Job Roles For Radio Jockey – Radio,RJ,DJ,All India Radio

Job Roles For Radio Jockey – Radio,RJ,DJ,All India Radio

Hello All..This is Akansha from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the job role of a Radio Jockey everyone of us have in a wish to be a Radio Jockey and we might have imitated them in front of our mirrors But do you people know what does a RJ do ? well lets check it out Radio jockeys are also known as radio DJ’s are
ones who work for a number of public as well as private radio stations and streaming internet
sites. They use varied sound equipment’s which helps them make varied kind of music.
At time of promotional events or broadcasts these RJ interact with the public. It is really
a fun and rewarding career as a radio jockey. Multi-tasking and time management is more
important for a radio jockey. More over a lovely speaking voice, music genres data,
flexibility and skill to work for various shifts is necessary aspects for radio jockey
candidates. There is no specific educational qualification
for a radio jockey but a standard degree or degree in audio engineering can be an added
beneficial factor. Report from Bureau of labor statistics states there would be an exceptional
growth during the period 2012-2022 in radio jockey careers. Students passed out from college
with degree from communication and broadcasting and journalism can gain the opportunity as
a radio jockey quite easily. These radio jockeys receive a salary for Rs 7000 to 15000 initially,
whereas software producing companies pay 2500 Rs per show. Once experience is gained, the
salary for radio jockey doubles where they can earn an amount of Rs 15000 to Rs 85000
per month. The best of radio jockeys is that apart from salary they can also earn from
ad commercials. Voice overs for television and radio commercials are another way to earn
more. Rs 2000 to 3000 can be earned per hour by accomplishing Indian shows on foreign radio.
In the same manner, radio broadcasting on the net is another added advantage where Rs
40,000 to 50,000 per month can be earned. A few radio channels that recruit Radio jockeys
are • Suriyan FM
• Radio Mantra 91.9FM • 10X radio
• Tech zone • Radio mirchi 98.3 FM
• Geohomz developers India Private Ltd • Music broadcast private limited
• Networker bulls eye These are a few radio channels which recruit
radio jockeys in the same manner there are few channels like
• entertainment network India limited, • All India Radio
• Akashavaani, • Delhi university educational radio
• Vividh Bharati online Which are few government radio stations which
can be a better option for stable job and good salary, there are many candidates who
have an ear for music and jump into this field to be a radio jockey. The way with words is
important for any radio jockey. The pleasant voice with a sweet and smile tone grabs in
more audience for any program. An endearing manner in conveying messages is required by
a radio jockey to make the work more colorful and interesting. Every radio jockey enjoys
their job as there is no stress, strain or deadline for completing assignment. Music
is around which makes the people on job and also the listeners with various stress to
get relieved from the same. A good sense of humor and alertness throughout
the show can make your show a successful. Getting a career as a radio jockey is fun
and enthralling and a satisfactory job for ones who love music. So come out guys build a great career in this wish you good luck we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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  1. check out my popularity on social media as RJ Rohit Dhawan but not professionally but as a choice. I am the superstar in the world.

  2. Hlo mam I gave my exam passed out from class 12th I want to become rj coz I have sweat voice as well as I m funny too and I have the sence to talk with differ way and manner with other peoples I really like to ask questions and to entertain the audience

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