ISPs Slowing Down Speeds – The Fight For The Future Of The Internet

so have you ever wondered why the
Internet’s been slowing down recently well here is why the five big US providers are slowing down the internet
access until they get more money yes indeed is chewing is a
whole bunch the sciences whole thing arm into what they basically do with at
nighttime if you notice your into the lot faster because there’s less traffic on the band with I’m not a scientist so
don’t ask me to explain this but on the sort of to that produce information between
level Level 3’s or what they’re called raise
the level of congestion between level 3 are and the large America Internet
service providers and move the National a lot faster by in
the day time you realize it gets slow there’s people having hard time connecting
there’s you know loss rates are high when it comes to Netflix a crashing
Skype crashing you to crashing and here’s why they do it right they do
because they want like they want more money cuz im think about
it you’re already paying for the service right you’re paying for the broadband service and because they’re is a lot of these
companies they exist in these markets by themselves for example bro I live comcast is sort of a
monopolized my particular area and other places RNs the other places my
peacocks AT&T year who however I want to monopolize the area they
control how the in and how that area receives internet right I’m so customers that are
suffering from congestion permanently from as you for years and years and
years and years and years almond sold in order to solve the old
ways to pay more and get more speed right but the speed is already been
there they just lowered down so you can be
forced to get more speed in some sort of really sick twisted company trying to get back at you typeof
way you know that slides though my Comcast and the right awful customer
service guys add not to bash Comcast but I’m
pretty sure I’ll get an additional 30 views on YouTube for talking about how of all Comcast
customer services every time you call Comcast I you know
what I want to do a time when you think about this a
YouTube video where I get onto I we ko Cup Comcast to our sound sound board and we see how long it takes me to get
an answer and you might issue resolved by calling 1 800 Comcast or one the X 1080 colleges never happened there the slowest by far the slows down when
you callin and you called the wrong number you’d
get transferred to somebody else the person can solve your issue there
clearly knew like everybody a Comcast is new its of all absolutely of all comcast is by far the worst
customer service and although the total tangent but I thought both well that are
watching this on listening to this agree with me if I thought I would say
it well here home now

Danny Hutson

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