LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 15 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 15 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos Dreamron fights hair loss Derived from grape seed oil Ginseng essence and vitamins E Pro vitamin B5 will protect your hair from ultraviolet rays Hair will visibly reduce hair loss after only two weeks of use Shu Qi suddenly received five stars from Jiujia A fastidious guest Rejoice for not long Then she met the group of Trendy and Khanh She had a duel with Trendy Make them carry fear Linh Cao suddenly became hotter than ever Caused Miss To Nu to have a headache when scheduling a guest for her Behind that popularity Is it the ploy of Linh Cao and Khanh And the love story of Shu Qi, Hung Phong and Quỳnh will go nowhere Please watch episode 15 of the Lan Kwai Fong series Hi everybody Hello Que mama Ms. Que Why are you so late? We thought you weren’t coming What said so strange Is there any meeting where I won’t come Then that day She paid too little Now, Ms. Rose said she doubled this month Then we thought you were This month there is no payment Then hide at home But lucky to So free I don’t worry about my own business but about people’s problems I can take care of myself There is no need for you to care Oh my God, girls Ward of people This month Expensive goods If you are worried, please take care of me This month My house is dull Dry the whole oven Hey? Is your oven also dry? I thought I was alone Oh my god, what are you girls? Seeing Ms. Que mama, she should be happy for her In spite of She used a trick A little dirty New papillae Just said something Something that dirty tricks Hey People say they have to know who they say Ask back to make it redundant so Hey Ms Que I have a good business But I told you Just do it as well I do too brothers You have a reputation in the guild you know Previously the main road patted the name of the chest Say it I live up to the standards Never let girls play goods Oh my God Now her cave The most evil always Please forgive me If you are too hungry, you must be wrong Oh my god howling for what? I told you about it There is jealousy then envy envy Do not slander people Vu unjust? Do you do it or not She asked her guests I know Oh yeah Oh my God Oh my god I always shop people that beat Im How are you doing? Hold on Star – Oh my god. – It was wrong, but he still did it Oh well What is so noisy? Sister Rose Hi sister Sister Rose Sister She considered that I There is no time today But to worry about these miscellaneous things Right now, the main problem Membership fees this quarter Has each person been fully prepared? Yes, here she is My nè sister My dear Mine Why is there so much? Yes My sympathy Economic situation of her It’s been tough these days That’s right sister Cinnamon mama Where’s your money? Last quarter? She was lacking again This quarter, you have to pay it Here you are Oh my God Probably lacking like that, sister Nothing Oh my God Three hundred million Huh? What? It is true that the name of the Ward has trained the legendary gisaeng Of the Rose Flower Society Other wards Should take Lan Que Phuong that example Ward is strong The new assembly is strong Our Red Roses Although all women But definitely not to be inferior Any party On the Wanderer Happy Cinnamon Mama But hey Cinnamon Mama Play fire There will be day burns In the future, don’t let your guests play with you Medicine-shocked Then die It will be touched by the cops At that time, don’t get involved with our Hong Hoa Hoi Lan Kwai Fong Whether or not to play medicine for guests, I don’t care As long as That makes money Bring it back to the guild Dead will bear Dissolution Yes Disband for a living See if you don’t know how long 2 … 3 Dô Dô Celebrate Lan Que Phuong’s highest revenue in the table Party is not drunk today not home Yes In a happy party today Cheeks have compliments To the three Quỳnh mountain Thuy Kieu Shu Qi Thanks mom Yes Although we have just gone But we did really well Guests are very commendable That It proves that your mother chose the right person Especially that child Shu Qi Yes, mom Yes The most demanding customers And they even knelt at my feet It is the rarest precedent Within the past twenty years Cheeks want to chisel them one As always The person with the highest revenue this month in Lan Kwai Fong Will be honored on the rankings Lan Lan’s Ward In the first place That person is Spirit Thank you, mom I promise Will always try To stand in first place in the rankings Very good Oh well Come on, it’s a happy day Cheer up cheeks … cheer up kids … kids … cheer up Dô Shu Qi Mr. Hung He asked me out here anything? I met you and wanted to inquire about your health How’s your wound meal today I’m much better End of bruises and see Did you bring food