Danny Hutson

8 thoughts on “Launch of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

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  2. Why bother even suggest this. It will only be hacked with in less then a month deployed with so much fraud and credit and data base breaches this is just another item you have to regain after some one steal your "identity globally" making this much worse then getting your S.S and bank account number back. Biometric is the only way to go but no chips or cards just thumb prints only.

  3. Internet is meant to be anonymous, but then america wants to control and police everything so the corperations can farm us more effectivly…… capitalism has failed, america is bankrupt financially and morally…. when is the 2nd revolution coming?

  4. Seizing control away from the citizens and giving it to corporations is what the Obama administration is all about. Perhaps this is what he meant by "Change"

  5. No thanks, I can remember my password(s) and I will keep the choice to my self who I will or will not trust. This reeks of a cover to get you into their system and then what? somebody bad mouths your business and you no longer are a trusted retailer? sounds like big brother wants to aim that 10 trillion at his pockets and not mine…

  6. It starts getting realllly interesting at 16:15. "Few changes would be more profound than the broad adoption of voluntary, interoperable privacy enhancing authentication… It has the potential to change the game."

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