the other employers and the unions in the local area to develop those ideas right now uh… so yes we’ve been solely focused on vis program and we haven’t had much of an
opportunity to really discuss where we want to go from here all you’ve
heard is that we are discontinuing the eleven programs uh… but what we will begin to hear
what will begin to be worked on in earnest is now where do we go and how do we continue to teach skills
in these areas and combine them together with broader skills to provide our students with an
opportunity to come out a long week because of the skills necessary to be
able to gulf brought from one type of industry
to another and carry loads from beijing or skills no matter where they go allow
them to an opportunity to be able to move around full of you who follow for long beach you’ve seen that uh… all the construction that’s going out of
the building of the new terminal with the increased uh… mechanization and uh…
automation of the port it will be displacing many traditional
jobs and so a lot of new skills need to be
talked to those workers that will allow them to transfer those
killed throughout very different types of jobs so we we need to stay in front of that
and we need to help our program to adjust to those new
realities so that sort of a summary programmed it continues a very short
summary of what’s really at the year-long effort we began discussion spring twenty twelve and we have been working through it in
one way or another uh… all the way through this last
tuesday and on through the retin semester uh… i realize it’s been a difficult
uh… process many weight that you can understand but uh… we’ve been doing our best to
you provided much transparency is possible
it is uh… uh… the college did go above and
beyond what were required to do in regulation dan om that the things that’s fine a lot of people but uh… but it had been atypical after and we
have tried to make it as open as possible to as many people as possible uh… and to be a transparent as
possible in the end many people disagree with the decision and that’s ok uh… but what i want you often hear is that that process doesn’t and this week for last tuesday now the beginning of a new profits going
forward about how do we move forward how do we
invested programs that are going to lead to more jobs in the local area and how do we do that how do we uh… reallocate those resources how do
we reallocate the human resources we still have how do we grow new programs i know many you’ve hurt then discussion little controversy about
whether or not we should continue to hire full-time faculty uh… and although i understand the
concerns of offended in of the faculty union the hiring of our full-time faculty is
critical to the future of the college and we’ll work through that but an example of what i’m talking about his we are going to move forward in hiring uh… anew cyber security uh… full-time factly instructor abacha’s one small example of the
directions that we’re gonna need to go we live in an area where homeland security is a big issue at the
big growing industry with the port with the airport uh… and with this being really a uh…
international hob it’s important that we were we do
everything we can to prepare our students before the top of the future and so we’re gonna keep doing that and we will transition from this point
in time and we’ll begin to invest in that direction nemotoyou came to hear about
reorganization some of the stuff of our program discontinuous uh… and certainly if there’s questions
about it when it’s time to ask questions feel
free okay reorganization first of all let me back up it was always the intent when we developed a planned for budget
reductions to tried to be equally distributed
budget reductions on all areas of the college uh… course i don’t have to remind the
qualified staff and and your a_f_p_ president of the great job
over minute all at every board meeting bout the roll the clock by clayton budget
reductions as well as classified managers program discontinuance is part of the
budget reduction strategy as well as well as the reorganization of the
administrative structure here at the college so currently we are proposing uh… a five point two five uh… reduction in
management at five point two five pool time
equivalent uh… and added new net throughout the reorganization you’ll see elimination of academic administrators
in one area creation of class fighter qualified
managers in another area but the overall reduction it’s five point two five there will be seven uh… classified lay out the posted here
with the reorganization but then also thirty-one new class my
positions being added to the organization as we go through this you you’ll get a feel for for how that’s
going to work we know that at the college of
transition as we’ve created you organizational
structures as we’ve gone through budget-reduction layoffs we know where the greatest impacts are
being felt with the reductions of classified staff we really need to take moment now that
we restructure the college so identify those there is worry abt
fellini at classified staff too big and too create that infrastructure we need to
move forward with the focus on didn’t fix that uh… initiatives
that we their own underway focus on the career initiative that we have
underway and in line with the other changes that
we’ve made throughout the crowd that’s one of the changes that we have in implementing over the last couple years with regard to the changes that have
taken place statewide with the new focused on completion with the changes in registration with really a greater focus on the front door of the college on student support services uh… we really need to readjust the way
that we’ve been handling our students when they first walk in the door we need
to begin to invest in that by college as we move forward okay so the total savings that we are anticipating achieving art three point two million dollars
total two point four million from program
discontinuance and just under a million for the reorganization savings and realizes that has been a continuum
over the last three years we’ve had number of reductions throughout the last
three years this is not the first reorganization
we’ve had in the administration so we continue to move down there
continuum and so at this point we feel that three point two million we’ve been
talking about three and a half million this year uh… and with all the input that we
received so far about the reorganization uh… we’ve been able to get the three
point two million the initial pat the rear reorganization with the academic
senate and those directly impacted we received a lot of
input about what we shouldn’t work with them really cut back on uh… and so we tried to incorporate
those concerns in this version of the reorganization and in doing so we’ve reduced the babies we feel that we’re still within range of
three point five million and if we can get there and how we will go a long way are
closing the depth of the college and then will lower the opportunity as revenues increased overtime because the passage
of prop thirteen hopefully because of the economy turned around although the federal government trying to
complicate that right now but um… this’ll give up an opportunity to really create a path where we can begin to
slowly reinvest in the college at those revenues come to fruition so we
won’t be just came down our own debt at the state paid down if that have closed our deficit we will not have to do any more major
restructuring our major personnel actions uh… and we can begin to bill i know many people that means question
and and for the last thing you could have been
there why are we doing the same thing it’s a real
college or this college or that college it’s college each college district is in a different point in time and state and there’s different commitment to
certain thing that that they want to do uh… no four years ago or three years ago a
wrench aplenty aldo mea culpa certain laid off about a
hundred and seventy employees yourself at that point time we chose not not to take that drastic measure uh… and you know they’re still sitting in a
place where ananda college at least cuz you know we
have a former employee who’s now in charge in the budget matter uh… they’re there selling benefit hiring back close to uh… eighteen nine ninety percent these actions ebb and flow we’ve decided
here at the college and as a direct result of the direction the
board wants to go that we want to deal with this once and
for all you all have been through years of constant uncertainty uh… part of that is is it’s my fault because i thought that uh… we were hopeful that the economy that things we’ve
ensley turnaround and get it back to some sort of
normality well that they just kept being pushed up
interest often pushed up in the meantime we kept taking small measures furloughs temporary salary reductions uh… we weren’t we’d have small bunches of layout and we really decided here that as we restructure this college now at
the time to take the opportunity decided on a different path so that we don’t have to deal with the
