LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 13 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

LAN QUẾ PHƯỜNG | TẬP 13 | SEASON 1 : Mỹ Nữ Đại Chiến | Mì Gõ | Phim Hài Hay 2019

Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos Thanks for the quiet help of Phong Shu Qi and her sisters had passed the gisaeng exam Formally granted a practicing card Make big achievements on the first trip Shakes Lan Kwai Fong The Spirit is unable to contain his anger Lam Le plotted to plan and destroy Thu Ky sisters’ association The most unexpected was the uninvited meeting Of Shu Qi and Khánh in front of his father’s grave Ultimately, what does Khanh want in Shu Qi? If you come out later, you tell me I will take you away Yes Thank you So surprise We meet again Go If you like to go, then go Leave Shu Qi to me I have something to tell him You and I have nothing to say Ky Shu Anyway, we have a passionate sex time together Now I am so in love with you Shut up I’m not silent, what are you doing, dog? I told you already Wherever you go, leave it Are you deaf? How do I have to obey you OK Wine does not invite drink like fine wine Run Mr. Phong Scat You hit very well You hit very well huh? You fight again I considered Star Feeling like drinking fine wine like? Stay away The bastard, you guys are bored of life, huh? Dare to smuggle Lan Kwai Fong’s people So what? So what? If I didn’t die today, you’d die To see who died Up Up Up Watch me Kill her mother for me Mr. Phong Mr. Phong Mr. Phong Get up and go home quickly Are you improving today, honey? Progress to the point where you climb up the cheeks to sit I do not dare Don’t dare Don’t dare why this happened Mum Today is the 100 day anniversary of three children I just want to go to the grave to burn my three incense sticks I didn’t know this would happen You Mother I beg your mother Mustard How could his mother be blamed on all her relatives Shut up Do you know because of you? Feng that guy was injured Already so But also cover for you anymore Not where, mum It is all his fault Phong has nothing to do with it Because I begged I beg you so I accept to drive you It’s all my fault Shu Qi Sorry mom Stop arguing Do you know your fault? You admit it yourself Yes Do you know? When making mistakes in Lan Kwai Fong How will the consequences be Yes, I know There is an error You must be punished according to the law of Lan Que Phu It’s correct This time she will hit you Mum will punish you Let you be smart I don’t hate you Including Phong It will also be punished Follow the rules here Ma’am Ma let Phong go Mom, don’t punish Mr. Phong The fault is mine Let me pay the penalty on behalf of Phong Nha cheek Shu Qi Why are you so stupid? You are stupid You cannot blame it She did not dare to do anything Really She did it Dental cheeks Mom, don’t punish Phong Very spirited OK If you want, you will pamper me Where to fly Drag this child into the room Abiding by the law Including Phong’s crime Hit it After finishing a battle Locked in the room for three meals Who covered it Just as guilty as it is hurry up Get up Shu Qi Oh my god, my mother, please My cheeks are gentle What if it chipped in pieces? My Lan Kwai Fong was greatly damaged The Fox is out of time Now is the time of Shu Qi Every guest will book me all Shu Qi And you I think you are too much right now You want to replace me, right? Do you want to sit on my head? Well done What the hell No, I don’t mean that, I think for you Mommy thinks about how much that money OK Hitting it Disgusting cheeks Cheeks tighten so that cheeks scare Hey beat up, do not hit beaten Hey … Shh – What is it? – I’m crazy grandma It’s not today that I invited her here to watch her drink tea But now things have happened What do you mean? Are you eh? Suck the ball and laugh Your mouth More foul than the sewer Do you need me? Ask the youngest to brush your teeth for me? That is available It cuts off your tongue Let you know what the sentence means Glass longevity Old age Then lost his life Do you know? I told her This guy Not afraid of any guy Before and after, also a family But they like to fight? One a house But she tolerates juniors Asked them to beat my juniors again How many guys are hospitalized Who cares about this cost? While Business Freezing Hey Eat nonsense, don’t speak nonsense yet You shut up It’s not your turn to speak up Do not be angry but lose wisdom Which equates with the flood of teaching this loss Mrs. Hong I have held her for a long time, old lady I am telling the truth I didn’t kill her today Recognize that your mouth is