ISPs can now sell your data without permission

ISPs can now sell your data without permission

Hey, Donald Trump and the Republicans in congress
just passed a bill that lets internet providers sell your data without permission. The bill overturns a rule passed under the
Obama administration which required Internet Service Providers to actually ask for your
permission before they sell all your data. It also required ISPs to protect all your
data from hackers and inform customers of any breaches. This is pretty simple stuff, just look at
this bill. Who would vote against this? But the Republicans just erased it. No one likes this! Even the comments section on Breitbart thinks
it’s stupid. So, why and how did it happen? Well, ISPs hate that companies like Google
and Facebook can use your data and make a ton of money by selling advertising. This new bill will make it easier for ISPs
to run those same kinds of ad networks. ISPs spend a lot of money lobbying Congress,
and the Republicans in congress seemingly bought into the idea that ISPs and Google
should be subject to the same kinds of regulations. But that argument is extremely misleading,
if not straight up wrong: Google and Facebook can’t see your entire web browsing history
— they can only see what you click on while you’re using their services or websites
connected to their ad networks. And Google and Facebook provide you with valuable
free services in exchange for that advertising. Well, “valuable” And if you don’t think Google and Facebook
are valuable or you hate their data policies, you don’t have to use them. But you pay for internet service. You pay for it! And internet providers get to see almost everything
you do online because it’s their pipes. And most people in America don’t have any
choice between broadband providers — if you hate what your ISP is doing with your
data, competition isn’t just another click isn’t just another click away. It might not even exist. Look, if AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast want to have big ad-based businesses, they already can. They can take their huge profits and invest
in building services that are just as valuable to people as Google and Facebook, and I’m
sure a lot of people will gladly hand over their data if those things are valuable enough. But that’s hard work, and ISPs don’t want
to do it. They just want to scoop up the data they already
have and sell it without giving anything back. You’ll basically paying them to eventually
sell your information. And make no mistake: all of these ISPs think
selling ads on the internet is a huge part of their future — they’re all trying to
control both the pipes and the media that flows over them. Just follow the billion-dollar deal trail:
AT&T bought DirecTV and is working on buying Time Warner. Comcast bought NBC Universal. By the way, NBCUniversal is an investor in
Vox Media, which owns the Verge. So, hi guys! Sorry about the video. We’re gonna keep going offscreen: clap real quick. [clap] AT&T literally trialed a plan where it charged
internet customers an additional $25 a month to opt-out of ad tracking! This is ridiculous. But here’s the big one: Verizon bought AOL
and Yahoo, and the company’s explicit plan is to use AOL’s ad tech and Yahoo’s scale
to become a major advertising competitor to Google and Facebook. Verizon also modifies every packet you send
over its network with tracking information — They call them super cookies, which is
very cute but still evil — and the company got in trouble over them a while ago. and
it’s all still there unless you go and turn it off. Under the new bill, the road is clear for
Verizon to combine the tracking technology in its network with the advertising technology
it bought from AOL and Yahoo to create an ad-tracking juggernaut. And your prices aren’t going to go down
when this happens. Your prices never go down. That’s not how this works, no matter what
they promise you. Oh hey, just as an aside, did you know FCC
Chairman Ajit Pai was Verizon’s associate general counsel for two years before entering
the government? What a surprise.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “ISPs can now sell your data without permission

  1. This is fake news.
    The dems passed this bill in October, 1 month before the election. If they cared so much why did they wait till the very last second to get this passed? Everybody knows that those last-minute bills get overturned if the other side wins.

    The real goal of the bill was this. To make the republicans look bad and have some ammo for the left wing media when they inevitably overturn it.

  2. ISPs can sell "my" data??

    got a caveat for that amerocentric faggotry?? you know theres 1.5 billion english speakers in the world yeah?? the whole worlds online and some of us have much better internet then your shitty country?

    or do you straight up not care to cater to the vast majority of your potential audience??

    actually, that sounds plausible for an american.

