Java web app tutorial series intro

Java web app tutorial series intro

Hi my name is Marcus I’m the head of the
community over here at Vaadin. And welcome to our course on building web apps in
Java. In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to build a
modern full stack web application all in Java. The course is designed for
developers who already know Java from before, however, you should be able to
follow along just fine if you’re new to Java – just be ready to look up some of
the concepts that may be new to you as we go along. We’ll walk you through how
to install your development environment and all the tools that you need so you
can follow along no matter what your previous skill set is. In this tutorial
we’ll focus on the practical real-life skills that you need when building
applications. To do that we’re going to build an application from scratch step
by step until we have a production ready app that we can deploy into the cloud.
The application that we’re going to build will have: a login screen, a mobile
friendly responsive layout a view for listing and editing contacts that we’ve
stored in a database, a dashboard view for showing stats, and tests for both the
logic and the UI code. We’ll even make the application installable by turning
it into a progressive web application. And finally we’re going to show you how
to deploy the application to a cloud provider. We’re using Spring Boot for
the backend of our application and Vaadin for the front-end. Both of these
frameworks focus on one thing and that’s developer productivity, so when you’re
using them together you’re going to get a really nice experience that I think
you’ll love. You can find a text version of this tutorial on along with
a PDF download. You can find a link to those in the show notes below. Be sure to
subscribe to our channel and enable the notifications so that you don’t miss any
of the cool new stuff that we have coming out! I hope you’re excited to
start learning, I’ll see in the first video!

Danny Hutson

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