LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 26 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos The Spirit’s faction is pinching And claiming the right to take Mama Mama Lan Lanfang But right now Shu Qi appeared and Miss To Nu made a request The winner of the first gisaeng contest Will take over Lan Kwai Fong The misunderstanding between Thuy Kieu and Thu Tham is deleted Shu Qi told them about the secret “Loving the Soul” Đăng and Kiều It seemed like there was a happy ending Well, right now They were dragged to revenge by Do Kim Hoi’s people Posted for protecting Kieu and everyone Decision to sacrifice Please follow Lan Que Phuong Let me go I went to find Dang Calm down, Kieu Let me go Calm down Let her go Are you crazy? Let it go and find the way to die Just let her go If she wants Dang dead in vain He lied Dang is not dead Dang is still alive Kieu Phong said it right All Dang does is to protect me I have to try Right You have to be strong Then we will find a way to get Fair back We won’t let Post To make such a meaningless sacrifice You have to be strong We don’t do enough to fight those dogs Only once there is power in hand Then me Can only take revenge It’s correct There is a right to have it all I can only count on the competition Shu Qi You have to win Shu Qi You absolutely must win in this competition To avenge his Dang It’s like getting us fair again Everyone please rest assured I will definitely try my best We won’t let those dogs Such a mess They will definitely pay for it Fighting Yes That was the extremely exciting opening Extremely attractive And extremely sexy Is that right, guys? Dear all of you who have come to the first gisaeng conference This is the largest industry conference ever But all the prostitutes of Hong Hoa Hoi Will come here with skills Great martial arts skills to do To make you the most satisfied And now I will not let you wait long Introduce Composition of the jury Who is that? The first one It was a powerful man A person named Is the label of Vietnam He gave the girls dirty hands From the countryside that is far away From lands that are barren Go to the world’s most luxurious events about luxury Who is that It is the boss Vu Khac Ty Hi everybody Yes And the second one That is a great designer Ordinary people Put on your designs They will become stars Bright stars on the bank strip Who is so good? That is the designer Do Manh Linh Third wheel A man Rich Top 100 richest people in the world 2019 Rich man Phan Nhat Tao Yes And this is the last A powerful woman This person will overshadow every beauty This woman I must say is to make men happy One must say when mentioning the name Are the men falling under the beard Who is that powerful? Yes That is Mrs. Rose And don’t let you wait long I would like to introduce A very important person in today’s conference That is I Reach A Thermos And now Wards are participating in today’s meeting Ward 1 That is Suzhou Ward Suzhou Ward Headed by Tô Mama This is a ward That men leaked into each other’s ears that When come here You will meet twelve, thirteen waterways Why? The girls here will let you flow For you to fully enjoy the taste Of home country Ladies and gentlemen Suzhou Ward yesterday crowded too much sky So is Suzhou Mama Having to stay at home to receive guests is too tired to sleep So I sent these two demons to test Over Ward two No other ward That is Dong Kinh Ward Dong Kinh Ward is headed by East Mama This is a luxurious place With aristocratic style and class elegance Here You will be lost in a fairyland Is a place That you will be offered Be spoiled Be petored Like the emperor princes And here It is Dong Kinh Phuong About the cheeks The third ward A ward Which I say is full of spring Spring swallow about Spring peach blossom apricot blossom Spring vitality man vigorously It was a ward led by Du Mama That certain ward is Du Xuan Phuong And now Our specials Those are the girls from Lan Kwai Fong Lan Kwai Fong A cradle of gisaeng industry Where people bring beauty Innocent, stupid, naive Where beliefs well up Emotions Full of vitality of men Although the cradle of the gisaeng industry But Lan Kwai Fong Regularly updated and updated Extremely new styles The new wave New audacity To bring the most wonderful feeling Yes Another round of applause for Lan Kwai Fong The girl from Suzhou Ward is so beautiful Not sure what they will do? Oh well I believe I believe I believe you will do it Come on You guys have to come and understand Sang up Yes You chained Give me a picture Everyone in Duy Hung ward stays calm Because here Is the gisaeng festival So you guys carefully Just sit still And look away Ladies and gentlemen And now Please welcome everyone Keep your eyes on the stage To listen to Sister Rose A few words to say before the meeting begins Hello The girls of the Red Flower Society Generally speaking And of the wards in particular I hope you all show it Everything you have Today Not just me But there are many others From all industries In the union They will come here to attend I wish you all So lucky Clap Grandparents have a sentence Talented integrity Our beauties have more beauty than people Then surely they will have outstanding talent And here That was their first competition Talent contest Here I would like to perform a repertoire In an excerpt from Tran Gia Cam Giang Cam Giang, even though this ground collapsed Or the sun went out in the middle of a stormy life But our feelings are still faithful forever Do not say it again dear Although we now know each person loves each other But no pieces of force Prevent our love Faithful life Then don’t speak the language … Separate for the break Fool already My dear You tried so hard to become too late, bro You guys are really