  3. On another note, didnt the US implement net neutrality awhile back. Is this in anyway related to that. Just asking an honest question here

  4. Hi from Canada, you know, where I get gigabit internet over fiber, no tracking nor throttling… Sorry for you USA. Well at least I guess it's gonna be profitable for the VPN market!

  5. The solution is not vpn. Do people really believe everyone onows how to set it up and pay extra for a good vpn connection? The swamp should have been drained but now in nearly all departments it is beeing let in and bought by the industries.
    People have to protest for tgeir rights to protect their data. If connections were free, selling data would be okay but we pay for that privacy…

  6. This is one of those things that will increase the chances for our "lovely" internet providers here in Europe to do exactly the same thing.
    That is why we should react NOW and not when it's to late!
    Come on people STOP fighting about the this and that, previous elections and country lines. This is is a concern for everyone!
    Provide your care for our integrity and future!

  7. So what? Google and many other tech companies also sell our data. Now ISPs are on the same playing field as those companies, which is the fair thing to do. Don't like it? Boycott the companies that do sell your data. Many ISPs already came out and said that they won't do it anyways.

  8. So you pay the ISP for call minutes and data bundles without discount. But they still will sell your privacy data?Strange world. I also read USA wants your password for social media if you want to visit USA

  9. unlucky America, hopefully you'll be able to have privacy again sometime after the next 4 years (or maybe 8)

  10. Alright, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about VPNs in the comments.

    First: Does a VPN help against the consequences of this bill? YES!

    Why? When you're connecting to your VPN, your data is encrypted while travelling from your PC to the VPN provider and back. If it's a good VPN its close to impossible to crack the encryption (look up RSA and AES). All your ISP sees is the encrypted traffic between you and the VPN-Server. And if the Server is outside of the USA your ISP has no way telling what you are doing online.

    And if you are connecting to a domestic VPN-server? Even then the ISP has loads of difficulties telling what you are doing, because there are hundreds of other people also connected to that VPN server. The ISP sees the encrypted and thus unreadable traffic from numerous people enter the server and all the unencrypted traffic leaving it, but it cannot tell which bit of traffic belongs to which user.

    So are VPNs a perfect solution? NO!

    Why? Because you still have to trust your VPN-Provider to respect your privacy. Instead of your ISP your VPN-Provider handles your internet traffic. In a worst-case scenario you've just migrated the problem from your ISP to your VPN. Its not easy to find a trustworthy vpn and its going to cost you money, because its almost guaranteed that a free VPN is going to sell you out (even that Opera-VPN integrated into your browser). So take some money and look for "". Its an unbiased comparison of nearly every VPN out there.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Soooooo. Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt Facebook and Google trying to become internet providers? BUT ISP can't become advertisers ?

  12. It's dumb, but you have to correctly describe what's going on here.

    The rule protecting your data never went into effect. Congress didn't revoke anything. It's the same way it's been all along.

  13. tbh though longterm this provides incentive for smaller ISPs to grow. The big guys are cheering now but when smaller ISPSs create package deals with contracts ensuring they will not sell your info that are cheaper than the big greedy ISPs it's gonna be funny how untapped markets will arise from graves. I mean I still don''t support this but I don't entirely disagree with it, I mean to begin with people are acting like they care when in reality it's fear mongering to say the least. Republicans are usually guilty of fear mongering at this time but everyone in general is just being a fool. The issue isn't what they do with your info, if you're afraid of companies reading your history well i'm sorry that's already happening. There isn't a sort of catastrophic consequentialism to this.

  14. oooh you're owned by Vox media. it all makes sense now. Spreading your blatant left agenda far and wide. thank you so much for being Unbiased. ????

  15. Suggestion: Just use Ad-Block and or Ghostery; it helped out. (Don't forget to support contact creators, streamers, website etc.) VPN are good to just do your research before using one.

  16. What makes all of this worse is that there's not much we can do about this. Trump is literally destroying any good thing that the Obama administration has done, and things are only going to get worse from here.

