Is Teal Swan an Online Cult or Not?

Is Teal Swan an Online Cult or Not?

Is Teal Swan an Online Cult or Not? In today’s world, there’s a lot of fear about cults and understandably so, because in the past we’ve had more than a few seriously tragic incidents involving them. But this has led to a kind
of a collective paranoia which makes it so that
people throw the word cult and cult leader around like a subjective catch-all term. this paranoia has in fact led to people accusing me of being a cult leader and the people who follow
my material of being a cult. That’s a very serious thing to say. It’s something most people
don’t really understand when they’re saying it. And therefore they don’t
understand the seriousness. Now for this reason I want to address this fear that people have, I want to address these
accusations head-on, so that I can hopefully,
put some of your fears to rest. The fact that the word cult has become such a
subjective catch-all term, makes having a rational
conversation around cults pretty difficult. Now, cult originally, was not a derogatory term. It didn’t actually have any
negative connotations. But like with a lot of language, it does today. Cult used to be simply a word that was used to describe a
group of religious people. In the 1900s it became a term to describe a group of people who demonstrated excessive
religious devotion. Now it’s a derogatory term used as an attacking ad hominem to discredit, invalidate and dehumanize spiritual or religious groups. People use the word loosely
and flippantly as an insult, not knowing just how serious
an accusation this really is. In today’s world, if all it takes to be a cult leader is to have a devoted
following on social media and therefore lots of influence
on public opinion, then every celebrity could be accused of being one. When most people are using
the term cult or cult leader, they’re not actually working
with a solid definition or even a solid list of criteria. Instead they’re using feeling, or association. This is very slippery territory. And this slippery territory, we found out during the witch trials. Back, then we found out
just how dangerous it was when we didn’t have
proof, only accusations. As we know from back then, the feelings and associations that made someone convinced
that a person was a witch, where usually not based on anything
other than a person’s own insecurities. For example, Let’s say a male judge was threatened by the idea
of a female in power, he would condemn a woman as a witch, when she tried to change the law
regarding inheritance and land tenure. We have to be very very careful, that this paranoid that we feel towards cults and cult leaders does not turn into a
modern-day witch hunt. For this reason, for the sake of this conversation I’m going to use an established
and widely accepted list of criteria for cults, as the basis of our conversation. The first thing to understand before I go any further, I am a personal
transformation revolutionary. I am not a cult leader. Teal tribe is a shared
personal growth community based on the information in the material that I create. Teal tribe is not a cult. Two PhDs, Yaya knowledge and Michael D Lanigan in association with the ICSA, created a cult checklist. A way to tell if a group
is in fact a cult or not. I’m gonna focus on their assessment for the sake of this discussion. The following list is a collection
of behavioral patterns that are commonly found
in cultic environments. 1. The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and whether he is alive or dead, regards his belief system,
ideology and practices as law. I ask that people have unwavering
commitment to themselves. And part of this, which is a cornerstone of
everything that I teach, is in fact questioning. Unless you are questioning things, including yourself,
most especially yourself, and the things that you’re learning, there’s no way to find out
what is true for your personally, and so there’s no way to
actually build a life for yourself that is in alignment with your authentic truth. On top of this, I offer my perspectives as perspectives, not as law. 2. Questioning, doubt and dissent
are discouraged or even punished. I encourage questioning. Questioning is in fact, what I’m all about. My series, ask Teal, it’s all about questioning me on stage. It’s all about questioning. On top of this, I find doubt actually to be quite healthy. Doubt is going to be the basis for personal expansion. Doubt is a necessary condition for finding one’s personal truth. Descent does not lead to punishment. There are people who are
perfectly welcome in this group, that I have, of people who follow my material, even if their opinion differs from mine. And if you spend time in
my forums long enough, you’ll see that this is the case. Often times there is
conflicting viewpoints. Now, it’s my belief that conflicting viewpoints actually leads us to higher truth, when we’re able to have a
constructive conversation about it. 3. Mind-altering practices are used in excess and served to suppress doubts
about the group and its leaders. No consciousness altering states are encouraged by me or used by people who follow my material, for the purpose of suppressing. Why? Because suppression is something
that I actively teach against. All of the practices, tools and processes which I teach, are designed specifically for the opposite of suppression. They are designed specifically to help somebody find things like: freedom. peace, clarity, health and authenticity. 4. The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think act and feel. For example, members must get permission to date, permission to change jobs, permission to marry or leaders prescribe what
types of clothes to wear, where they can live and can’t live, whether or not to have children and so forth. Like every other person, I have ideas and opinions about what the healthiest
thing for people to do and to think is. Like every other spiritual leader, my opinion is in fact the cornerstone of my entire career. That being said, they are perspectives. That being said, nobody is required or pressured into following what my advice is. It is an offering. It is a decision that people make, whether to pick up what
I’ve said and adopt it, or not. If people are trying to force
themselves to do something that’s not in alignment with
their own personal truth, or they’ve got resistance to it, then that’s bulldozing, which is another thing
that I teach against. So it’s not healthy if somebody’s dictating the
way something should be, to just go and alignment with that
if it doesn’t feel good to you to do. I don’t tell people who to date, who to marry, they don’t need my
permission for any of this. I don’t tell them what job
they can have or not have, I don’t tell them whether they
can or can’t have children. People who are following my material, have their own lives to live. They get to make their own decisions. I don’t even tell people
what their purpose is, even when they ask me. If people ask for my opinion, I will give it to them. I will give it strongly. It is then their decision whether to adopt that opinion, or not. My overall intention if you follow
my material long enough, is for people to really
own their own free will and to learn to govern themselves. Feeling like somebody needs permission, is an opposition to this concept, in the first place. 5. The group is elitist, claiming a special exalted
status for itself, its leaders and members. For example, the leader is
considered the Messiah, a special being, an avatar. Or the group and/or, the leader is on a special mission to save humanity. I think all people alive today, regardless of whether or