situations year after year after year after year and really give our students some sort
of stability we’ve been cutting courses we’ve been
cutting sections you know the time it come that we
stabilized since college and get it on a footing so that we can move without having to look back anymore and so that’s what we’re going to do with that i’m gonna turn it over to the folks who
will actually describe different uh… in academic affairs
beautiful support services some of the major changes that are
taking place now you not gonna get every minute
change here because many things are still fluid but you’ll get it down of the major changes that are taking
place uh… and then uh… will open up to
questions after that so at this point i will turn over to uh… that they’re academic affairs i thank you all for coming out i’m going to walk you through uh… the
the changes in the configuration of a schools and academic unit underneath
academic affairs harm an effective davies changes going to be
july first first of all the the school of business
and social fine-tune is going to be eliminated we are going to combine uh… social
sciences and creative arts into its cool of social sciences in art harder a lot of uh… career technical job programs and faculty into the
grouting school they’re going to move over to a school
of career technical education fiat communication studies and find language department is
gonna be moved into at school of language arts it will then be called the school going communicating angy new student success position will be eliminated and then
student success service area will be combined with institutional
effectiveness helped me come the division of
institutional effectiveness in student success and i’ll be served by a single beam uh… rather than currently in we have
been over student success and that’s ok eighteen over institutional beckman
that’ll become one position overseeing that combined area we will create he huh being a career technical education that
there’s been a position that has been approved and funded and talk about the
quite some time this position will be created aren’t very important because we want to
consolidate all of our career technical education programs in a single school uh… rather than having them scattered
throughout the college uh… eventually had to be quite a large
school and coordinate an additional administrative support for that school
and we’ll have enough olympic team career technical education as well we will alm discontinue the position of trades putri industrial ankara technologies and we’re going to add additional duties
to be a posted by the president vision pcc uh… currently we’re proposing that
distorted by the president will also have a library certain had both
counterfeit i wouldn’t have positions responsibilities uh… to those of the major changes
uh… that were pop contemplating academic apparent town bell pepper two great to talk about
on the changes in student services so that that they can do that occurred
and restructuring activist for services about two years ago we moved financial
aid and this is a record underneath one being the enrollment services and or
completing that consolidation in that area so or living fix manager positions and consolidated
the three management positions on which will now be enrollment services position we had initially uh… discuss alarming
dean accounting position based on uh… input back from a
academic council uh… concerned about the county department reporting q one an administrator we have
reactivity accounting position we are consolidating three management
positions into one management positions or consolidating directors out g_o_p_
f_b_i_ p_f_ an inventor cal works into a director of that categorical programs
and patrick a special programs can act are taking their and then we eliminated the at the
template director uh… in the school uh… significant
you yell at him clinics and we’ll reclassify our manager director uh… working on interest to
provide your africa so you’re seeing both of the different
suggesting that they’re aboard balaji is one of our uh… grant programs out
through the at the trio part of the federal government okay so and it’s real quick to akron oh we just
flashed through it if week uh… everything you go back to academic
rizzo org chart this real quick again does uh… looking
at the organizational chart you see that positions that are gone away by the axes through the box so again we’re trying to consolidate the number of academic administers i was
one of the primary goals to reduce the number of academic administrators the college in line with the reduction
in of the overall college and we are serving uh… two thousand full-time equivalent
to unplug today and we were three years ago uh… let’s go to student support services and again the same thing here who were
trying to consolidate the number of academic
administrator in management positions along the way and to create uh… areas department program areas that focus on uh… the future of our student support
services uh… okay let’s go to u uh… page uh… which is uh… one-half of the
questions so uh… uh… this is uh… college events making out the balance
against a few words about that okay we’re going to but there is uh… a reorganization going on
as well in uh… economic development cases questions
about that we’re focusing primarily on academic affairs instant support services here but this one illustrate that uh… this reorganization is also taking
place in the other areas of the college as well but japan for a clarification plane uh…
economic development most of the positions and economic development
funding through grants and contracts for the area in college and then that we
could formally communications and marketing we’ve had some changes in that area we
did begin and academic administrator in that area and creating and the
philippine director at in the country possibility that’ll be a
classified manager position the other one for all crap hundredweight into boxes that fit expand
and the position created so that in general is the proposed
reorganization that others on the table right now we’re still working with the uh… academic senate uh… review the canned uh… you’re coming up in uh… you know month of march foreign market uh… and so this power station will
continue we are going to preach that the proposed reorganization to the board uh… at the next board
meeting and continue to receive input as we work
through this the uh… we’re also working with uh… a hefty to ensure that uh… if you leadership
understands which position which part of my
positions would be impacted and uh… understand that the employees that it
would be directly impacted uh… have been notified uh… were granted continue work through
this process uh… so with that awana given much time the questions because i’m sure many of you have
questions uh… in so while we open it up now so if you
have a question if you can start lining up undecided and as you
come up to the podium just uh… the flu everybody knows who you are just
give you name the area and then go ahead and answer questions well thank you guys together uh… first bob what what out-of-work speculative on my
mind uh… unclassified after and i’m also
agreement officer for the empty union jury wheeler effect tell you how info punitive to
have president other police conficker here
today you know i love julie i don’t hear it at your meeting so yet we have it here i don’t see any point document but i thought that second of all have a question for you they proclaim heavy on my mind
especially personal in a very clear that management continued too promote advance elevate and reward them for our to higher paying
reclassified management sufficient while classified position pregnant at the
opera denoting restricting and limiting one good-paying
position and now being declassifying reclassified into lower-paying positions even though the work and the workload
beaming puffing and in many cases increase either the reorganization of department an additional program flagship program from the catholic it reorganization and we are told continued to be a moving target and if not then now don’t breathed a sigh of relief flights
yet because that may change so how do you justify the lack of
structure and misguided visioning edit ripped at the clarify staff and
faculty negatively affect the land of individual that have showed up had supporting clearly and
administration so their loyalty and knowing that they
continue to do the job and have the best into of the student of heart defied i’ll it’s difficult to answer your question
because there are no specific to your question but let me try it uh… i think the last six months looking at
this reorganization working with or academic senate a leadership uh… discussing that there are a number of reductions for the
management staff in this reorganization and they were a
number of layout from the management staff in december of last year uh… we have reduce the number of academic
administrators and uh… i i’m not clear without you tell me exactly what which positions referring to the million
