LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 16 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 16 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos Dreamron fights hair loss Derived from grape seed oil Ginseng essence and vitamins E Pro vitamin B5 will protect your hair from ultraviolet rays Hair will visibly reduce hair loss after only two weeks of use Finally after so many days the sisters in the Red Flower Society The contempt for sales is always at the bottom of the table Lan Kwai Fong also reached out to rise To top the rankings Shu Qi increasingly proved himself a formidable opponent When constantly favorite guests This makes the Spirit more worried And continue to flirt with Minh IT to achieve the goal The intriguing plot in Lan Kwai Fong Does Shu Qi think again About Mr. Hung’s suggestion of leaving here Shu Qi got rid of that mean trap, Trendy With the accomplices spread or not? Watch for episode 16 of Lan Kwai Fong To find the answer Drink water Thank you So can we continue now? Continue what you? Don’t tell me you want it anymore You have to give me a break too Not I mean, I took materials to write that book Oh well I think that’s enough For him My life is the best book I’ve ever read Do you know You are a masterpiece There is nothing comparable I don’t know anything Brought me to In my life But You have to thank that Ever No one ever cherishes me like that Or you may quit your job What did you say? Why quit the job? I quit my job and money where I live I will take care of you I know that My feelings for you are true You can sacrifice everything To accompany you to the end of the earth He did not want to be rich Nor afraid of poverty I just want to be with you I also want to be with you But my place is not where you want to go There is a rule there If you want to step foot out there It cost me 5 billion ransom That was a lot of money for him But It doesn’t mean that he won’t stop trying I will do everything To get you out of there Including Take your life to trade I promise you One thing, at any cost I will take you out of there And you will definitely get out of there Why do you love me so? I am just I know But I don’t care about your past I just want you to be happy Wish you to be always happy After I left that place Can we run away together? I will take you Come live by a beach We will make a small wedding I want to see you In the wedding dress Know how much I have to go home now No, my mother screamed I’ll come over later I’m going home Hey What are you doing barking all the time? Then see the time and barked to sign Let me know what to do God Timeout, but timeout 10 minutes left Oh my God 10 minutes doing something Today is so strange Every time I go to the hotel, I ask to go home early Only with this guy Is it all about being on time or being too late Which is also strange This son of a bitch keeps doing my books all the time Hey You dare to swear the guests are dogs He has no professional ethics I told about my cheek Then people like you, people just book Nothing I like the monkey He just loves my body Only you are … What do you do? Huh? Brother Only … Only you will drive me to meet him And now you’re late for it Now I’m late for another ride Cheeks cursed at his head, not at anyone I am so tired Go home Talk a lot … go away Going back … fast – Go. – I hate it Hate that hate Go home and drink milk tea Upcoming First Congress of gisaeng Of our party According to every time Then I will organize an event To the ward to exchange with each other Sister I think the most appropriate exchange I travel a lot OMG I love traveling This season, huh, going to Sapa is appropriate Heaven Sapa, you’re so beautiful, so beautiful This one – Crap – Banging I Will hold a contest Between wards together Because this is a big conference Two years Has only acted once And each ward Is to appoint the three brightest representatives To participate in the competition The reward Let the ward win Is to be Sale 50% 1 year tax And more special The ward that won Is to meet And doing business with tycoons Oh man! To meet the boss, bro There… So happy Sister, is it possible to work with a boss? Right! Golden opportunity We must decide to catch it Oh my God Rare opportunity, golden opportunity So this time I definitely have to meet the boss I will crab boss always Well … Hey Slap … Slash my mouth Tired What a heck Is this my dream? Just shut up, please Sister I heard that this time Is to pass the test first Is personal skills Two is coordination skills Dad is the secret exam, isn’t he Right! I know the secret exam What is the secret part? Is kinetic energy right? Two is supernormal Potential energy Almighty You talk too much I let you become handicapped Just right Fit The mama listen here Please practice carefully Candidates in our room To further increase the appeal In the competition So does anyone have any ideas? No, sister We will try So this meeting is over Everybody go home prepared Be quick, guys Hey? What happened to summon here Or about to have a VIP VIP guests You are beautiful, not many VIP guests are just normal There is nothing to do Of course the VIP guests are mine Could it be yours? Don’t win with me It is important who the guest chooses Nobody wants to win with you What did you say? Are you deaf or not listening? Cheeks Who just swore at me? Cheeks It was annoying Hello cheek You too Everyone, listen up Mum just went to a meeting in Hong Hoa Hoi And be informed that upcoming events are taking place Congress first prostitutes Sister Rose will let each ward compete with each other If any ward wins Well, that award is Get a tax reduction And to meet Doing business with Lao Dai God is meeting the elder It is a golden opportunity But who is Lao Dai? You don’t know who the elder is, huh? Nobody said where to know Yes Forget I haven’t told you Lao Dai was the head of all the parties The most powerful person in the world If you please him Then