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Keanu Reeves Representing what used to be called the Dominion of Canada, but now is just Canada It’s a… our proud neighbors to the North. Duke Kaboom who was sort of like an Evel Knievel kind of type So No, not at all. He rides a motorcycle So you’re so excited about your character that we’ve heard you hocked on the table at the studio, can you tell us more about that? Yeah, I was at Pixar they were kind of sharing their ideas for the character. They were showing you some concepts ..some, you know, concepts of the character or the motorcycle and I just kind of got inspired And I thought it the character so full of life and I just thought you know, he can’t hate he’s a showman He’s a daredevil. And so when he’s on the bike, I was just like he keeps doing poses, you know, and he can’t stop They put it into the film. So it’s nice But one of the funniest moments that, I don’t want to spoil anything in the movie, but there’s an advertisement that they do which anybody who’s watched a toy advertisement really sums up the character But what’s nice about your character is he’s got a lot of sadness in him too. He’s not just an action guy Yeah, so it was I guess that’s kind of Yeah, so these commercials are saying that Duke Kaboom can do all of these things and then when the kid plays with the toy resume I can’t do all of the things that the commercial says so he’s disappointed and so I kind of let my kid down and so I’m carrying that regret and part of the journey for my character is that I get to, i don’t know, be heroic maybe Now, you love motorcycles yourself I do, yeah -so it was great to see you getting to work with motorcycles in an animated context But you didn’t get to do any of those stunts Did you when you when you did you saw your character rendered for the first time what you look like? Did you did you see any of yourself in that you’re like that? I mean they nailed that little motion. That’s Absolutely not like me. At all All that things? nothing at all? no, I was saying that they took some of the physicality that I’m just talking about through the character and doing the poses and I think it’s really remarkable How kicked and the directors kind of do the physical comedy the emotion and so, for me, I was really happy with what they did with Duke Kaboon. I think people are really gonna embrace your character and your, also, your career always you’re maybe people loved having you in that and now you’ve been dubbed the Internet’s boyfriend. How do we feel about that? I’ve been what? You’ve been dubbed the Internet’s boyfriend. Everyone is just kind of gushing over you on the internet. You didn’t know that yet? No, that’s… Well, the positivity is great, you know, it’s been really -It’s all good things Yeah, yeah. It was really special how John Wick was embraced and work out and always be my maybe great.. Ali Wong, Randall Park, just really wonderful artists and people and it was just really cool to get a chance to play with them You’re really stretching every single acting muscle with all these different projects. What are you looking forward to doing next? Right now it looks like I’m going to hopefully be filming Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3 So I was a role I played a little almost 30 years ago. So… That’ll be hopefully fun, funny. Well, it’s really great that you could spend some time with us. Congratulations this hilarious character a lot of fun. Enjoy the night. Really appreciate this. Thank you. Yeah. Nice to see you

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