reward making an example of it were it looked like in at
bharatmatrimony that manager position and now we’re having
deputy director position which are now higher paying vision even though the workload really isn’t
changing okay uh… in the reorganization uh… the first level of productions working in the number of
academic administrators the system that we worked with directly
with the faculty leadership uh… so uh… there are five specifically academic
administrators that were eliminated uh… and in billow that those those
responsibilities have to go somewhere they don’t just disappear into the air they have to go to someone and so the the next step was to figure out
within the management structure below the acne who told you don’t know and i’m sure many of you do there are
different management structures of the cultures academic administrators of the
ministers in toronto academic administrator contract the vice
president deems some directors uh… and there are there is the
classified management staff uh… that are part of the personnel
commission there are different rules and
regulations that govern what kind of responsibilities an activity academic administrator can
have verses a classified manager in many cases the simple distinction is
an academic administrator uh… has the uh… authority to oversee
your supervised faculty or instructional areas a classified manager does not and there
is a clear distinction between the two which is why we have a personnel commission and manages one
side of that equation and uh… echoed that we used to govern the other
side of the depletion as we reduce the number of top-level
administrators those uh… responsibilities have to go somewhere uh… those that are purely academic in
nature were distributed amongst other uh… academic administrators and those
that were either supervisory nature were
distributed to management team members so if if there was a position that acquired additional
responsibilities we had to reclassify at that position in so in some cases that may have
required the creation of a deputy director as we work through this and i think as
at as people can begin to see all the changes that occurred there was an overall reduction in the
management death as well along the way so in some cases that’s true and in some
areas there is the net reduction in the number of managers but there could have been a creation but
not a new management position which was a higher paid than the previous position
that that certainly possible and that and i understand and i think the
commitment and i’m asking for the content of any more time is there that you pay a little bit of a shift take a different look at the house that restructuring it’s affecting even divisions that administrative
assistant that it appears that it appears right now that what we’re doing it that management going that way i’ve tried going to play a part of light job descriptions and pay xterra
naturally i have okay and we will certainly do that tammy life and work in that looking out
for a company alley sample it’s kinda hard to decide where i began first of all walking in sitting down being called were being paid looking at a panel silver firing range the check that it’s very intimidating incoming prime viewing bowling i wouldn’t back at it i would think in brown bag to the allen
in atlanta nothing that formal or intended banning with that i have to put out their because i’ve
heard it and michael work second of all i think really back for a car speeding i feel like barricading the lowest participate at p p p by eliminating albee program and giving
me the young men and women and all idea per year ago for a year and a half ago let me get
your degree you get your certificate threatened that door within a retraining organ it gone amok it should come and i feel really bad because i think
that probably almost fifteen point lead and your total population among city
college you don’t third didn’t by closing the
door on fifteen percent it’s now and my heart go down to the hidden coming from ppc i can tell you so many personal story it’s very heart-wrenching and i know
there’s a lot of hard deficient dot i can tell you the parent annually
everyday every t_v_ every friday ad re if a hard day make decisions and don’t alone accused everything into account and a inc point what you can get
transparent look wide to the copper pipe down if you can’t bear you can not tell me management had he
can be deep cut classified hurt age huge type and we are expected to target into the
smiled knowing we’ve got a pile of dirt right of work
that have to be done because you’ve taken my counterpart away or another colleague in another
department we are stress for that matter i remember a time when you think he
would go in the trenches and fight feeding you drop your weapon and he left
us nafta opponent men from many and then when you figured out he
couldn’t leave yet came back you lucky her there’s no easy way accusing her we had people who have asked me to be
coming to happen out questions for whatever reason ideally and you know the reason because i’m not afraid to act i’m not afraid today what part
everybody’s mind to doesn’t have the courage fifty on that why did you get when you’re not on
survivor i will and i pray that my colleague who i
believe behind will have the courage in the background
to now you can’t do you on their behalf someone asked me to have to you and the book why would the classified not involved
heavily involved like academic standing in the reorganization contact that typically incurred up the question at the direct question on the money that prepared you’ve paid
on every order where if that money being paid going to be
relocated to certainly hope if not more management
position left-wing because we have to make that
argument that they’re going up while you’re pedestrian pain for benefit for employees printed member
poor already covered under opponent out fighting for college many with the
fitting at long beach many to painting but they don’t why do we have to carry that burden monthly college to cover that if he had medical coverage and they’re here to break the mold let’s go back to work also mark a whole week it’s a question legally that paul okay kenny uh… larry any work backwards okay uh… and then finish addressing your initial comment i mean we can sit here and talk about
the board of trustees all day long and you know we can debate at but the fact
the matter is their in statute they’re here their
given benefit fitzpatrick uh… and there’s no point arguing about
it i mean let you want to go to the
legislature in think that that you now we do uh… we do not provide each board
member the thing benefit than many of them couple of them don’t receive benefits
along to the cult because they do receive benefits elsewhere uh… uh… i i think that that are a pretty straightforward uh…
but there’s really no point arguing about whether or not the trustees
receive benefits that not within my handbook now within your hands uh… so let’s move on from that uh… suit your other question uh… team can you go back to the to the lab sliding uh… before questions uh… landmark week we don’t have more managers the five point two five percent
production and management of the net reduction the net reduction uh… we are going to add more classified
staff in the next year so global we may disagree aware those position should be and where
we should invest uh… we are we do recognize that we cannot continue to limp along with the current state of a classified uh… we need to begin to invest legal won’t when people i want to come
home and when are you in any way and that in
many cases unload individuals will have an
opportunity and its other positions are created we hope that we can’t open it up to
anythng any qualified member who had and georgia the hope is to get that profits are just
quickly as possible uh… the question before that was uh… whereas the might it be invested
well-liked the money to three point two million
that are being say they’re being paid first of all closes the ongoing definite that we’ve had at
the college and to give them opportunity to begin to
invest and programs to begin to invest in the next two to three years we’re going to have
to hire somewhere in the range of twenty five to
forty faculty we have put often put off hiring faculty uh… but we are required by statute to have a certain number of full-time
faculty bhagat that in my control tonight in your
control uh… and we have held off on hiring those back the while
we go to the profit but we’re going to have to hire whether we think it’s a good idea bad
idea or or or otherwise personally i think we must hire in faculty gone for and we
must take the needs of the students what kind of faculty do we need to
fulfill the needs of our students which may or may not be the stain need
that student at ten fifteen twenty years ago and the student that we have today okay the faculty need to start
reflecting the bacon demands that we have today that the people competition this college is transitioning i realize