rotten I thought you smoked the ball But not Shit your head So whenever you breathe out you rot Have you laughed enough? Do not force this guy into the same home Now How to solve it To get fairness for us I don’t need your teaching Mrs. Hong What is this about? She said go My two juniors Go outside to visit the grave Yet these animals nè It ambushed Then he hit the council Here it is Got a knife from this guy How many guys are in this hospital 4-5 guys Just punched once But four to five guys hospitalized You try to review your juniors go Just play the medicine just to make it hurry up a bit faster What are you laughing? I have endured so much hardship That is enough Both sides are wrong Just follow the old law Mrs. Hong To remove the knot, she had to find a knot You understand what I mean Understand Good Today I will tell you what is polite Then play Where is Khanh Come here Just follow the old law Pointing at whom Then that person was stabbed I need Maybe I let you die so, bro I need Save me, bro Help me Oh well After all, people in the union do not I don’t want you to kill each other Your story I will take care of the medicine And our juniors I solved it myself Your mother talks like a child His mother stabbed me That is enough Di harmony quarterly Straight is clear already Each side held back a little bit It seems that this has ended From here on, no one is hostile to each other Nha..Thank you for saying I just took your dog’s life off Withdraw Cowardly mother Go Hey you there What are you doing? Honey Are you tired of standing guard? If you’re tired, come in and rest Let me massage you Please give me the key Here Come in, rest in Yes Go away brother You always sleep in there, man Shu Qi Hey Ky Hey Ky Are you still alive, Ky? I’m here Ask for anything to open the door Leave Ky What the heck are you two flying over here for? Go home If you know, I’ll punish you for flying Ask excess questions to ask you but do nothing We are good sisters Yeah that’s right, don’t worry Con Kieu just seduced the other guy to sleep too Then why don’t you stay at home What did you come over here for? We will bring rice for you These days, being locked up in here doesn’t taste good, does it? Hey Yes, thank you both for flying What gratitude We have the blessing to enjoy the painting together Come on Locked up today is released already If you have finished eating then stay in and take a rest and rest Yes Did you hear any news about Mr. Phong? I heard that you went with your mother to resolve the conflict Probably okay Don’t worry either Mr. Phong is a good arm of his mother after all So mom didn’t do anything to him Yes But still, what about your wound? I do not know But it should be fine, don’t worry Yes All because of me I feel so sorry for him You take care of yourself first Mommy noticed you already That’s right Try to take care of yourself Well, make sure you get some rest It took him to wake up We have to go Yes Just go away Yes OK We go home Is there anyone else? Open the door for me Oh my god, why am I acting like this? Is anyone there? Oh my God! Is anyone there? Concentrate A straight line in front What are you doing sitting down? This one Oh my God First period? Yes Is it beautiful? Woke up one night to wake up with an electric shock or something? The color has changed I did not I tried new colors to see if it suits me Is it right? Unsuitable Not suitable Mai dyed black to do something so fierce Forget Concentrate On my hand The three photos are electricity for three people Will be in the general house of Lan Kwai Fong There is a picture And the first name I read that was Shu Qi Wow Oh my God This little girl really Good parents give birth Beautiful nice streak The rabbit is also beautiful But look at that Oh my God See its smile? Such a sunny smile Bright future Oh my God Hey Must know how to take advantage of strong points Tomorrow you go Bear hard to laugh a bit more Guests give Yes, I know and thank you The second picture is in my hand That is Thuy Kieu Where are you? Do you look luxurious? Is not There is no to That is to say, excellently beautiful Where are you? Let me see Wow Therefore I like the ages of you guys Any child is beautiful Everyone’s smile is sunny Oh my god, this girl is the best The cute deer smile is scary If you have money, you won’t be able to buy it Where did she Only money can buy it It cost me a lot of money to buy it So … Is that so? See as I mentioned wrong – Say wrong – Yes And the third picture Em – Is that you? – Right! Is it beautiful? – What’s wrong? – What happened? That day