Laptops, Computers & Internet : What Is Spamming?

Laptops, Computers & Internet : What Is Spamming?

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews and today I’m
going to tell you what is spamming. The way I’m going to do this is I’m going to show
you on my computer screen sort of my e-mail inbox here and I have spam selected in my
gmail which actually does a really good spam filtering. Basically spam is messages that
have come in your e-mail from somebody you don’t know and they’re basically trying to
sell you something. You know as you can see in these subjects, they’ve got some pretty,
some pretty generic looking subjects. They’re basically private message here and if I clicked
on it it would be an advertisement for some kind of medication or something like that.
And these are sent in bulk by basically shady characters that are trying to sell something
over the Internet because there’s going to be a certain number of people who will click
on that spam message and will be interested in what they’re selling and then will go out
and sell it and buy it I mean. Spam can also have some more malicious ramifications and
that some of these e-mail messages that I click on, if I click on the link that’s contained
within that spam, it could take me to download a virus or some kind of spyware onto my computer.
Now a lot of spam is generated automatically by virus programs that are trying to spread
themselves. So its always a good idea to make sure you’re only opening e-mail from people
you recognize and that it’s something you would be interested in reading. My name is
Dave Andrews and I’ve just told you all about spamming.

Danny Hutson

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