LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 6 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 6 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

Subscribe to the channel Ghiền Mõ Gõ to not miss the interesting videos In the most desperate time Ky Thu was brought to Lan Que Phuong by Thu Quynh The female co-star was headed by Que Mama Here Ky Thu has been revived with a new name Shu Qi Shu Ky’s prostitution life begins with strange greetings Strange rules And the highest point is that she accidentally sinned with the most senior Linh Linh sister, Lan Que Phuong Suffering from one suffering to another Will Shu Qi exist in Lan Kwai Fong? See later will be clear Why is this dirty? … Hey This new laundry, new drying always so dirty that she? A dirty dot is also called dirty Understand Just washed So dirty Wash it again Hey What the hell are you guys doing? Do you know how hard it is to wash? If you like, wash it yourself Hey you, who are you showing your attitude? New days have come That was on my face He is a liar You think this is the palace and you’re the princess? Or do you want us to beat you up? Do you let that princess go? Oh well It will wash again later It’s okay Hold on Enduring something that held her Don’t be too rude Human endurance is limited Really? Oh my God Okay, Ms. Linh, I’ll do it for you Laundry is just an extra Important that your attitude is rude That’s why I beat you up If you are smart, wash it for me If you don’t wash it, I’ll level you all out You are bitches of a bitch OMG! This dog You still can not talk Stop Stop Stop Whoever fights me Me Oh my god They fought me when they fought me The female devil Bring the slippers here These bitches After eating it, there’s nothing to do, huh, gathered fighting I always say that You have no heads Your heads Contains what Contains good shit or brain I told you that The body of the fly This is mine I use it to make money You guys don’t know how to keep it If you don’t have guests, you’ll be hungry Mother But because it’s rude before We just want to give them a lesson Let it know first That’s right cheek The floods here Everyone is the same Most importantly, whoever makes the most money for me That is more than losing Not being a mother first You hit it It is sick, it is disabled It can’t do anything, whoever loses money Do I have to lose money or not? Yes Yes, we know the mistake Mum forgives the three children this time I don’t want to hear you guys say it anymore Ten more minutes will come Prepare to receive guests Yes Yes Yes, stand there So warm? Are you angry? If known immediately I have to strive to con Make lots of money and bring it here There is no right and wrong argument here Only money You make a lot of money Then you will regain your honor and your fairness Yes I know that Thank you for helping me Thanks for what the mother It’s good that you do your duty I told you not to have a conversation with them – Oh my God! – See! Whoever hit the natural I got my slippers on They are just animals Oh well Close your mouth Lo get the job done Say it for a while now There is more to hear Keep your mouth shut Next time he cremated for mines now Well, the beak you already have Go to work quickly, go to work Go wash the clothes Probably lost money to grow more dentures too – My God – Slut Forever alone Keep quiet What are you doing, like a market Poor to Guests are coming up Hey, are there any customers today? Stop it You guys ask me who I know Worry about getting ready Let me have some more Guests still choose Come in Kids Introduce to the children This is the boss Long floating Guys, stand up and greet boss Long 2 3 Hello sir How sweet Hello sir What the heck Guys, guys The situation is like this Long boss was preparing to go on a business trip So come out Long boss is looking for two people to come with to take care of your boss Kids, please prepare your boss for choice Introduce to the boss This is Lan Lan 1m65 high Three-round measurement is 80-60-90 Especially capable of icy tongue tip Lick to where numbness Hey Why is it that a bear has an icy tongue? Polar bears I plan to travel to the Northwest Is it not cold enough up there? Do you want me to freeze to death up there? The boss said yes It is already cold in the Northwest Add this cold to bear stares Countless So Introduce to the boss a better restaurant This is the culmination of Lan Kwai Fong This baby’s name is Linh Cao Elite is excellent in all aspects From home to school From the bed to the ground Revoke Sir Is it too hard, this kid is the best? If my boss left me, I knew who to bring I mean Put her