I was very smiling Yeah I wish that day you smile do not smile You said how fresh you want … That day I was happy I laughed a bit too Quynh nè Yes Childhood in the mountains Do you often play with horses? How do you know that? My teeth are just like the teeth of a horse Hey say that feels like real dentist Even so, it is not very white What do you guys say? I don’t feel terrible at all Disgusting but not disgusting Oh my God What do you think? Such teeth That cry is not terrible Really This is due to my lack of compassion These days, I’m worried about your streak But forgot to pay attention to its striker function Cheeks see this tails It’s you, baby But this is due to the situation you can’t fix it If not, you must find a way You think of it Now You go customer Then you go into the eyebrow bared your horse teeth, you laugh Guests are afraid Guest howling Guest ran away Guests do not pay Who damages? Em Not only the children damaged Go here for damage Mum will treat you It was a girl Then one must be beautiful from the inside out How can that be OMG I don’t know I thought I was in here I have passed the exam and I have finished the industry card Who knows where I have to go to the dentist now What should we do now What should I do Kieu What are you doing laughing all the time? You do not ask me repeatedly Forget Show me where you do your teeth Just fine But It is very expensive I am dead No money has gone where the sun god That is enough Bad teeth It is your fault But seeing that your teeth are ugly isn’t just beauty It’s my fault Oh my God Don’t tell me you know where to get your teeth done Why do you know all about beauty? I know that A girl must be pretty Oh god, just go and hide nothing more quickly It is in vincos and dr lee The pioneer is also the No. 1 in the field of treatment Laugh openly and reduce the pressure again dentist Is it believable? Taking a lump of money and finishing it back to your teeth is just like a horse Mum is dead too The benefit is very difficult to treat Trustworthy Shu Qi’s teeth were so beautiful back then or when she took care of Vincos Hey An old picture of Shu Qi Oh my god It is more like a horse than you Yes confirm Yes Why do you look different now? Just like you two Well, the gums are local, but they can treat all Wow HEY Fix it then go away Let’s go right away Going to Kieu Oh well My teeth are beautiful and I go to work Oh, I forgot Sister go sister Go Oh well No problem I am at home, I beg your mother for some But naturally pull each other away cheeks It’s beautiful that alone go immediately I didn’t go because I wanted you to go ahead and do an experiment for me, right? Are you afraid this place won’t work? You look at Shu Qi You know how successful and beautiful the place is HEY I am beautiful, then don’t show it to her OK buddy Go Oh my God HEY It is very expensive Well, stop working Eww Still beautiful Mr. Phong What did you come here for? Then I came to visit you I’m okay She do not worry You go on go Come on I’m sorry I know Also because of you, I was just like that I said I was okay She do not worry That heard Do you abide by my family law? Don’t have so many things next time I know that Please stop talking Let me clean the wound and change your dressing That is enough I changed the dressing yesterday Oh my God How can that be His wound was so heavy, he had to clean it every day But yesterday is today, today is today Let me do it Let me lighten my hand Welcome to the Vincos Beauty Salon Hello, Ms. Ky Thu Long time no see Yes Today she took you here to give advice on service I don’t know what service would you like to consult? Em Does my side have a treatment for open-mouthed laughs? At normal sister It’s a little smiley, huh But I still have no confidence to smile As people … Like people, she always pursed her smile Not pretty? Yes I have it Treatment of gingivitis Ham jaw and aesthetic porcelain wrap I don’t know which one you want me to advise Ah Laughing openly Yes So let me ask you for your information Then let me fill in. Then I took her to see the doctor Yes OK baby Hi Yes – Hello, doctor. – Hello Then let me examine your teeth for you Yes Then I opened my mouth a little Big open Open your mouth Then write one, eight eyes 1, 7 The purpose I want is Want to treat laughing open gums, right? Yes, that’s right I laughed hard for him to see Okay ok The situation he was in now, he saw it as a smile on his gums It is too 3mm If you smile, your gums should show 1 mm The second one is my gums are a little dark Then I will give you a method It is the