for me to replenish But I see you are very weak Why don’t you ask for a few more days off Then my guest book teacher Now do not go Where the money to live Besides, my mom beat me to death Shu Qi Do you think you could escape one day Did you start a new life? Already in this profession already How did you escape the teacher? And the ransom money out of here is a bit big I have not worked enough for a lifetime This Shu Qi So if you say How can you handle it? Oh my God No need, teacher But I have no intention of leaving Lan Kwai Fong right now So you’re going to stay here forever? There is nothing wrong with being here I have Thuy Kieu There are Quynh Thu is my friend But life is out there For me it is even more boring That teacher assured Whenever I find the meaning of life outside, I will go And now is not the time Shu Qi Go in and get changed to get your guests Yes I have to go to the guests now I’m getting ready Remember to stay healthy Thank you teacher Whenever I find the meaning of life outside, I will go And now is not the time Do you have anything for me? Hey Why is your face gloomy? I have something sad I have something sad, please tell me to solve it I don’t know why these days Your customers are less likely All of us book Shu Qi Just like this Then soon They will usurp the top of my table It is time Mom won’t love you anymore I will have to live in loneliness In ruins Then I also went to take care of washing clothes for the woman Thu Thu again Imagine what Just this I also give up That said very well Work day and night I always miss you Oh my god because This is my guest book So how can I manage I’m not a guest I’m just an IT guy working for your mother The key is there What is that? That’s easy Just don’t run ads for Shu Qi anymore I’ll run for you okay Hey sister, but this one Impossible, if you don’t run, I have to obey you Oh god, it is the same for anyone I ran for her Then I also have more guests But I know the mother already Mum only needs money It doesn’t matter which one brings money I know that She is also just a mediocre daughter No one will remember her later Because golden age Not much longer Even you I don’t need you either That is enough Please do not be sad anymore Let me take care of everything Really? Real I like you so much You are my number one man Yes Pain in the eyebrow I’m sorry His mother Twenty years in life Nobody dared to hit me out like this Maybe I should skip it now for it? It thought it beat me a fight I’m afraid it sure Not at all This Trendy is not that easy to swallow So what should I do now? Retrospective of old debt I will definitely pay you all, Shu Qi You wait for it But this sister Now beside it was such a mighty army Touching its nail is not even Do not say anything Are you afraid of that whore? Oh well Do not worry I have a way Hey Shu Qi Last night Miss Miss To What did you ask you to go to your own room? Oh well… Miss Tố Tố and I sent Thư Kỳ to her room Yes Oh my god Maybe it was all over, dike How can all the levee be sister Miss To Nu asked me to go to the room to choose her dress She just met him online Today we will meet to meet you It made me so shocked So disgusting Are you trying to leave Lan Kwai Fong to get married? It got married What is this? That shit Lep? But I really asked her Do you want to get married to an older sister? Do something without getting married I counted all of you Now you go out that way Who will Great panic always But I’m just for fun, bro Think about it Whoever took one Old girl Did you do that as a prostitute? Which wants to get out of here There must be five billion redemption New name removed from the list of Lan Kwai Fong What? Five billion Oh my God Now every month to go to work Subtract all costs The remaining has fifty million So the taste It takes 250 months to get those five billion It is hard to find any giants Redeem you You look like a rich man now easy to find And you I just want to get married What? So refreshing? Who leaned on you? Get married I hate men very much So Men also have this and that Not everyone is the same I didn’t say that back then At that time, did you immediately meet the guys cheating? Porridge becomes scary Maybe you are Kieu Are you going to do it immediately? Yes Not that It’s okay to wait here for five minutes For what? Cool indoors do not sit Do not stay out of here for the sun to burn the flesh, that’s it What if I miss the time when my client scolds me? Do you want me to be beaten so much? Not available No In Because I want to be a little closer to you What’re you talking? No … Say nothing Just ring the bell for me Yes Mild light Click hard to call Hi Hi sir I’m Thuy Kieu Come on in I’ll do it, honey Is it always here? Yes What’s wrong with you? But not Yourself You must have misunderstood You book me