July 2019 – Our Spending + YouTube Earnings + 7 Weeks in France/Italy

July 2019 – Our Spending + YouTube Earnings + 7 Weeks in France/Italy

hey it’s 10:00 and it’s Amy from go
with Less. welcome to our Channel. we’re glad to see
you. today we’re gonna be talking about our July numbers. we’re talking about our
spending for July. we’re talking about our YouTube earnings for July. and what
we’re gonna throw in is how much we spent on the seven-week trip we just
came back from to France and to Italy. if you’re new to our Channel please be sure
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and with that let’s get going. the second Wednesday of every month
we’re gonna be talking about our numbers. we introduced that back in July and
talking about our June numbers. and this month in August now we’re gonna be
talking about our July numbers. and here’s a really cool thing. our numbers
for July are kind of boring. when you’re talking about spending I think you kind
of want boring number. Darn tootin’. so I hope that you’ll stay tuned because the whole
video isn’t boring but we’re gonna blip right through our spending because it
was kind of reasonable. we talked in that last video that we were over budget and
we were needing to rein it in because we had some outlier expenses. we paid for
insurance, for example, for the whole year in the first half of the year. we paid
for some trip stuff in the second half of the year in the first half of the
year. so things like that we’d already paid for and we’re going to be taking
advantage of that in the second half of the year. so our entire spending for the
month of July everything everything was two thousand five hundred and eighty
four dollars. we’re gonna share how we broke that out. And our largest
expense last month, as you might expect, is going to be travel and that was one
thousand four hundred and thirty nine dollars. and what that includes is
anything to do with us being in Europe, whether that’s dining or entertainment
or any costs that are there, as well as any travel expenses that we’re incurring
real time. so if I buy a plane ticket for next July and it happens in July of this
year then that’s going to be accounted for this year. and just as a note we’re
going to be breaking that travel down in the future until we kind of become
nomadic over the next few months because we’re going to be evolving with breaking
down our travel. we’re not there yet because
still have a home and it’s just a lot to break down. so with that I’m gonna get to
category number two and that is our health. it’s 463 dollars. the majority of
that is our second health care. we have two different kinds of health care plans.
we’re gonna put a video up here about our two different plans. so feel free to
go check that out if you haven’t seen it yet. and it also includes a hundred
dollars a month for our gym. we couldn’t put it on pause and it kind of kills me
because we weren’t at the gym. we weren’t even in the country. but a hundred bucks
for our gym. there you go. our utilities back at home, so back in Colorado, were
our third largest expense. that was three hundred ninety one dollars. and that’s…
we’re paying for things back at home, we’re not even there to take advantage
of them. it’s HOA fees. it’s our gas. it’s our electricity, things like this. so all
those things are accounted for in utilities. and again we’re not there to
even take advantage of the fact that we’re paying for them. that’s exactly right.
now the next category is a little…I’m gonna go with a little embarrassing. I’m gonna…
our YouTube channel, just on a side note, our YouTube channel has pushed me to
reveal things to the public that I never thought that I would. and here you’re
gonna see one coming up. there are two things that I pay quite a bit of money
for. I’m not super price conscious about shoes because I’m walking sometimes ten
miles a day. I have really high arches and I need really quality shoes. so I’m
not so price conscious on shoes and I want really good ones. the second one –
bras. so I bought two very high quality bras about 130, 135 dollars of bras was
in the month of July and that made the entire month of shopping was 186 dollars.
tim bought a couple pairs of shorts while we were on the road. his shorts…Tim
could lost so much weight, I guess. his shorts were gigantic. falling off of him.
so he bought two like lean European shorts. he looks fabulous. oh thank you sweetheart.
our last category is what we’re gonna call other. and this is sort of a
placeholder category for all things that are under $100. so this might be…in
one month, if something’s really large and it’s really small the next month, it
actually might fall in this other category. but we spend one hundred and
five dollars last month in this category and it was primarily was a gift, personal care, a little bit of entertainment. we have like Hulu and Spotify for maybe 11 dollars. that’s
together. so 105 dollars with all that. that was almost entirely a gift was 75
bucks. I’m gonna get into our YouTube revenue for the month of June. we had
earned 310 dollars and I guess you probably would be going up up up. we did
not. we were at 271 dollars in YouTube earnings last month. what I’m thinking
that is is because we had a video go really big. it’s still getting close to a
thousand views every two days, which just blows my mind. but it was even higher a
month ago. so I think that’s why our YouTube earnings are kind of falling
down a little bit. but it was $39 less. two hundred and seventy one dollars. just
as a side note, that meant that the two of us earned about a hundred and thirty