open gingival treatment associated with Fractures to benefit it does not recur Fracture, doctor Pain not doctor This is a minor surgery And it takes only about 40 minutes to anesthetize And when we do, we have anesthesia Should ensure no pain When you come home, there will be medicine to stop the pain Yes So I am assured of the pain As for the swelling, it is almost a little swelling After three days I can go take pictures And seven days for follow-up Yes Thanks doctor OK baby Do you need any further information? Please contact me to explain more Yes, thank you doctor Hello Yes, thank you How? Do it now Yes ask the price Yes My dear Yes So what is my cost now? I asked about the cost of smiling, right? Yes, the cost of smiling side by side is about 30,000,000 VND Currently, the 50% discount is 15.000.000 Only this month Do it immediately for me Sign up for me to do it immediately Yes, I do procedures for her dentist Right … right away and always Good luck with the discount Likes scary It’s done, sister Go Hurry up Guests book through Thu Duc Just slowly Nothing to hurry Oh my God Wait Then mum is responsible Oh yeah Bear for Come tired too Go on, bro Alright then go But I’ll go eat first God Something to eat and drink here It’s late for me So tired If you don’t drive, I will ask Phong Mr. Phong is injured Besides, huh His story with Marijuana is straining Mom did not let him go Oh well Find another help I have to ask no one to take me anywhere dear How do you know nobody drives me? What time do you book me? 5pm Now it’s only 3pm, sis, sis Moderate severance I was afraid of being late so I went early To prepare more guests It’s 30 minutes from here to Thu Duc It won’t be late If late, he is responsible for So tired You want to do something As long as there’s no time for me So let’s eat Eat? Eat what? Wait a minute Here it is I know that you ate very little this afternoon So, he prepared already How do you know I ate a little at noon Who doesn’t know you’re afraid of getting fat Fear of fat should be afraid of eating starch Every meal has a piece of rice Right? – Yes – Here I prepared for you more milk tea Sticky chicken with dumplings Eat it Oh my God I know you’re scared of getting fat and buying milk tea Drink? So, will you see if I’m fat? I’m not fat I am very fit Just my heart Huh? What’re you talking? Just what? I was both human … and … the body just now Not fat Come on, drink it Drink it … Take a piece, huh, take away the chicken sticky rice Kieu Do you believe that I have super powers? Super powers what? Every time his super powers Every time he closed his eyes As you all see Em Crazy Then the sky god beat why not go yet The caller reminded already You came late and scolded the guests I cracked you into eggs Seeing yet to be cursed Go quickly Wait 3 pm Guest book 5 hours Hurry up Oh my God Beautiful yet? Normally, already beautiful, now more beautiful Have you been beautiful yet, do you think I’m beautiful? Vincos No. 1 treats open gums Discount up to 50% What is it like advertising? There is no advertising I’m reading the board HEY Now I am no longer afraid of Thuy Kieu and Thu Tham Smile in your face already But I laughed back into the two of them said to play Right Go and laugh at their faces Hello dentist Hey Have you collected debt from this guy? Yes Remember not to listen every day yet It is very tough In heaven and earth I just saw Go play with girls that it pays by installments Mum Mom has a problem, Mom What is this? What case? Oh my God Hey say listen less levee embankment Oh my god! What kind of red lips, guys, guys? I … I’m not a boy What’s up? Like boiling water pouring into your armpits? Oh my god, it’s not boiling water Wine coming The monk is here Which village is located? Here it is Right! Hey People come in so impolite Didn’t knock at all? Cinnamon mama So I asked her Guests in her grandmother’s house did not invite sitting Is it rude? Oh my God I thought he was drunk and recognized it also Sit down, grandfather So tired HEY Sitting over there, I hate the smell of alcohol Go over there Cinnamon mama I can’t sit anywhere Where are the kids? Prepare a cup of tea Cinnamon mama What do you think that she treated this housekeeper to tea with water Huh? Oh, forgot My brother’s uncle Dubbed the tutor Drinking is like drinking water Take care of it Take care of your health Drink too much it cirrhosis ascites it Your mouth is rotten, Que mama I now Was Alcohol has absorbed into the blood Cirrhosis or diabetes Fuck it Oh my God Is that the risk? Talking to these drunken guys is so tiring