Danny Hutson


  1. I love how Jake talks about Shane and the document… Also Logan, even tho in the document they talked about him a little negative way(justified tho)

  2. i dont rlly watch logans videos on his main channel so aside from all the controversy that had to do with him straight up i just know this side of him and he seems rlly intuitive and understanding idk he should show this version of himself more

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  4. Jesus, Jake Paul is like 20 years old and is already battling weight issues with his party lifestyle. He will be a 270 lb type 2 diabetic by age 45 at this rate.

  5. It's pretty sad how these two other guys with the Paul brothers have their own youtube channels and can barely scratch the surface of how many subscribers Jake and Logan have. How hard can it be to grow your channel substantially when your living off their fame?

  6. Yes i do want to see Logan and Jake just for the least spar (but you can box foreal)
    but to choose who would win i love jakes confidence but also logan did give that big russian guy a short memory loss

  7. i’m a little late but i feel like jake and logan have involved from shane dawson and the podcast like how do you hate them anymore

  8. Lmao Logan and Jake would never have a boxing match because I don’t think they can physically hurt eachother that bad uk. I mean at the of the day they’re brothers.

  9. I think Jake says like so much cuz it's a form of mind control he says like so many times that it gets in your brain that makes you like the video

  10. I think Logan is a biological/synthetic clone of Jake. Explains why he has no emotions. Disney is more sinister than people know. Google MK-Ultra. The reason Disney stars go crazy is because their programming wears off. Prime example = Brittney Spears. And if you think cloning isn't possible, you're ignorant. They already cloned Dolly the sheep, and human cloning is also possible, but I think the elites worry about what the society would think of their ethics. So they keep it hush hush. And rich celebs can purchase a clone for use in case of emergency medical situations. Like a heart transplant in needed, or liver, etc etc.

  11. Jake…. awesome
    Logan….. awesome
    Mike …… love him
    Spencer …… needs some work ?
    Seriously tho I watched the whole thing and was entertained the entire time! Good job doing your job right. I think some people don’t look at YouTube as being your job but it’s how you make a living and you love what you do so I look up to you all in that way.

  12. enjoyed this podcast i have anixty and depression and low self esteem its a struggle each day so i understand i dont really leave the house now coz of it so i like that you are open about it x

  13. Mike is fine most of the time
    But when he won’t shut the fuck up and interrupts people he is so annoying… especially in the most recent episode with Dr. Greer.. let the man speak! You would be way more likable dude..

  14. I love Jake, I really do. But I don’t think music is his shit. He has difficulty just staying on the beat, when he’s rapping he always breaks up syllables awkwardly. I’m not saying he couldn’t do it and be very successful, because he is very determined, but he really needs to work with a vocal coach…Sorry dude.

  15. Does anyone else get pissed when you tubers say “my audience is really young”? Dude…I’m 28 and I still watch Jake & Logan…

  16. I remember when y’all started vine and had like 200 followers along with Bach and would share my videos ? y’all didn’t even have youtube and vine shut down and y’all announced and made the decision to start youtube

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