that makes for a very difficult conversation i have not gone anywhere and i’m not
going anywhere i’m here to fear through this transition we’re gonna put the students first in
this reorganization we’re going to put the students first in program
discontinued by that make time huh do you but when i look at the data i began to promote stand here and let it
continue okay eighty degrees conferred over six years those eleven program total who are we doing at the service to you barked out before the loot for companies
i won’t here in long beach and that’s a ok trend will continue to do you still discipline okay we are going to continue to keep quiet
and then you get that they are not your head okay but you will see time after time
that we’re going to continue to invest in the program by relied because of our process these and i
realized majority of people don’t understand the profit that that we have and the
regulations that have been put in place between academic senate indian
ministration it’s an awkward profits i get that i wake up some dates and wonder why do
we have to go through this but it is what it is and we do that that weekend working with
the academic senate leadership to work through that profit so why
wouldn’t the pipeline vault in those discussions because academic council
it’s only academic senate and the administration to talk about academic
and professional matters and student support services an academic affairs are directly related
to academic and professional manner so i have to give the first opportunity to engage in that
conversation for academic leadership weakened disagreeing with whether or not
that the best place to start and many have disagreed that is where we’re at and i have to
give the academic senate leadership that first opportunity to get him put back in that doesn’t mean that i don’t value the
class quite important but it makes for an awkward profit it makes for an opportune that because
we have really the better part uh… seven months to get this conversation done because
that when the academic leadership is here uh… you know we can’t dragon enduring the plumber or the
winter intersession until you’re here i’d get that but it is what it is uh… you know i i i understand all of your question the one question that make me a little
hot is this notion that we are abandoning
intersting and that just simply not true it simply not true because we can
continue on the road that were on and continue to provide programs and services that don’t give our students equal
opportunity to achieve an educational goal or we can
do to something about it and they’re doing something can be a
little uncomfortable you can make a lot of people upset i’m willing to go through that pain in order to get to the other side and if i’m gonna go through that pain
had better be worth something and i believe that our students will
benefit in the end from this restructuring sincerely believe it if i didn’t believe that i would have done for the last year
being called every name in the book and being told that i don’t care about
ninety nine percent of the people of the college i do care and it is painful i’m not going to take
the painful to me and it’s you there’s no way for that i do care about you and every single one
of our clients fight staff and we will turn the corner on this we will to three-four years from now we will see the difference that these changes will make in the future of this college and i
realize it’s hard to prove that today i’m very confident that we will see the
results of it through three four years down the line
so i hope i’ve covered all your questions i don’t think it’s a real that were
lined it did continuing and you know the program i work for
union didn’t repair and a lot of them no idoney found that it happened they don’t want to get a degree they just want to get their expiry of
right wing and we’d like to create programs that allow them to get those
goals without having the entire infrastructure of a certificate degree
program wrote put those skills into certificate programs that will have
meaningful impact when they get into the job climate just because we have a program the because we have classes that leaves
the job doesn’t mean we should have an entire program at around that doesn’t mean we should get into the car
company every turn the corner on this uh… i think that we will have a an
opportunity to put in place different classes new classes that will help our students get the job
that they’re looking for will we serve every single student me but we’re going to the best we can to
serve the majority of to rid as many students as we can be the greatest number of them going forward i don’t agree i get that ok and i i respect that good afternoon my name is leader of a
compartment for learning and academic reported and up at the last couple of days
analyzing the purple reorganization and i’m all laughable that looking at
the purple apartment head structure and in many imperative big dole they
don’t make they don’t make any then with one another edculo i’m just one other thing where
the connection between those two things uh… and many in any respect the
position or not lining up with those two purple reorganization of
the probe reorganization and partner here restructuring can you can you explain hobbled to document lineup or if they do lineup you want me to make that yet that will be grateful right now it doesn’t make the welcome to the club we have two different processes going on
this as you well know lee uh… we have a negotiated process uh… over the compensation uh… or department chairs we have been talking about changing the
structure department chairs certainly since i’ve been here at the collagen well before me uh… because i think one thing we many
of us agreed on over the years at least it in public is that the department chair structure
as it is now doesn’t make sense so we’ve been working with the e_p_a_
trying engage in that conversation uh… and we’re working at the table
right now what some proposals uh… it’s the beginning of that conversation
which in some way to write it doesn’t directly
connect the reorganization but the reorganizations that a much higher
level there still room underneath that
reorientation to fit in whatever is decided with the
department chair report i think we still have room for that we’ve allowed room for that but gta in our negotiating teams are working to try and deal with one part of this
equation the academic senate it trying to look at what you just described of the pairings
and and how these departments would make
most sense together did we get everything right in the first bath
probably not that’s why have you were looking at it i think it will be it will start to make
sense as we work through this uh… willoughby think that we disagree
on probably but i think we can minimize those so that we can have a department chair
structure really respect the work that you and your colleagues do it
department chairs appropriately compensate you for the
work that you’re doing because there’s no doubt department tears roll is
growing i note some faculty are concerned that
this is becoming a qualified military road that’s what you are qualified
straighter you have a lot of work to do that not your fault not my fault nitpicking
creaking demands on our college so we wanted to part meter structure
that put in place and attract the most talented faculty compensate them appropriately anthem
that make sent across departments uh… so i’m confident that our negotiating team
sticker that out we have a great negotiating like thier chief negotiator
from the faculty here elin uh… i’m confident they can’t figure it out
in working with the benefit the we can make sent of youth initial proposal um… and get to some sort of content
that they may not be complete agreement by the weekend at the content already made up of i don’t know if he
had connection right now art with intended family connection but will be working through the it connected
in terms of of we we want to make sense in the and but consolidating some of the schools i
don’t think we’ll have a big an impact downstream i think we still have room to
to figure this out downstream with the actual where the department actually why
in terms of where they make sense together because one thing is going to be true
we’re gonna have left apartments as part of the three truck to the question is
what is the right number was right by the department that was
right pairing or and i think we could work through it no i’m danny with i at the end of the union ppc friends uh… i want to thank you for having us in hand so that uh… we can clarify
what’s happening because you know mars happening going on and no with really good you i have a formica and understand well the direction of what’s happening um… one thing i would suggest is to
make the film fest benefit out of something like that is to too quick these org chart to put what’s happening uh… on the internet sulekha classifieds let
people see it the head of time so we can come up in af intelligent questions because um… i couldn’t even see what
