Kayhan – Fragman (Official – HD)

OK, son, Godspeed. Thanks, mom. Give me five.
Check it out. In the back. See you, bro. Everyone was so happy
when I told them I’d come to the reunion. -What?
-Kayhan? -You’re joking.
-Kayhan Başaran, the trouble-maker. We’ve reprinted the Class of ’98 yearbook. Oh my God, it is really pretty! -You’re the worst person I know.
-It was a torture because of you! You take the sweet out of a pie. What is this? I won’t die
before I make you pay for this! Revenge! I’ll take my revenge for life. From now on, I’m Kayhan the Evil. I’ll lose my mind, I swear! OK, shut it! Come in! I’ll snap your neck, devil! -Why did you write such things?
-My dear friend from high school! Kayhan? A donkey wearing a suit is still a donkey. -Kayhan?
-What is this? -How should I know?
-The yearbook! -How does your mom tolerate you?
-Why are you getting her involved? -Take a card.
-Let me pass, I’ll let you in. Check it out! Let’s see who the next lucky person is. Wherever you go, I’ll come with you.
From cradle to grave. Was that alive? The poor animal is
swimming towards the exit through all the shit in my intestines. Cemal, enough. If you weren’t the boss
in this cell, I’d headbutt you now. -Give me that!
-OK, deleted! I’ve had enough of you! Instagram is already flooded
with asses and squats. This was nothing. Flex, inject. And the final magic touch. -What is this?
-Pepper spray. -I use it on meals.
-The spray? I like it spicy. I’m an Ankara boy! Ankaragücü, Ankaragücü! Master, do you perform genital cup
and leech cures? And do you do Exorcist stuff? Search him on the internet,
it says “did you mean man?” He’s all over the search engines! Surprise! -Who are they?
-They are my soccermates. God damn it. Another one down. -Kayhan!
-Calm down. Help me! Kayhan, stop! I am trouble! Let’s give you a nice and organic beating. I am the Antichrist! Merve the Baldy! Revenge! -Do you regret doing this?
-I’d do it again. Ercan! -He craves for getting beaten!
-Laugh at this! Kayhan, in theatres on February 9. Welcome. Orçun, let’s leave. -Why?
-I’ve seen a movie. They wear masks and screw each other. Probably, he’ll wear the mask,
she’ll hold us down. Then they will screw us both.

Danny Hutson

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