Hey, what are you doing here? You should ask stupid questions, Cinnamon mama Many girls don’t call, they probably go to the toilet of her house So tired, grandfather Reasoning Call the girl, call the girl Display set around Roundabout OK Sit there I came in and I called Cinnamon mama What? I told her Grandma that brought old goods here I soaked her wine Which grandmother Soak the wine, it must be delicious Delicious … delicious motherfucker Oh my God I worth your cheeks Devil Alright then just wait there In short Bring new goods here for me Yes, I know, grandfather Come on in, everyone Fight to hear it Yes Come out and dig out Come on, dig out Mother My cheeks digged out already Yes Jiuji Oh my god Get up … teach Choose to dig here, there Dig It’s all in battle Pick out This small Ass, butt … Stretch Do you see that? Your day has come and see you all Oh my pleasure to serve you Don’t dream me baby You guys get drunk when it’s drunk A leafy house like a tiled house You do not have to dream anymore What? Choose that carefully What’s up? Look at his face carefully and then choose What do you think mama If I choose this girl, I will not open a hole Noses? Now, choose one All the war, not choose If you don’t play, then that’s it Introduce to you guys This is the tutor As the notorious big brother in the world Hold in your hands a whole drug zone This cave has more than 200 brothers Activities in this world are mainly trading wines West, ta, ship Medication Soak solid, pickled scorpions Soak enough interesting animals soaked Generally speaking The most special here is the tutor Drinking alcohol instead of a robust body doesn’t hurt Speak quietly Whoever serviced him One night is one month’s leave Well, generally try Please select peaches here to choose all kinds of peaches Hot peaches, extremely hot peaches are gone Hello hello kids Oh God, choose quickly Foul wine Fragrant Very fragrant The road is a bit wide Mama What? Chase this little girl for me Oh well Rude Oh my God He put a sewer close to his mouth People can’t stink Mama What did you take as a prostitute? Probably too drunk Where it does not cross Old mother already Old always Oh god, quickly choose I’ve been stinking for a while now, I want to follow you first 3 4 Oh my god, get up Choose quickly first 3 4 5 6 – My God. – Oh – Are you surprised? – What? Listen to me Leave it to me, honey You took everything and I took what I eat Choose one Are you crazy, mama People, not buffaloes I choose small number two Ah Know Well now Disband all to let Shu Qi go to his room It prepares, it goes with the tutor Oh well Prepare something, take time Go now Go What is this? He hasn’t changed his clothes yet, where are he going? Oh my God It is true that those guys are really drunk Oh my God Hey Kid, little girl You cannot turn summer into winter But I can turn you into His wine I changed to make you wait a little longer Give me a drink Yes By the way, girl I can Can you give me a sincere sentence? Yes I’m young So the tutor wants to teach anything Please listen The life we ​​hate most is a kite It is urination Yes why? Because of He grew up And get the position as it is now Thanks to alcohol So I do not want Any drop of wine Escape a waste of him So That is you Just force him to drink like that If you have diabetes, you will have to pee Is that very big crime of you home If so then that’s it I am stupid If you don’t know anything, please forgive me Well … never mind Do not know Then not guilty Yes Which generally now I still have any tricks New to you? You show it all Let me see That old hag How to train them If the tutor is tired So Let me give you a massage sound good Give it a try Jiuu see stars Oh well This one Hey little girl Hey little girl Has ponytail Cycling on the street Street crowded people Wait for me with this corner Jiuji Here I am I mean She should stop Why so rich I can not do it, huh tutor? It’s not like I didn’t do it well Which is the opposite is very good Exactly But I have no feeling Star Why don’t you feel anything? Is it a lie? Nothing strange My life rolls around with the title of Wanderer The sword of immortality His skin is iron The reason There is that title Because in childhood Already drinking too much alcohol Falling fields falling fields Then beaten Kill and bottle Until rolling around the Wanderer Then accidentally It was a special move Therefore, it is If you run out of moves So Let’s get started Subscribe to Ghiền Mõ Tõ channel, so you don’t miss out on interesting videos

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