it said up there um… it’s important that that’s that we all get to really see what we’re
talking about uh… the other thing in i get that it’s directed at uh… acting
prosecutions um… there is no full of org chart that was a
missing when your presentation and and a lot of president or chocolate
vomiting had to do without the fine uh… and i think idon’t know why that
is maybe time restraints or something but uh… there’s a there’s a lot of a lot of
change happening and and some of your department uh… especially and like jochen area and by safety something that is very
concerning to classify um… he and i am i’m gonna give an example
because i guess learned of it myself and i’m
just learning a whole officer powell v classified you know designations work
and all that then and i’d redeemed laptop with a that and i i get a pacific example in and you
know p_f_ uh… program coordinator one of no idea p_f_ program assistant one of
which were laying off uh… used to be before that designation
existed it used to be a office assistant that with after two after to repay three banditry class into and theo p f program
assistant tomorrow and so what we’re doing is they’re going
backwards and i’d feedback going from theo connect excluding two-step and now it’s going to
be an office assistant and it feels like i don’t want to be
that kinda stuff happening to our classified uh… and it may be they have correct path
maybe they have uh… i’ve idon’t know exactly but but i just want you know that that
the union is going to keep an eye on this kinda stuff because we don’t want to any are classified doing at dreamworks but didn’t say that and and can you explain politics testified to make that
change uh… trackback that the first people to like ain’t
happening and he opened yet c_s_ gas how works and acted out ninety thousand and
state tax letter categorical programs that special funding by the state and
they cut that i mean by fifty percent and so two years ago kind and seventy
thousand ten when those reductions were made there was an attempt to keep physician e keeping appointment area that didn’t necessarily accommodate the
needs in that area and so we found we have struggled i think the faster we
travel to india looking you provided support needed and and both are posted
at the ppc campaigns does that make the recent changes there that that large restructure if they’re
rethinking about the whole area based on the reduced resources today how do we
make this work i can’t pty idyllic uh… by stated that
pentecost union concern is always that balance between is a position three
create divisions that people can bump into a move across regularly ac
repositioned better spent but that it could go back and i’ve done since before i came that
they any open yet they were trying to create divisions that golf bag in order
to make sure that you and pumpkin would need us to be confident that background division as we bring them three programs together and we’ve increase summit that
classified position lover responsibility and then to deport all three of the
programs we’ve brought in these more general positions if you look at all its position just
theaters increases impetus and finished higher level positions we didn’t have
before moving that way and then are betting or properly programs opposition that are more cherry that
could be moved to accept that at people could move across the
continent okay well well alot accept an answer for now but i just want
you to understand it it will be igniting positions and we’re going to be asking
the people that fit into the physician to make sure that they are functioning level because you know if they’re doing if level of
work and have the expertise the higher class position i think important that you far are higher jobs as well agree monument are hauntingly and eighty
program sometimes you have to listen before economy look on here accurate not that long ago if feel aqua weber acuity and
incongruity he did for called in that my question here because i’m here to learn uh… within this process where the goal the ideal at a driving these changes well and uh… i think if you’ve heard me talk to the last seven years that with the idea of where the ideals
are that we are living and without through prolonged to college
every time you call it in the state nation is being asked to change whether you’re hearing it from the
president i state folk tune in to meet called needy to put the direct focus on increasing the completion rates of
student and in particular students of color because that is the growing faith of the work force certainly california we know that that
the route the nation uh… and so that notion has challenge
community colleges to relook at their mission me ecologist through no fault of their
own really have been asked to continually expand their mission longley city college is fell right in line with that uh… was that uh… desire of the public for
many many years and and this was at a time when states were investing incommunicado than higher education in
general today in california higher education is being supported by
the state at the same level it was in nineteen sixty one country born in nineteen sixty one can say west neither with that so uh… that plane something apart of the state of california i think some of you were born before
nineteen uh… i mean that it does the population the state of california
have probably quintupled since nineteen sixty one the needs of the state of california are
greater than ever and the need to educate its students is
more important than ever and that through across the nation so over the last particularly last five years it’s been a
lot of change happening that has been brought to a head because of the
economic crisis in the country and state uh… you know you all a part of the kids pics
we are now forty third or whatever among or or as the state i think were talking
like uh… forty eight or forty ninth in in
terms of support for higher education that that even bringing into the fold support for our k_-twelve system uh… we uh… falling continuously among other uh… industrialized nations in terms of the
percentage of the adult population that had oppose secondary degree a
credential in these are all impacting our ability at the nation’s and at the state to
compete in the economy in a global economy where
you have countries like china india and others were investing tremendous
amount of resources educating their uh… adult workforce well those are some the higher level macroeconomic issues are happening throughout the nation and really throughout the
world uh… so you know whether he ran from president
the united states the governor of the state every major foundation that supports
education there is a huge called for community
colleges to do a better job uh… educating uh… if students insuring that we not only provide access for students but we do much more to ensure that those
student finish a credential and why the important thing credential over the last year there been several
studies they have highlighted the wage gap between students who just have a high school
diploma and tune in to have a postsecondary sick
credential whether that be a trip to advocate a degree or uh… baccalaureate that wage gap keeps growing year after year after year who are those students that are not being opposed secondary
credentials well if you break down the demographic
even further it’s clear african-americans latinos a low-income
students first-generation students white yellow brown whatever they are so it’s reflective or tapping the
country so yes uh… you highlighted what weber he is a great biking he has loved by the students but we had to make a decision on
allocating the resources and those are t_v_ decisions you where are we going to put them uh… you know that this college uh…
for eighty five years uh… has some resources many resources that the other intro colleges don’t have
her have never had inner miro who’s one of those uh… it though with a difficult decision to
move away from in army roles to put those resources somewhere else the
support students yes i’m hopeful that working with the f_b_ uh… we can find a way to continue to
promote inner merrill’s without having a district funded
position in place because we have tried over the last several years uh… if you know that your what weber’s
position used to be funded by the a_n_c_ and so we’ve continue transition
throughout the years to try to find ways to continue to fund
those activities the priorities are this community this region and focusing our efforts at this point
in time in our state history on doing a better job of taking the students that we have wherever they are when they come to us and find a way to get them to complete a
credential and taking them forward into university or into the economy with
something in their hands and certainly something in their head that allows them to compete and make our
state a better state in our economy
functioning at the long winded answer but at the end so with that my head mr president maggie
feeding absolute if money was tom selleck mumia they have
to be president and i know it’s been a uh… long