  17. So as you presented comments on your ridiculous video against vaping, you get my comment here: Learn the facts before telling smokers they should quit (which they can't often enough) instead to choose the less harmful alternative of vaping. You are actually endangering the lives of people by posting non founded fake news. At least you should show some cojones and put your video down!

  18. I must say that you over simplify the topic when it comes to Google and Facebook. One might like to think that they have the choice to opt-out of Google and Facebook's advertising network. However, one cannot simply avoid being a viewer on their network. Regardless of whether you have an account with these services, they still track your activity online using information they do know about you (typically cookies or IP address). So to say that opting out of their services is easy is not necessarily the case.

  19. I'm pretty pissed you guys didn't cover this sooner. This was big news weeks ago but no one was taking notice in the media, and you guys just this week posted this video after the law was already signed. I feel you guys have a responsibility to cover these major events, and I really feel like you guys dropped the ball here. Net neutrality needs all the help it can get, but we can't do anything about it if we're not made aware in time to actually do something about it, and you guys are a megaphone to advocate for net neutrality.

  20. Hey you look like an uneducated douchebag that blocks comments on videos that are totally misleading to the community. although your getting my one view I'm also giving you a dislike and flag on all your videos. You don't deserve to be on YouTube.

  21. The law Obama signed 4 months before leaving office never went into effect. So nothing changed. They have always been able to do this and will simply continue doing so.

  22. you suck man!!!! your very misleading , you should take your "vaping is bad for you" down. people will see this video that smoke and won't give vaping a chance thanks to you. I've been cig free now for over 2 years because of vaping!!!° and you disable comments on that video because you can't face the people you've pissed off!? c'mon man, do the right thing!

  23. comments were turned off on the vapeing isnt cool video that was posted so ima leave my Comment here ur miss use of information and constant need to contradict ur self makes u look stupid u need take the video down and not talk about vapeing unless ur gonna say facts not ur opinion on why u think it's bad for people

  24. If I'm paying my ISP for internet service while they are making money off MY data, I expect compensation in the form of a check or a reduction in my bill.

    Thank [insert deity of choice here] for VPN. So glad I can shove it to my ISP or at least make it harder for them to manipulate my browsing pattern. I'd expect a boom in the VPN industry in the coming months; if it hasn't already happened.

    Go for a VPN/browser combo that doesn't track or log your connectivity information. That way, there's nothing to go on. Oh, install an ad-blocker too. In a sense, that's like advertisers are blindly wasting their money on your ISP while getting no return out of it.

  25. Thank you for keeping us informed and for continuing to fight for this issue. Seems like you guys are the only ones talking about it. I love the rants!

  26. well ummm since we pay google etc with our data and the service is free

  27. Here's wanted to read this:

    Besides, you wanted to become a victim of identity theft if ISP selling your private data, right?

  28. I would probably do the same thing Trump has done. He's cutting bills with injected pork by previous lawmakers and creating new ones without it. The media doesn't report the why. They just report the action, and all of you are falling for it.

  29. So forget the fact that YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE, APPLE, SAMSUNG, AMAZON and every other company does it already, lets focus on the ISPs that have to maintain the infrastructures that allow any of these businesses to actually operate…

  30. The FCC under Ajit Pai is also about to utterly gut net neutrality consumer protections on December 12. The open and free internet is about to become anything but. I hope netizens come out in full force to make this a high profile issue before it happens, corporate overreach is literally going bonkers this year.

  31. Are you kidding. ISPs have had access to sell your information for a while now, including browsing history, app usage data, location information, all without users' consent.

  32. Why is everyone saying bad things about Trump but nothing was said about Clinton & Obama. They done bad stuff but nothing was said or done. Its because Trump is trying to make America Great Agsin so everyone is trying to get Trump impeach. Everyone needs to wake up & smell the coffee.

  33. I don't understand what people are doing with my info though? Like why is it bad that they are selling my info? I know I sound naive or stupid but I'm genuinely curious as to all aspects of why it's bad they sell my info

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