Danny Hutson

18 thoughts on “King Calaway: Rivers

  1. This song sounds like some generic boy band song I’ve heard before…I can’t remember the name…can anyone help me out?

  2. King Calaway smashed that – great album and so much energy on stage. Credit to the lighting designer and moreover their crew for an epic par can look!

  3. Awesome song!! Band seems to have gelled so much and are performing brilliant tunes like a band that’s been about for years!!
    Well done lads!!

  4. I kind of like this band, but the vocals on this performance are a hot mess. Too many different voices singing the same melody/harmony at times. Have 2-3 people singing at once and make it sound unified and organized. If everyone can play an instrument, there's no need to go full boy band and have everyone singing at the same time.

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