afternoon and i have no notes and i have no question what i want to do is make a uh…
statements regarding the real work and programs continue on our level you guys know that all of
those fights the classified the death of my job is a mess you elected me to do for the first-order with program discontinuance nobody understood they and for classified wasn’t even involved in the
process thank you uh… gaither by got involved
in it on the second round hit me and with the faculty and staff and everything else
going to hit them with the senate started the understand this was with the
discipline trying to do let’s take his vision was and what he
was proposing we’re going to do now in the reward everybody’s computer
looking at program discontinuation everything that’s out there and it’s almost like instead of stand
discontinue the central part of it you guys have to do it’s like an industrial maybe fee and
it’s a reduction colliery organ you said you gonna teach the difference classes in different trades but had a
different level within india construction what i would like four did this to be
with you to do in the future just like we got involved program
discontinuation when we decide that you want to make a
change as you every org let’s get everybody involved including
the classified especially if it’s going to have a major impact on our jobs what
we’re required to do if we’re still going to be here in what’s going to be expected of us but like i believe in a lot of people in
you know that classified as a majority of the heavy lifting but if we don’t know what job much
program which area we’re going to be lifting they would let me turn around awaits
another canadian another direction so what i want to ask of you today in in the future that everybody on board while it’s still
in shock and yet have agreed to a drawn it up before you get that magic marker
out what we can turn around and hit it where we have that three or four brute collectively together in deciding on what the people by the college is going
to be let me get fair was going to be there
when we get there in our successfully going to be as far as to the bottom line
at the students on here were all at home so the only thing on a in his blood like
in the future growth everybody be involved from the start
will be the process and i know that the reward now still being tweaked around as
we could see again you’ve even said today that this collectively do this together from
the start get input from all aside that’s involved in it and you make the decision is for them thank you karen and let me just not to that the tram in bharati but you know i
just wanna make where thomas has been working extremely hard on behalf of the
class white staff he has not let up one bit on me from day
one use that every board meeting reminding
us whether classified staff and um… he makes sure that we i know it you’ve had a tough job thomas
but dino dino were the the the time and we’re just gonna we’re gonna continue
here for about another ten minutes yourself in a many you have cleared go other places or just wanted to letter
written out to next question come on up companion young control adult honor not speaking on behalf of the at the
nineteen well-prepared corporate senate if now uh… lycopene are wing a have been trying to get in contact
with you for quite a while now and all of my phone call quickly malcolm malcolm
imported mckinley her now going on uh… past fifteen past fifteen c l_
asking that all the dirty work that nafta it carefully removing and connect
unhappy melody anaheim on i am charlotte implant thing and i’m here only as me today not
very many hat uh… i’m trouble and i think it’s the middle name we know
we buy views less prevalent uh… i think i am selling senior here at the college not the oldest person here chip when women were seen your mind didn’t make your math so idon’t i’m not sure just no i’m not
all but not overlap retiring at stuff yet they can you give the map in there parents so many comment and maybe some questions and
there are enough time to start first from my teaching position ni uh… i was hired into an academic hit the
planned that we could be the first two years that college altered my thirty-two old-time years
here and three more part-time years that very thing bay you were directing
at the future we’ve been talking about or all that time and by coming and trying to todd sqn ministration about changes that need
to take place so one i don’t mean really you really if pressed rated with programs like promise pathways program discontinuance lesley stahl the
way they took place because they’re not new ideas and outdated been talked about they have
been suggested counselors for years and are learning specialist another have
talked about wasted support dude and help to make them successful what was lacking was a desire for the
district to invest more money in those areas and to go pretty areas where they
could make the most money quickly because we were in that world that your
patient but ab debate diffusing have played out
in the last couple years ait also feel look like as a faculty member i’ve not been allowed to into those
discussion i know we have the senate i know we having being for a other roles i happen to state right now it’s chair
of the curriculum committee but the unita act quickly i care a friend of mine who have no
longer here at the college in administrative and his belief to me was what we need to
do with just make the changes they want faculty won’t have enough time
to react and we’ll get it done because if we talked the faculty and
capital never be done i don’t agree with that i do agree at me take a longer period of
time but i also know that in promise pathways had to listen to faculty and
staff many of the problems you had might have been in burdette because
they’d had the experience knocked the grand idea which by the way most of you
know came from miami dade college in the nineteen eighties i did a i was a reader
fellow prior u_n_ he and i dot com looked at community college education
it’s not a new ideal worry in banning it worry packaging it four are needing to
compare a good model in there but again asked layoff are taking place dad is the change in curriculum daddy’s
change in instruction that exchange in the direction of the college and nineteen curriculum committee and the represented his involved in that
discussion and bipedal five i believe that one of the primary
responsibility of the faculty is the area curriculum an instruction hiring choices were made in the areas that we
think we should go but again those uh… dilute discussion
you know preventing a real worker prison um… where the districting hate me
higher doesn’t involve a larger discussion after that uh… let me talk about the reorganized won
everything i didn’t mention sitting on academic council which by the
way does not represent does not have the union on him because that’s their choice by the
former college president not to allow that to occur because she wanted to get deal with the
academic senate and angelino and the academic council many many issues
overlap with both active unions and workers and other issues in there so that they it’s just not though if the
choice to not have the other body their representatives like we need to make
that clear now one of the other things i want to
clarify it with what not to have the you know uh… defuse what you’re saying either
today or that dead two were to relive the union what’s the districts with the
administration and which body wouldn’t want to be the
poll below it for the faculty even though as we were
talking the other day issued impact workers i don’t believe the unionized employee
administration does i i think a lot of you come from a business model iraq i didn’t write it idea metal worker but i am an educator
and don’t do the job and the two rolls are tied together now when you talk academic issues eating packs mean item forget that step impact the job i thought i would hired to do and i want that other belief that this
characters working conditions uh… what it is my job responsibility
in also there at the table but that’s not the issue why i want to i’d just
wanted to clear that if not just they’re not they’re
they’re not their bike choices that abu init and i thought value years
ago when i blood on tap larger body that rock dot actors together where we can i’d not more buying in in
more content begin with and data picking the actors apart improvement leaves the question about
department had another clarification i think if i have
been trying to be a understanding the difference between offended in the union having been your on the bargaining team
union president white over the years we have tried four times
with the district to renegotiate the department had
formula what we have tried to do with is
renegotiate the formula to get more time and um… maybe more skyping but more
time for the department had to do their growing job i’ve been department head
eighteen years ago and that we can issue back then and we have tried many times i can’t honestly lehman ministration the
