LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 22 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 22 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos Why do everything alone Bemeet Bring to the happiest meeting right away Finding the right person to love is so hard Something hard There is Bemeet With Bemeet See the right person Meet the right time Choose the right gu Help me Oh my God What is wrong with my life? As long as right here With Bemeet everything is right Right person, right time, right taste Bemeet brings the happiest meeting right away In the announcement ceremony, three people participated in the first gisaeng conference Are Kieu, Thu Ky and Thuy Hoa Binh Linh Cao suddenly revealed that Kieu was pregnant Mama is very angry Questioned As well as forcing Kieu to tear down the baby in the stomach At this moment Posted for love Kieu So stood out to identify as the father of the baby And the secret of him being Mama’s son was also revealed With his great sacrifice Đăng has gradually won the hearts of Kieu Where will this predestined relationship go? And tangled love story between four people Thu Ky, Phong, Hung and Quynh There will be results like Please watch episode 22 of the series Lan Kwai Fong Lately, Lan Kwai Fong has too many things I helped my mother so I was a bit tired Yes Remember to take care of your health You are worried about me I’m okay Thank you Has taken care of him all the time Mr. Phong Well, I have something to do Thank you Has taken care of him all the time As expected of men Everyone is the same Thu is right Making a girl What can I do to find a true love for myself? Hey I was injured Not that the teacher was injured But look so painful face Because of you Because I love you He could not stand it I do not want you to suffer anymore I suffered too much hurt already There are always others lurking here Trample and harm me I live such a life So how can there be happiness Shu Qi Please come with me I’m out Let’s build a new life together Shu Qi Shu Qi States What is this? I don’t have a lot of weird calling It was a strange day What are you doing? I thought a little bit of it Thinking about what? Say it and we’ll help I can take care of myself This one The sisters in the house are not hidden anymore If you do well, hide it Tomorrow comes out the belly like me Eat it all Badly Isn’t that what it is? I’m thinking About Mr. Hung Mr. Hung The set You were touched Before Mr. Hung’s sincere heart? Not that What problem? He said it was Want to redeem you out of Lan Kwai Fong What? That guy gave up 5 billion Redeem you His face doesn’t look like someone with 5 billion Beware of being deceived I have nothing for people to deceive you He said he would sell his home to redeem him there So what do you answer? I rejected him already Kind of girl like me What is the right thing for the teacher to do? States This is serious talk She said go If you don’t take it, leave it to me Sister She joke She felt so stressed that she joked for fun Funny he Funny he Shu Qi Mr. Hung Be a good man Always concerned about the end Remember it How many times did you get sick I have come here to take care of your medicine Where did such a good man find it? Think again If you have a chance, you go This is not the place to bring you happiness But here I have you Have Quynh There is Ms. Thu too We married you already Blessed are the same There is a shared picture Then how can I let everyone go Crap This one is stupid Because of you So we advised you to go there You have to be happy We’re happy to be here We are girls But living with love means a lot I see Hung It also loves you Don’t help it Evening Yes Think carefully again What is up? Yes Well nothing important So then say tomorrow I haven’t told you all Have something to say quickly Thanks, I don’t like pickles This glass of orange juice is very hard-working I do not like Well, there is no such nice talk Case returned to the lake I even hug people That is Drink up If you don’t drink, I’ll never go home I sit still here Sour So I’ll go home Mr. Phong Do you know that The smell of his man is very attractive Every time I was with you I just want to bite you one Because of the smell deep in my throat Em I like you a long time ago If you want to go to the customer, call your mother to let me go Don’t do that Being a girl, you have to be a little respectful Brother If you can not stand up by yourself Then let me call her down to see her off Do you have no feelings for me at all? Is not Little bit? Do not let me repeat twice So why did you hug me then? Did you borrow me to go to Shu Qi eyes? If let her misunderstand Then I am sorry Men What a flood of stretchers Where is the cinnamon mama? Today she did not come out I burned her whore cave What’s going on? I remember I closed the gate carefully Why is his dog slipping into my house? What dark and dark place What a spider love Take off your glasses Wearing black eye glasses back Also blame people for the dark I see it clearly now The old lady is here. Cinnamon mama Cavalry old home The old lady said I was old Are you younger than your girls? Laugh at your mother Cursed you guys Vũ Cơ In the past, Do Kim Hoi and Lan Que Phuong River water does not violate well water Suddenly, today, you brought your dogs here What is a biting bark? OK Where to fly What is this about? Do you remember this guy? Two days ago He came here to play her daughter Fiction This week, Lan Kwai Fong was closed How can my girl get in touch with his juniors? Cinnamon Mama Already a Wanderer Must know the importance of gas Dare to play So dare It is Do Kim Hoi’s junior Her daughter Give drug overdose So hungry, so he jumped to the floor Now Who is this debt I charge Who did he slander? Here I strictly forbid the use of stimulants My senior can’t do that Boss It’s that small That day I and Three Sick Hang out with it Although I’m very drunk But I remember it well It gave Ba Sieu a blank package Three ills finished breathing Upstairs fell down dead Mother Mum Mum forgive me cheeks Mum forgive me this time, Mom Is it true like that? Unjust have head Owned debt Who did it Then stand out and carry Just now She gave this little girl to me I will spare dozens of lives from old to small Of her cave If not Don’t blame this dancer for his cruel actions Mother Mom, help me, mom, I don’t want to die yet Mum Where are you guys? Pull his head away Mum save me Hand stop This is not a market If you want to go out, you want to go in Now You want to confront me again Go play girl It must have played and had Blame is his junior Weakly laid out the wind Why blame my girls Now What does the old woman want? Instead of force to solve Let’s give it a try What do you want to compete? Drinking You thought I was stupid I heard that Tzu Chi said he had a small child beside her Weight is not inferior to it Drinking a thousand glasses is not wrong Or like this We play a dice game Who is the highest peak That person wins Dare not? Are you scared yet? Pull your head smaller Mother Hand stop Play, not afraid to play OK Say it Follow the rules When shaking dice Whoever is bigger than that person will win Cinnamon mama She is about to receive a bitter end Talkative Start shaking OK Invite Sic Bo You show your talent Missed my hand Stupid monkey Vũ Cơ Take his juniors back Let them stand here for a while, they can’t stand it They died OK This story is not over yet Please wait And you Come back to die with me Mother Is Mom okay? I was so cool in front of him I have a lot in my stomach May thanks us Without us You can’t win this game Mum They’ve pinned us this time Surely they will not ignore it Where’s the Bird’s Nest Where is it? It’s my second sister I … I’m here The female demon Do you know? Yourself Dozens of people nearly died Do you know? If only I were not clever As for Vũ Cơ, he leveled this cave already Not to mention I forbid you to go But why are you still arguing me you go customers Why Where is Miss Tố Nữ? Yes Hit it 50 dozen whips Confine him in a dark room Prohibit going to guests for three months Cut off its sector tags Get it on work As a normal child novice hurry up Mother Ms. Linh Ms. Linh said for me, Ms. Linh Mother Into Mother Mother Miss Susu Search from inside to outside Up to down The nooks and crannies of Lan Kwai Fong Catching someone Lieng Hide white goods Cut off his hand for me So it was you Why did you do that? What are you talking about? I do not understand You can still act now You say it What is this? Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos

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