LAN CHEATS showcased | try for yourself

LAN CHEATS showcased | try for yourself

And that’s how pro’s hide their cheats Hi everyone I would just want to let you know that I’m banned on my main account for like one year the first thing you need to do is going to your webbrowser visit my main profile /id/mcburnie – steam this one so now go to artworks left click save it or drag it to the destop go to your destop the requirements to open this file are you need to have 7zip or winrar open it with 7zip totally legit you can hide anything in there the next thing we are going to do now is open up our steam account go to our steam account and then visit /id/mcburnie and subscribe to the workshop map subscribe to my workshop map aim_legit go into csgo and check if the map has downloaded this workshop exploit obviously would be far better if a competent person would actually do it

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “LAN CHEATS showcased | try for yourself

  1. Sind das cheats was du da drinne hast ? oder nur bespiele wie sowas aussehen könnte, oder richtige cheats die auch gehen?

  2. "pros cheat" hahahaha name 1 pro whos been banned? Kqly? not a pro… just a semi pro. look at him now. cant hit shit. BUT any real pro banned… never… so GG enjoy this troll video.

  3. Bro i agree 100 percent with u ive been researching the cheatforums how they make it and how they uses higly advanced tricks to get it offline and online events.
    well and valve knows many pros are cheating thats why csgo prizepool doesnt go above 1 milion
    and valve made dota2 free game somehow u cant even cheat and its useless to cheat
    and its prizepool this year was like +20 milion dollars

  4. if you want to shed light on pro level lan cheating in a serious how about not add shit music and just make a video actually explaining how this shit works in depth

  5. I have a cracked version hack of synapse products will it be less undetectable like this or is it still the same since its not a private hack???

  6. hey the notacheatatall didnt work when i try to run it i pops an error up called notacheatatall.exe is not a valid win32 app help mee

  7. Come on bro wtf did u not listen before u uploaded u can't hear shit through horrible music! This is something I'm interested in plz turn the horrible music off

  8. This is the correct method some pros have used to get their cheats onto lan machines. But its the cheat itself is the important part. Hiring a coder to create you a unique and secure cheat is not cheap 😛 like you said, tens of thousands of euros.

  9. Hey, I've always wondered something, asked some specialists and never had any answer. Isn't it possible recording the players' mouse movement with webcam, than when any strange movements or alleged aimlocks happen, just compare the mouse movement with the crosshair movement? I mean, if it's some program that did the movement, the player's mouse wouldn't move as the cursor on screen aimlock someone, would it?

  10. Just so everyone knows, if pros get caught cheating under a contract they can lose there career and possibly be sued

    Pro's arent cheating in League/Lan games, this isn't an opinion its factual

  11. Best cheat for Lan, Streaming, Legit Playing and Videos:

  12. i did everthing when io downloaded this 1337 private hack then? what i can to do for activate this cheat enject dlll or what

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