pit full-time faculty would rather have a bigger salary increase intake it now
for the and deal with that issue because they have effective very field but i believe that by bargaining blowjob
in the car argue i’m not argue parking compensation in the roles of the
department head not the reorganization structure or the district saying we’re
gonna get the paper eighteen that fit because that standoff overlap back hume
my academic dot what my job it who is protecting my disciplined how my going
to grow my program and although it might be a good business modeled that
streamline i think i do not believe it is not the strong
academic model academic and i configure our vocational teachers on that academic
realm we have get the plane one other denying mentioned the other day and i’ll
bring it up here the department headed here athletics a few years ago white and two thousand in a because i wouldn’t
tell them not to talk history by here within the academic council meeting in two thousand made athletics what academic program because that them changes infrastructure because i thought former department head because it needs a bath let anything
coaches factor in the p department they were happy to go with the structure that moved out leduc student affairs and
over there i think that beneath the ology even academic program i add a roommate who in college of got a
bachelors and masters i looked at that buy-in pilot gap uh… arm with the
other courses you took to be a professionally in her field you little in academic program art that
i think a rivalry understanding services when it is an academic program diminishes the integrity of of that
disciplined and as you’re not like their wrath in the reorganization date there has been great ideas are
creating new structures but again if you’re going to create a
health and wellness program penner mentioned she talked to the actors you
think might be involved in p how they might envisioned it being structured
resident saying we’re pulling help over here tactic curriculum i keeping people go
through things that need to be discussed in curriculum instruction and till identified want that to grant
apparently i don’t think that i don’t believe although you might have been talking to
the leadership of the organization and sometimes we like to believe that
talking to the leader in talking to the group multiplicity mortifying to a product
that they have dan one meeting to respond because i remember at one meeting depicted below
aren’t even then a representative can’t you just bohannon we operated back will
be very different we need to keep make things back we movie here grader mind minority we
don’t know all the impact and now i think the lack of transparency i feel
like is the rapid if of all of this he coming on a with very little chance to
respond i think common their many different hats one more classified if you are combined i don’t understand the logic of eliminating some of the classified
support because you’re putting more work together they are you’re putting more bodies under one do
which means they’re going to be more paperwork in work to do when programs
and all that other stuff so how leah how large fewer classified put their hand up
more work of speaker school uh… let me just did you want they don’t mind about what
charlie thirty i roll it up kind of different okay let me just quickly tried to
respond dish the charlotte um… and i’m quite sure where to begin but
uh… look uh… i respect the role of the union and i
respect the role of the fat and we can argue about who does what and
why should the other do the other but that those are functions that exists the
college there’s a reason for the academic senate there primary purpose is to uh… or and be responsible for
the academic and professional matters and we consult with the senate on those issues uh… they are not parking issues and we
go out of our way tiki bar danish used out of academic council uh… i think certainly every academic senate president that i’ve served with uh… we’ve made that commitment to keep
those issues out of academic council and keep them where they belong with the bargaining in uh… you can argue weather not that the
healthy structure now but as long as those of instruction on the respect of
obstruction uh… and uh… with regard to the the rh the
route department chair reorder uh… we are
giving you time to to look into this your we’ve asked you to go back to the senate to ask questions to come back we’re with input uh… so were going to continue to work
through this uh… now certainly since i’ve been here we’ve
been trying to bargain get to a poor we can bargain changes i mean i go all the way back to jen
wallet in my many discussions with jen water pitcher former chief negotiator
about how do we get there uh… in these ideas a been floating
around for years uh… so we’re finally now talking about
them that the two have something to do with each other in his
it and i don’t know where you get this notion of a business model charlette but
um… but um… we are who we are uh… we
have a mission and we’re trying to accomplish that
mission by putting together organizational structures that make sense into trying to get to
the outcomes that we want for our students this colleges change structures many many times over the years an eighty
five years after were still here we’re still working after the changes were
still going to be here unfit working so we’re just trying to to do the best
we can in that moment i mean and i am relying uh… the collective
wisdom of many there is a reason we have leadership and maybe some people don’t think about
uh… don’t don’t have the famed definition of
leadership is i do but if i’m coming to you as a leader of
a particular constituent group i expect you to be talking with your constituent
groups and when you come to sit down with me
expect you to have the ability the movie agenda forward because you know our our students art don’t have the luxury of waiting in the
way we did we have our jobs you know we’re going to be here for many
of us will be here for thirty forty uh… students hopefully only here for
three or four years so anyway that that that’s almost a
about that but we were going to keep working with each other and i don’t know who your old friend was
but no he’s not here anymore but uh… uh… we are not trying to
move so fast so that you don’t have time we’re trying to come to some middle
ground given the changes we have to make in a time that we have to respond to the
needs of students and phil live within our structures that
we have per dialogue and discussion and decision re go ahead do you think a little bit about the president and the
future though right now i’m i know there’s a lot of talk about what’s going
on with that restructuring the department had pain but i did want to
clarify for any faculty that are in a room here that the negotiation team only deals
with what into contract so the pairing dino their going to be
difficult to swallow some of them and i there’s going to be a lot of
discussion about that that might have been sent out to all faculty and it’s
not a done deal it’s going to be uh… missiles to ql we’ll come back to the
table he will not have anything to do with how the parents are put together if
i make sure that that’s really clear to everyone we will be working on the
numbers and we do have a really great new uh…
they had to take it with me we’ve been complaining about that bummed i didn’t
hear and when i was a department head and the uh… really fine is definitely
going to be going uh… definitely going to be re and i think it’s a very happy with where
were adequately we’re not done and also the thank him our dept and we’d be made though pack of he will
be paid work the work that they are doing and it has definitely increased
oil act by six years uh… though i i think i think that part
going to be you’ll be happy about that part the moving into the future and i think
that that a lot of frustration in the room i know we’ve all heard it everybody frustrated and you’re probably
have really frustrated i would really like to have him
clarification empty the future we’re connecting more ramtha pat next
year we’ve heard over and over and over it is
only the beginning and fell you know i have an opportunity to ask
questions like this is a really important for everyone to understand
because i think that frustration live in not knowing and that we have all of these
perceptions out there they’re gonna do this again if you get
the why didn’t that might be talking to write about it so i would really like to hear your
vision i think there are three years i have heard at the table that we should
expect a turnaround financially brown fourteen fifteen maybe fifteen fifteen that pic meant they’re going on in the
back room and i mean i don’t know what to do even more and i would like to know what you think
and i know that the district have to have a plan because you have to plan and
budget feeling they tell us what happened going
to be discontinued or reorganized if you can
tell it that that will help and they will have a clear idea we won’t have to