five dollars a month. and that’s a lot of work for 135 bucks a person.
we’re thankfully doing our YouTube channel not for the money. we’re doing it
hopefully to provide some education and entertainment. and by the way we get an
enormous amount of tips and advice from our audience. so extra side note thank
you if you have ever given us tips because we’ve probably taken a lot of
them from our audience. and this leads us to the more exciting piece of our video.
and that is how much we spent on our entire trip. so while the video is July,
our trip was seven weeks. it was a lot more than July, obviously. it started in
the middle of June and went to the beginning of August. it was 49 days. we
started with two weeks in the French Alps, in Crolles. and we left for 11 days
toward parts of Italy and a little bit of France and came back to the house sit
for another three weeks. so when you add in our travel and stuff like that, it
equaled 49 days. that would be seven entire weeks. and let’s share how much
that entire trip was for two people. actually before we do that I’m gonna
talk about – Ooh, teaser!- how I account for the numbers versus how Amy accounts for the
numbers. so I track everything that we spend in quicken. so that those are real
time expenses. Amy tracks everything that we do on a
given trip in a spreadsheet. she does all this manually by hand. and every day we
sit down and talk about the numbers and what we spent for
the day. so everything that I do in Quicken is real time. if we spend a
nickel today for something that’s going to happen in June of next year, that’s
accounted for this month. whereas on the spreadsheet that Amy keeps, if I bought a
ticket for France last year in November, and we ultimately take the flight in
July, she’s gonna account for that in July, where as I accounted for that in
November. if that doesn’t make sense please mention that down below. so I
guess I’m gonna do the big reveal. our seven week trip for two people to Europe
this includes everything from the minute we left our house. that includes getting
to the airport. that includes airfare. everything was three thousand…it was
basically $3,300. so three thousand three hundred and four dollars and 53 cents,
we’re gonna call that $3,300. which is sixty six dollars and nine cents a day
for the two of us. certainly house sitting was a massive win on this
one but we used award travel all the way through. we had free tickets to get
to and from Europe and we didn’t use a lot of points. we only used sixty
thousand points each person. we went in high season but we were able to find
value pricing, because even though we’re using free Awards we still want to get a
really good Redemption. we don’t wanna blow them more than we need to because
we want to be able to go as often as we can. so we’re really careful with our
points and I was able to find some good value flights and as well as some hotels.
yes. and then that was the flight. and then we also had a whole bunch of
free nights at hotels. we had three free nights in Milan. we had three free nights
in Turin Italy.we had a couple free nights at the end in Lyon France.
all thanks to credit card award points. and I’m gonna put up a video here. if you
haven’t, if you’re in the u.s., you haven’t done the whole credit card thing?
or you’re ready to get a new credit card? we’re working with our friend Zac over at
Travel freely. a video’s up here about it. if you were like “how are they getting
all this free travel?”. it is from award travel and credit cards and travel
freely helps us do that. so here we go up here. but what we’re estimating is that
we saved about 85 hundred dollars just over $8,500 thanks
to like hacking. that would include staying at a house sit. that would include
our flights and things that we told you about.
so something also we’ve said in the past that a house sit is the ultimate travel
hack. and we are sort of changing our thinking on that. we still believe it is
the ultimate travel hack, however – for us – however there’s something that comes
along when you think about a travel hack a lot of people put it out there like
this is a free hotel stay. house-sitting is nothing like that. house-sitting
implies that you are you’re responsible for making sure that the home owners
have peace of mind while they’re away or at least that’s the way we approach it.
so it’s not just a free place to stay. that’s right. so we still like it as a
travel hack because we travel and we use house-sitting but it isn’t a traditional
travel hack. let’s just call it that. yeah. so next week…I’m gonna give a
little teaser. I don’t know that I’ve done this too often on our channel. what
we’re talking about next week – and sometimes it doesn’t work out and we
talk about something different, because we don’t record these far in advance. or
really let’s just be honest, we really only record these sometimes a day or
two in advance – but anyway, what we’re planning to talk about next week is why
get rid of our home, and what went into getting rid of our home when we’re
getting ready to be full-time nomads. we get this this is kind of like a question
/ like amazement from people – “like you’re getting rid of your home? I could never
do that!”. so we’re gonna be talking about that because we did learn quite a bit
this summer about where we are on this and I think that there’s a little bit of
mixed feelings. so I hope that you will stay tuned to that next week. again, as
Tim mentioned, please subscribe down below. ring the bell so you’re notified.
give us a thumbs up. we’ll see you next Wednesday. Adios!

Danny Hutson

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