in the car She will go with me Boss The boss made me shocked I thought it was The boss also criticized me But he went to two I want to ask you, choose another one for me What do you mean? Sir This is for me to decide Little foxes have no right But I believe in the eyes of the little fox I want her to choose for me I’m in a good mood today I will add an additional 20% invoice How do you feel Having money has the right Spirituality Choose one Yes Sir I want to nominate Thuy peace Her real name is Mong Thuy As one of 5 people The brightest in this Lan Kwai Fong Having a well-proportioned body And a delicate face Especially She still has some more destiny Boss just experience it Certainly will be numb Because her secret technique is the manipulation of lightning Just faint is charging Especially Crib water full It suits the boss’ long name Revoke Get in the car too Get in the car Who told her to get in the car I said quit That means you don’t go there, mom The boss turned over Not that I flipped over But I don’t want to be electrocuted Too bad then go to sleep I couldn’t stand it all night He was afraid of the battery bottle Please choose another one You guys are so colorful Boss So I recommend Yen His name is Yen, but his nickname is Bird’s Nest This friend has great moves Blow chi magic She gave me a shot Then the snake must hold its head up there That’s right boss It is very true that Linh Linh is chosen Rarely does anyone know how to play an instrument well OK Ok, got it You two are good Go ahead and prepare your things Long’s boss is floating The boss over the cheek to do procedures I went out to wait for you two Go See that Too many children in the milk box Try to train hard Imitate Yen, the Spirit See people? Go in Disband for a living Making preparations from morning hours Oh my god, prepare for this morning Oh my God How irritating green high So angry Instant HEY I’m angry What is this? Care about me, I’m in pain What’s wrong sister? Cheeks are really spicy Last night As I see Madame Jackie looked at me She will choose me for sure Who expected his guest He asked her son to choose So who does it choose? He chose the one with the blue bird Which one is it? That Yen Is bird bird green? Come on, sister At that time Mrs. Mít looked at her and said that she was going to expel her from that line Glory is the spirit it chose If let the guest he choose He looked at her and then he kicked out At that time, the country wore the pants to go back to her HEY You’re not my sister I buried you grapefruit already I’m angry I’m hurting it Stop arguing Really, tell it to know It is now If only 10 years ago Those things huh There is no door to you What’s wrong, sister Speaking of heartbreaking At that time, she was as beautiful as anyone else A time when the economy wasn’t as expensive as it is now Each month that made ten million It was good But you knew back then How much money do I bring back each month? How much? Twenty million Wow So many, bro Yes Make so much money I must have been sick at the time Weasel’s Calendar, right? This one So cheap your sister Hey tell me Your sister has all techniques Come on, your hand is already in hand It was like being enchanted Can’t leave me If you say so Why are you doing this now Time does not leave anyone Then the elastic band will always stretch The pit Then it will become a cave The cave That is like that Think about it Is there any more intact oven? This job is so mean That’s why I said you guys Try to go to work Earn some capital Start a new life again This profession is very silver Oh my god My new life is here It hasn’t started yet Just cheer up Do not be sad anymore But thinking of me is still angry Angry I went to find another one Is exercising too Post Yes Why don’t you take a break now In the afternoon, they also took the others to deliver No, bro Mom told me to go get some tutors to teach universal More culture for our kids Did you find it? How many people have you got? Now take them out Sit still here Because Mum also wants you to participate Oh well I have no interest Dang is right I have work for you to do Hello, Mom What is it, mom My job is Song some guys are not selected At the same time ballast face In order not to let him go to the street, he would be fluttering Then the other side said his Lan Kwai Fong Less human resources Yes, I know Wait for me to go, baby Yes Mum I took him to register as my home tutor Yeah leave it to Mom Please sit down Can you give me some information about you? Hello, hello I am a new trainee at a pedagogy school Yes Talking about examinations, I have a lot of experience