get and the shock when things are happening well i will try it two tell you what my crystal ball player it’s been pretty cloudy lately but um… but i i i do think that there are some
think that we can definitely right uh… thing we can definitely say that the
economy is in a better place today that i worked three years ago i think we can definitely say that projections for future growth were
really starting to show that they are some growth it’s a very slow growth uh… and uh… we’re all waiting for the economy to really take off in the way that you need to take off for us in public education to do the
kind of revenues we need to make the things that we all want the
happened happened because uh… you know we are will realign any dick there are a lot of discussions and they’re going to be a lot of changes
over the next several years about how we’re finance and i know you know i can fit and have arguments with my colleague dwayne about
the future of state politics in in the future direction about how or what’s going to happen but we know
over the last three years we see more change in regulation legislation regarding
community colleges that we had twenty-five thirty forty years previous set for the fact when eighteen seventeen points they be
permitted twenty five k you know that was a big change but main
really where compressed in a lot of change into a small period time and we have changes that will expect this year you
know the governor has engaged in serious discussions particularly at the
k_-twelve level change the way we finance schools if anybody thinks that he’s just going
to confine that conversation syndicate wo you uh… not paying attention to this
governor uh… but you want to make fundamental change
in the way we serve students and he put it you talking about the quality of the
amongst on equals it’s not what we need we need to equalize communities like
ours colleges like ours sir populations that need more resource so there are going to continue to be
changed i do think that we are turning the corner on the major structural changes at the
college i’d i do believe that i can’t control with the federal
government does i can ya them all day long but they don’t listen to me um… i can’t control what happens in
the world economy there are still a lot of uncertainty uh… that it certainly could lead to for the recessions in the state of i’m hopeful that we’ve gone we’ve turned the corner
on that possibility but that not completely settled issue but not
completely double vision all we can do is control we have control
over and that is our current budget that we see today and what we see in the next
couple of years and i think the changes we’ve made this
year will allow it moved forward over the next couple of
years given what we see revenues are going to be in the near future i think by the time we get the fifteen
fixing things will be even clearer i hope uh… i think there’s a lot built-up potential within the economy
there’s a lot of money sitting in corporations right now and they’re
afraid to let it go invested in the economy at some point that money is going to
break free and we’re gonna take them serious growth
in the state idly i could be wrong my colleagues in the
social sciences in economic may disagree with me black i think that’s correct and that’s what i’m planning for i’m planning to turn the corner after
this semester and a really big into focused our efforts through local state and structural
changes in the way we we deal with our students in the kind of
program to create but the major budget changes i think are going to be behind after this semester uh… that’s my hope and we’d we need to get to the business
of trying to serve the need in this community we’ve been turning away thousands and
thousands of students you’ve gotta find different ways of
serving a population our vets are gone without classes during the intercession students are going out by uh… during
intersession sort of phillies are being used i will continue to advocate for
legislative changes that allow make better use our facilities uh… until this economy turns around and we
go back to full force were offering fault summer sessions we can offer winner and recessions but
the reality is we are not going to get there in the
current economic environment from state funds for the next three or
four years so in the meantime i will do everything i can define weight
allowance offer courses during the thinner
sessions uh… and to do the best we can to put everybody to work even if if it’s
not within the current model that we have in california and made me
require legislative change we may not prevail and that would be unfortunate but we’re
gonna keep trying one more question i don’t have a question at my hand carrying pain and i’m that
and care for geology and uh… it’s well i did not do anything i think the
that i did one and make an observation i’ve been at the college for a very long
time and i practically know all of you by first name a network if u_n_
somewhere another night works that many of you my another and on i think it’s important when we’re going
to cut the elected you remembered that were not on different sides were on the
wider union of the institution and to remember to respect everybody doesn’t have a position and to
entered favorite spectrally but i mean i i i know what the administrator at one
point that i remember thinking itself damn faculty knew how hard we work they would not ever thinking negative
uh… and now i’m one of the emphatic appeared on the fake if you guys knew
how hard we were kids cupid and that many of my background are
classified ad and three body note how hard you work and i
think that student babar institution extremely fortunate that you have aids
boy and that you are allowed to fret that
whether it’s appropriate or not a respectful are not in that but i think
we need to work on but adnan infusion i think that we need to remember wind in
when we’re going to change it’d difficulty and i personally do not feel
heard when i don’t get my way i noticed about might help so i think
that um… that at if incumbent upon all of that to
make sure that we are always bleeding heart valve inform like that
then i thank you very much for and doing that then gaither did have a meeting yesterday
with them at that faculty that and tara and greg had a meeting
yesterday with them at the back of p that may be coming together in a
wellness technical asian and every effect that uh… we were heard and um… i just like to take thank you
to all of you and thank-you to all of you for coming here
everyday doing let none of that have the intention to
not her that college emmet didn’t talk about the bility and i hope that we remember that there isn’t a bad
guy in that other than maybe the government but
there is not a bad guy can get ended room that nobody can and wishing l upon another or we’ve seen
built on active though paint your own olive view for what we do it and to all
of you out there for what you do it well and i hope that we continue to use have
forum such as the where betty that they get to express exactly how
they fit thank you karen uh… were ordered iraq to talk about
though but before that you just reminding me about a question one of the
million questions a chart of m that i completely forgot about uh… this question about whether or not you are an academic program if you’re
not an academic affairs and i think to me those distinctions went away a long time
ago everyone is here both a mission to serve
students courses are talking student support
services that rotten academic affairs we haven’t struction or uh… administrators and administrative
services uh… so we’re going to continue to
break down those pilots so notion that we’ve grown up in academia that if you’re not neck-and-neck affairs
you’re not the famous someone else that the cold motion that’s going to go
away that has gone away and uh… you now quite frankly is not going to move
me expect everyone at the table the focused on student and to provide
kids educational opportunity deserve
regardless of where program fits in terms of the
organizational structure in the last thing i just want bank
everyone who’s here thank you for coming thank you for listening uh… for disagreeing you know i know comments
were made about whether or not respectful to have
lieutenant prior here not cheap artist colleges well into because she’s a
police are out there don’t mean that neither here nor there uh… see here because he’s welcomed
here and he’s part of the college uh… we have their present at every poor
people nothing new but yoshi here because you pardon uh… and you know if if this was an
intimidating setup in plea let us know if you think that there’s a better form to do this but we needed the tape his we need to
put this in a format so that others can view later on uh… so i apologize if it came across
as intimating that found that was certainly not content but thank you for coming to a cure for
speaking and please encourage your colleagues who can come the peachy keen to come on monday

Danny Hutson

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