here Not to do that Do not do anything to him Write a book Write a book? I don’t hide anything He is a writer His upcoming book Will write about life Of a prostitute You book me here For more materials Write for that truth I rest assured I will not put your real name in the book Besides that I will send you an additional remuneration as a royalty Will rate five stars And say good about me With Cinnamon mama Yes I will start now Yes Why did you choose to enter this path? Because I hate men Hate men? Why? Because guys are the same guy They are a bunch of fake fools Deceive the feelings of women In love, right or wrong The one who is most miserable is only a girl Don’t say that Everyone I meet All due to grace and debt No bad thing People caused me in this life That is karma I have to pay in my previous life Someday At some point I will meet the right people He and I go to the end of life Who would go to the end of his life with an industry girl, bro? If predestined There will be people Stick with my whole life with you I do not believe in fate Dependent debt is a miracle thing, dear When I need it Then it did not come But when it came Then I can not run away Everything in this world Heaven and other beings eat all What you do The places I go Even the people I meet Also If it were him Do you accept me? You are only important to the people at the moment The past is the past I cannot change the past But You can change the present and the future Do not let the old things Make me bother That’s my story Oh my God Cao Cao Dear industry Look down here and see This one is crazy You don’t remember the rules here, do you? Do not fall in love Do not have feelings for guests If you know, I can see your cheeks Already Did you and that guy have anything? Not yet You haven’t touched my fingernail anymore Hey The best Is not touching always home Get away Stop before it’s too late People can prevent reason But it is impossible to stop my heart Also missed I don’t know what to do Oh my God You’re so stupid, you’re so stupid Now you love it You see everything is beautiful Who knows if it will change later You didn’t hear what people said Haven’t seen the coffin yet shed tears Have not seen saggy breasts yet soul Huh? So you have no soul Guests are shocked But she looked familiar then she did not feel more soul But never mind Are talking about this child Can you set me aside? I mean to tell you Is so I was so happy at first Beautiful new days oh how much I am afraid Scared of what? Is not I mean Just a little while I improvised It has nothing to do with this story I mean Now love In love, it is very happy Young oath After falling out of love, what to do? It pulls the past out of it and extracts it Unfortunately one Relatives relatives of its friends Recognize this girl as a prostitute After that it despised when it scorned you Can you stand it? Please rest assured I have investigated it all His relatives are all in America No one is in Vietnam With the I feel you’re a good person It is worth giving me the kidneys What? Is your brother Chinese? Is it going to sell you organs? Oh my god, girls You make me so confused Give the body to fate This crazy one Being seduced by so many times has not left, huh Come tired too Everyone wants to say something, want to think about it I have all my plans I will make a lot of money to get out of here My Dinh Dinh Manh Build a happy home I dreamed of The house and the children Mrs. Wrong music grandmother I have to sing like that I dreamed of The house and the children Right I can only dream Not really Leave me alone Dream without tax And you It’s about time to break up and get dumped Don’t come back and cry with us Don’t worry. You won’t have that Anyway, let’s talk about you What is your next plan? Where to or to it Whatever Oh my god, look at his dreamy face Alo To Nu heard Hello, Mr. Le Van Dat It’s been a long time since I called you Star Who to choose tonight? Shu Qi? Shu Qi lately it’s very expensive brother Good product Oh god one night I have to push it to 3-4 tour cheats It is not possible Hard to book You choose another one Huh? Triple? Triple? I gave up everything I canceled it all I canceled all 3-4 tours, I cleared them all Let me give it to you I’ll give Shu Qi to you tonight Ok, got it Having money is enough Thank you a lot Moa Is that ok? This is my share If you do it well There will be generous rewards Of course Shu Qi Let me see if this whole network returns or not? Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos

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  8. Nếu xét về bảng Lan Quế Phường thì phải như vầy nè :
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    3 Linh cáo , ( bấm đọc thêm)
    4 Thu dẫm
    5 Quỳnh núi

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