LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 17 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 17 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos Guardian of love A mysterious world has been opened Minh Huy a soul blessed Become the cupid of love The duty will be charming for Gia Nhi An extremely fierce girl What will Huy do? When there are only three arrows To make Gia Nhi have love Will Minh Huy get reincarnated Or will forever turn into animal life Please watch the guardian of love An exclusive coordinated production film Between My Tv and Big cat Broadcast to every Wednesday and Saturday On the Lalashool youtube channel The love story between Thuy Kieu and Dinh Manh Increasingly deep The more you witness it Post was more upset Notice from Ms. Rose and Cinnamon mama About the First Women’s Congress of the Red Flower Society Made everyone extremely excited Who will be the representative of Lan Kwai Fong to take the exam? And brought back the title of first gisaeng Besides that The Spirit has started tricks Thuy Hoa Binh is invited to his side To further strengthen the role of the competition Will Thuy Hoa Binh agree At the gentle opening of the Spirit The fate of Shu Qi will be like? Having fallen into the trap Trendy unfolded The answer will be in the next episode Sit down, honey Relax, baby Thank you So, let’s begin now OK baby Ah But slowly did I have a suggestion I wonder if I can meet it? Just say it If it is possible, I will respond Guys So what is it? It’s a collective play The more the merrier We are very fair How many guys are here? Then my money multiplied many times Yes I do not play collective brother I clearly stated in the information If you like Then you call another one for him Call me something else Come here and call another one We just like you Hello I heard You’re very good at receiving guests, right? Let me see today You alone receive these four brothers To see if you can handle it? The dog Play it Let me off the dog You do not resist your soul wise dentist No, watch us out Right Lì huh Come to this country Then you just close your eyes and enjoy it If there is no resistance, there is nothing to do Release me Wow This video must be very interesting Perhaps the Hot one is more than the part of you and Khanh Let me come back for everyone to enjoy Make you hotter Stars in the house have many men’s shoes So many sizes? Release me Help me Shouted Shouted again God can save you today Help me Are you guys bored of living? You … what do you want to do? Today all my injustice to you ever Will end here I tell you From now on If I see your dog face again Not only will your hair cut And your face is completely torn Did you hear that? States States Mr. Phong Fortunately, he came back to save me If not I don’t know what will happen That is my responsibility This time, luckily escaped I wonder if there will be a next time Mum knows about this They are not alone Who dared to touch her next time I will hang that kid But I’m not always close to you To protect me If you have a problem Surely I will be the first to save her Your wound is bleeding too much It’s okay Used to it I don’t want you to hurt me again because of me And you Nor want the person he loves to be in danger Who do you love? Well then Well, mom Miss Susu Already Then Post Does that count me too? Have And a few of them Let me bleed to death? Let’s go home Dreamron fights hair loss Derived from grape seed oil Ginseng essence and vitamins E Pro vitamin B5 will protect your hair from ultraviolet rays Hair will visibly reduce hair loss after only two weeks of use Poor little child Miss Susu Yes What kind of weird thing are you doing? Why don’t you check that person’s identity properly? Let it happen like that Mother Mom do not blame you so You ain’t no business I checked very carefully That guy has been to my Lan Kwai Fong many times Guests are not strangers I mean, I was hooked this time They have arranged everything before then Their mother They do that As they despise this Lan Kwai Fong As well as despise this mama Hurry up Contact the heavenly beings Those guys It makes it quick and clean Do I need to make such a big deal? Why not If I don’t make it back, it will hurt me again Mum Mother Please stop here If so This story spread out It’s not good for Lan Que Phuong Mommy thinks about it Lan Kwai Fong Call Thien Dia Hoi to handle customers Everyone knows Who dares come here to play again That’s right cheek I should think about it, mom I have to put Lan Guifang’s interests first Forgive them like that Is it too easy? That girl and I used to have a fight back and forth Should be mainly Is it aimed at only children I do not want to affect Lan Que Phuong alone Oh well I am too tired Go on vacation, baby Everything to take care of her mother Why is it so evil? It’s okay teacher No problem? I had so many wounds, but I said okay My brother is not that iron Do this job Encountering such things is normal Nothing strange I see Outside there are many other professions Why did not you choose? I chose this job again From the moment that you came here till now Not yet I see you all at peace I’m fine but don’t worry Take the teacher to see Does it hurt? Are you still in pain? Then the teacher touched course of course hurt Hey? I was injured, not where he was injured But looking at his face is so painful Because of you Because I love you He could not stand it I don’t want to see you miserable anymore I suffered too much hurt already There are always others lurking here Trample and harm me If you live such a life, how can you be happy Shu Qi Please come with me I’m out Let’s build a new life together Em Mum asked me to bring you medicine In the next few days, stay at home and rest No need to go to the reception Thank you Shu Qi I hope it is I will think again It’s not good that you leave the wound open Let me tape it up He went on ahead Come in and rest Yes, hello teacher Try to suffer a little pain That day that had me I cut her throat already Before you come in here, what did you mean to him? But it keeps following you all the time Well, everything is done after Don’t mention that devil anymore It hurts so much? Italy You see it I love you so much to the room to visit you Ransack What’s up mom? Sit down there for me Whose bag is it? My child Oh my god This This is not I told you so Banning the use of drugs in Lan Kwai Fong Why are you still doing it? Do you despise me? Mom, this is not ours Oh my god, we have already been pinned Shut up Phong Hit it for me Mum Why are you standing there? Mum Can I investigate further? You even argued with me, right? You do not hit I fight To the child Mr. Phong I beg you This is not ours Mr. Phong I beg you this is not ours Mr. Phong Mr. Phong Shu Qi it was injured Can you spare it, Mr. Phong You guys have many words I beat you all Phong Confiscation of its industry card Detention for one month Put them back to normal work Like the apprentices After that I don’t know who uses drugs I cut off his hand Kumquat Oh my God Are you guys okay? I’ve just heard of something … Shaking drugs and drugs in my room Which one shakes Who played drugs? I have been played by anyone Con Linh, who Cheek it God damn dog His mother I can not stand it Sister What are you going to do? Then go hit it but do nothing Go away Go Rough Everyone, stop going and don’t do that Now through that smash it Its nothing but a trap There is no evidence No matter what I say, I won’t believe it Oh my God, what are we doing now? Perhaps not let it override his neck riding so But it is not necessarily that Now people have to be more careful Enemy in the outside Only my sisters and I protect each other Oh stop it It hurts so much sister Please give me some medicine later Just imagine the scene where they are constantly beaten I’m funny again It was detained for a month Then surely all guests will belong to our hands to see By the time it was released We have long-term laundry detergent for our sisters Here too You guys go to work What do you look for, sister? Did you ask me again? You are the one who quit smoking in Shu Qi’s room, right? I am not involved Why do you have to say it’s me I don’t believe it’s its medicine Even if it is harmed by others I shouldn’t think it’s you too Perhaps in my eyes Are you that ugly? Not you, who else Since they came in here now Just for you Without a day to be peaceful Forgive them Do not hurt it anymore Their life without you would be very miserable What is it, why are you always defending it Or me with it It is a colleague Is my junior So what are you? Nothing I do not know Or pretend not to know What are you talking about, Linh? In Lan Kwai Fong this You are the only one I care about that Do you know that Do you want to get out of here anytime? But because of you So I just stayed there I don’t understand what you’re saying You said that, but I did not understand I love you Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos

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