surely your life will be on that flavor And vice versa If you upset him Then your life is also flavored But It is on the altar to burn incense Saying so that also said Mouth to eat salted fish sauce What a girl! Therefore, it is No wonder everyone feels excited Listen to this next Contest rules Each ward appoints three people Which is for now In my group It is not known which three will be tested So from there to there is another month Then try to practice Three days before the exam date Mum will announce it Who is qualified to take that competition? Forget to tell everyone To increase the morale of everyone Please repeat His ward has won this contest By a gisaeng is very legendary But that was 20 years ago Mother Huh? Cheek used to be a legendary prostitute 20 years ago, mom So 20 years later, no one is legendary Really No one’s disciple is legendary Just cheeks Just kidding? Almost That is my friend Mom’s friend Yes Your friend was once a gisaeng legend Understand? Try to practice it Mother Mum tell me the legend, mom I want to be a legend, mom Come and tell me Increasing morale where not see, more pressure then yes For 20 years now no one has ever won again Linh, I think you have a ticket for sure Of course You are the best here That is for sure The most important is Who will the remaining two people be? I am so excited Oh my God Are you sure you can take the exam and be eager I told you yesterday Just try to practice it is possible If I’m really good, she’ll give me the exam Yesterday, I mentioned a legendary prostitute in my ward Who is that person? I don’t know either Do you know? Me neither I haven’t heard anyone mention that for a long time Or is it just someone I know Whoever says yes, I know I am still alive I know that So you also know who that is? Yes Know Who? That woman Not only is the legend of Lan Kwai Fong It is also a monument of a gisaeng Sounds very interesting, sister Tell us more about that woman OK That person’s name is still a mystery I just know it As people call her Hong Peony Talking about beauty, from the table Perfect Beauty Hourglass body Standard Whichever round it is But The thing to make her a monument Not beauty What is it? That was her unique technique What is it sister? That technique is something you know? Pleasure match soul This move Only one needs to look into her eyes Will stick right away Which man Which is already Is to wear her power to control This is the most important, though Who is involved Been happy to three days cheating Wow So disgusting No wonder chi is called legend What the heck is that so bad I wish I could learn I heard It was you who wrote that great technique in a secret book But where is that secret now nobody knows But that’s okay, never mind Our skills are not the same I just haven’t met the time Yes That’s right Ma said that a ward sent three people to take the exam This time the three of us tried together I am dead again There are only three people The four of us try together Right Never mind already Going to sleep is too sleepy Hey? What? Why go to sleep? Aren’t you going to get dinner? Customers who choose where to prepare carefully I’m too tired to sleep That’s all we need to prepare What happened, Linh? Nothing Actually also She intended to be an upcoming competition between the wards I will invite you to join me And we will win together Reward Separate Hey sister Are you going to kick one of the siblings out of the group? That’s right sister Only three people can take the exam We already have three people already So you think she’ll choose you Sister How do you feel? Agree? Is not I refused I have no interest in competing This one Who do you think you are to refuse Linh? This one You didn’t say nobody told you to shut up Star That is enough You don’t have to act in front of me to do anything I do not have the same Oh well I slowly thought Go Shu Qi Hey Why are you here Where is Dang? Dang is already busy with Kieu He asked me to come here Whoever takes the passenger, please carry it What is the matter? Is not Nothing at all How’s the wound? I’m okay Does it affect reception? Probably okay Only minor scratches on the skin It is all healed Oh well Boarding Guests book her overnight So I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning Remember to set that phone ring I know Yes Come on in Guests wait Remember not to be too passengers No onions Hi Hi sir You are so Beautiful Yes, he praised Come on in Go Sit down, honey Relax, baby Thank you So, let’s begin now OK baby Ah But slowly did I have a suggestion I wonder if I can meet it? Just say it If it is possible, I will respond Guys So what is it? It’s a collective play The more the merrier We are very fair How many guys are here? Then my money multiplied many times Yes I do not play collective brother I clearly stated in the information If you like Then you call another one for him Call me something else Come here and call another one We just like you Hello I heard You’re very good at receiving guests, right? Let me see today You alone receive these four brothers To see if you can handle it? 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  1. Xem thử cuộc chiến Vương Quyền và cuộc chiến Lan Quế Phường cái nào gây cấn hơn nha ???

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  4. Ước gì Thư Kỳ và Trung Huy sẽ làm người yêu của nhau và cưới nhau và sống hạnh phúc cả đời

  5. Kiều bị lừa bán vào lầu ngưng Bích mà cái này là Kiều tự nguyện vậy ai là Mã Giám Sinh sẽ mua Kiều ta 🤔😅
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    Mấy anh có thấy nặng không? Tháo nó xuống đi ạ 😙

  7. Chị Linh cáo trong phim thì có ác cũng có một tí ghét. Nhưng ngoài đời thì tui hoàn toàn không ghét chị chút nào ngoài đời chị còn rất dễ thương nữa

  8. Có ai để ý cái thằng đeo kính dụ thúy kiều có cái mặt giống hiếu bến tàu không? Nói chuyện thì cái đầu gật gật y chang hiếu bến tàu. 😁
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