surprised And that Is the contest part of Suzhou Ward And now As we will go to Du Xuan ward Du Xuan children are invited to the floor Fate beautiful silver Know what will happen tomorrow Girl’s life Like a hyacinth drifting What could be better than a fairy when you have money at night? How can you still have the rain and wind out there? That miserable life many times inherent mistakes How many men love anything more Also all children are fresh in bed What could be better than a fairy when you have money at night? How can you still have the rain and wind out there? That miserable life many times inherent mistakes How many men love anything more Also all children are fresh in bed And that That is the competition of Du Xuan Phuong And now We come to Dong Kinh Is Dong Kinh Has made a shocking repertoire Or what seizures here Is that right, guys? And now We all welcome The fairies of Dong Jingfang Wow So deep Too long This is wonderful A choreographed spine Creepy hair That’s very wonderful And those are the fairies from East And now is the ward Which we are I’ve been waiting for this Girls From Lan Kwai Fong I just saw the appearance of the Spirit Spirit She just stepped onto the stage Which I have felt hotter than ever Data Spirit What will bring us? Invite the Spirit I wonder what the judges see But my own I think this performance is the best From Are you OK? Infinite is so out of stock get what to use Ok, got it Fighting Song son pressure Oh Delicious OMG I was drinking it for the first time The fruit juice is so cool and delicious You are right This is a performance Medium hot Cold medium What else is there to discuss? It is special Lan Kwai Fong this year is not a medium form anymore And in my hand There have been results of the last round I am truly sorry and sorry With Suzhou Ward Sing Like a pig howling There is no steam But insist on singing Then out of breath Then faint Made us very tired in the organization Suzhou friends should be invited to come home and practice more To take the exam the next time And the next team to break up with us is Du Xuan Phuong Every year, there are many more items Bored Bland Pale toẹt Go home Go to the ward and go to spring And ladies and gentlemen And us Very pleased Two excellent teams are welcome To enter the next round That is the Dong Kinh Phuong competition team And Lan Kwai Fong And the next round with the topic Happy And before our eyes now That is Dong Kinh Ward They are on the stage These are called … Recipes for making wine Children sakê Lệ This is the ultimate in the world Let’s wait and see What kind of wine is that special My life is miserable I am an Eastern girl Poor My parents hurt Should you To the Eastern bus station Take the car to Hong Kong Hong Kong I just hope Find a job There is wages But Life pushed me into Kinh Dong It’s East Jing My life became fluffy In the hands of the men God That is the ultimate trick of crocodile tears There is no man Which when to see a woman cry that possible Not pity, right? Is that right for you? Incubating the director So that’s the case Tear Served with sake Bring to incubation 7 7 49 days of becoming a prostitute Awesome It is true that the more alcohol a person drinks, the more addicted List of transmission damage Good wine must have fresh bait Is this a great welding technique? Wow, that was awesome Come on, please hold your chopsticks Indeed Ashamed of female celebrities sakê There is only one without two in Saigon Very good girls Dong Kinh Ward You never let me down And that was the test of Dong Kinh Phuong And now We The same eyes towards the stage To consider Lan Kwai Fong will do what she can to fight the Daughter of Sakue Of Dong Kinh Phuong And now on our stage This is Lan Kwai Fong A long time ago I just saw Lan Kwai Fong go so far Do not know What will the girls of Lan Kwai Fong do? Song son pressure Reclining stray law The magic in spring And ladies and gentlemen It is not known whether Lan Que Phuong’s braised duck meat There was nothing special to fight the Girl of Sakue Le Of Dong Kinh Phuong huh For the first time in this gisaeng contest Someone dares to bring a bland rice tray For display You are right Lan Kwai Fong is now downhill Then just pick up your chopsticks OMG it is really delicious I feel like a whole pig herd It’s dancing in my mouth like that Put it in the mouth to dissolve No need to chew There It is so comfortable It has dispelled fatigue From morning till now What Is Mr. Vu Khac Ty okay? No problem Merely Recently I just felt it Such warmth and intimacy I miss my family so much Great And ladies and gentlemen Don’t let you wait for a long time We will wait for the destination from the jury And ladies and gentlemen, everyone here In the hands of the MC now The result of the last round After a period of MC urging Fight and fight with the 4 judges MC had results on hand And now I would like to be published Ward won Of the last round And headed straight to the final round That is Congratulations Lan Kwai Fong Yes Lan Kwai Fong is excellent In the last round Has conquered 4 judges And now Lan Kwai Fong Will enter the final round To select Who? Will be the first gisaeng of this year Eventually Me and her are also in this decision By and by You just need to keep Shu Qi Leave everything to let me worry Once Lan Kwai Fong got into my hands Don’t worry I will not mistreat you She thought Do you have that chance? What did you say? I give you two options One Is to give up the contest Two Is scooping the body she loves What do you want? If only you Do not give up this contest Then you should be psychologically prepared To scoop the body of my beloved back Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos

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