No matter how stupid your child is Meet you Then she all overcame But did not dare to hide anything from her In order to do that We need to be companions Oh How much is the license to buy? There are dozens of bottles, miss Really Mom I hate these things You think you got the fake one If you come here, you can teach people to learn Lies like you hate me Map the thugs fake name knowledge Get lost Go out Lied Mom waited for me to come out and ask others to come in Please do not be angry Mum This time, I took a professional to show you, mom You are very good Yes Please sit down Hello madam I would like to introduce myself I am Bang dia By cross Was the principal of a school Retired But in the heart still love the job I still devote my effort for home country education OMG the principal likes to listen to the principal Oh my god, I see a familiar teacher Yes Teacher Please ask how old this year teacher She hid nothing I am 46 years old this year 46 years old That’s smaller than my cheeks Hey Why do you retire so early? Chased that cheek Huh? The reason for being chased, everyone knows Is student pornography Depends on the principal’s authority To oppose again, Mom Oh my God My God, the criminal record is so here to teach Oh my God Then he came in, he cross with my children, so what? Can not have Come out of my house If not, I cross him now Phong Chiu Oh my God I am all three souls in the morning I don’t know where mom Mom assured There are more people Mom waited a little bit Where nothing That’s why the three sounds that make you feel good Well, please, take some tea and be less angry Yes Mother That last one I can’t lose this person anymore The teacher has no teacher Come in Sit here Please sit down It’s okay to sit down It’s okay to sit down It clicked so it did not dare launch anyone Yes Please introduce yourself Yes Please introduce yourself I am hung Graduated from foreign trade school Currently, I need more money to study for a master’s degree By damage or by fake Yes, really Is there a cross degree? Cross Equal What is a crossover? Do not know Yes There is no cross, right? I don’t know OK So how do you plan to teach my children? Yes, I will teach them about communication In daily life The common foreign languages Just like the necessary life skills For toddlers entering life Very good This trip is We can develop more foreign arrivals What is it? Nothing at all You are accepted Thank you Oh yeah So when will I be allowed to work here? Starting tomorrow Starting tomorrow always My girls are really vomiting Yes, that’s right Children often like to learn foreign languages ​​very badly OK You prepare to go Yes So I’ll be here soon Hello Mrs Yes Invite teachers So happy This guy is very young Don’t know anything yet That’s good, mom Then please come in There Your teacher Miss Where are your children? So hey These are my cubs Hello Mom Yes No I mean Little children These babies are so big In my eyes, these kids are really small So I always called them all So I teach these children, miss? Yes Start your work Knowing too much is not good Once here, it is difficult to come out Yes Hello teacher Hello teacher Yes Hi Hi guys … Hello everyone I am hung From now on, I will teach you all Hope we will work well together Yes Thanks Does Mr. Hung have a girlfriend? Teacher He has not So has anyone noticed him yet? I don’t know either So have you noticed anyone yet Guys, don’t ask any more questions Come on guys A few hundred miles away, you have to leave one People are teachers, people are very scared Slow down Very good Start your work Yes So now we will begin Study the first session Yes Where is Mu Gu? Where is Mu Que? Come out and talk to us She didn’t come out and I smashed her whore What the hell is that? My mother is not at home now Will you earn it later? Your mother How many noses do I know? Huh? I just want to know one thing Why did I call a girl and your mother didn’t pick me up? Are you crazy? Why bother you, my mother has to welcome you I mean Why doesn’t she accept a girl book for me? Come on, dad The whole district in Saigon who does not know who is Tai ke ke But why does ke ke keep swearing blood with girls? You play a girl without a condom If you want to die, you die by yourself Do not drag others along But I have money You have money for your mother We don’t like it here Is not continued Cheek it If not, we will beat Where are you guys? Smash this place for me Whoever stops you guys from beating his mother to death Subscribe to the channel Ghiền Mõ Gõ to not miss the interesting videos

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