not they are associated with my material or not, whether they’ve even
heard of me or not, have an incredibly very very special role to play in the overall health, well-being and ultimately survival of the human race. Because of this, all people on earth are special, because they have this
very special role to play in that overall picture of health of human life on Earth. I am playing one of these special roles. 6. The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict
in the wider society. I am NOT alone in recognizing that there are some very
important things about society, which have to change in order for human life and every other form of life on earth, to be in a state of well-being. I’m dedicated to making these changes. I want people to make these changes. If there isn’t some kind of evolution within society and the world
itself with each generation, what are we doing here? That being said, an us-versus-them mentality is the exact opposite of what I teach. Why? Because I teach oneness and I teach integration. Integration is the exact opposite of us versus them. My ultimate vision for Humanity is that we as people are able to take an integrative multi-perspective approach to all of the problems within society. 7. The leader is not accountable to any authorities. Ulike for example, teachers, military commanders or ministers. In coming to deeply
understand people’s fear around cults and religions, actually. I’ve actually found out
that it is this point, that creates perhaps the
most amount of fear in the human mind. The idea of checks and balances makes people feel safe. When people feel they have
less power than someone else, they immediately imagine that
their only way of ensuring safety, relative to that person, is to know that someone else or multiple people with
equal or greater power, can reduce that person’s power or take it away entirely. Everyone is accountable to something or someone, who could be seen as having
more authority in a situation, than they do. That includes me. I’m not exempt from the law. Contrary to what most
people would imagine, I don’t consider myself
the ultimate authority. And interestingly enough, I base a lot of authority in any given situation, on excellence. Anytime somebody has a
high degree of excellence in an area, technically they have more power than other people in that area. So let’s say in my own
company, for example. Let’s say that I have a COO who is always no matter
how hard I ever try, going to be better at accounting. Then when it comes to accounting, he’s gonna hold the
authority about accounting. If I walk into a room with a surgeon, it’s not me that’s gonna have control over what happens in that room, it’s the surgeon. What I think is important is that people really own
the authority they do have and recognize where they
don’t have the authority. 8. The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends, justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered
reprehensible or unethical before joining the group. For example, lying to family and friends or collecting money for bogus charities. If somebody feels like something they are
doing is reprehensible or unethical or out of alignment with who they are, they shouldn’t do it. That is a personal message from
your own guidance system saying: “This is a no for you.” No ends justify a loss
of personal integrity. None whatsoever. I find this particular item
on this list of criteria ironic. Because it is the fact
that I encourage honesty with one’s family and friends that causes so much of the conflict between people and their family and friends. ~ Laughter ~ My ultimate goal is to help people to really get in touch with
what their personal truth is. If their personal truth is: “I don’t want to even be spiritual.” “I don’t even care about it.” “I’m just doing it to try to fix myself.” “I just want to go be a car mechanic.” I’m going to help that person make that decision. Here’s where things
go a little bit haywire. When somebody starts to
find their own authenticity, they start to recognize
the places in their life where they’re not being authentic, because they’re afraid that doing
so would cause them to lose Relationships. Right? So like let’s say you’ve got mom or dad really wants
the kid to be a tennis player. They find that their authenticity is really not to be a tennis player. How do you think mom
and dad are gonna feel? If it’s an enmeshed and unhealthy dynamic and relationship mom and dad are gonna
be super super angry that that person attended
the Teal Swan event, and decided they didn’t want to do tennis. In fact instead of accepting that
that’s the truth of their child, they’re gonna suddenly
have an issue with me. Anytime somebody comes
into a space of authenticity, it’s gonna cause a shift in their social systems. Family systems, friends systems, co-working systems. That’s because they’re interdependent. A change in one causes a ripple
effect of change in the rest. And I will be honest with you, social systems are highly
resistant to change. 9. The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt, in order to influence
and/or control members. Often this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion. My vision for those who
follow my material, is that they will be healing
and support oriented. Of course, I can’t completely control whether or not people
who follow my material are going to align with that
core intention of mine. It is my intention also, that everyone who follows my material, finds their free will and
helps other people to find their own. That being said, I do not see how shame or guilt can actually create any positive changes in somebody’s life. Because free will is such an important part of my core message, I don’t personally condone anybody who is succumbing to peer pressure or using peer pressure as a method of trying to create cohesion in a social group. Guilt and shame are not tools to be used in an authenticity based community. Why? Because those tools are in and of themselves an oppositional force to authenticity. That being said, it is quite common when
people have conversations, whether they’re in person or
take place on a public forum, that when somebody says something, even if it’s not to directly
shame someone, someone may feel shame, because of reading it. So it’s very important to clearly distinguish between someone actually shaming you, and feeling shame in response to something
somebody has said. 10. Subservience to the leader or group requires members to cut ties
with family and friends and radically alter the personal goals and activities they had
before joining the group. I teach people to question everything, listen to their own
internal guidance system, be honest with themselves, become their real authentic self, explore their shadows, set themselves free from fears and own their own life to the degree that they can fully live it. My vision is multi-generational healing. If people who follow my material decide to cut ties with
anyone in their life, it is because they themselves have decided that that
is the very best thing that they can do for the sake
of their own best interests. It will be interesting for
those of you to know, that even though when somebody
makes that decision for themselves, I’m not going to get in
the way of that decision. A part of me always feel sad when people make that decision. Why? Because it takes this potential of
multi-generational healing or collective healing, off the table. If you follow my material you do not have to cut ties with anyone. I’m going to show you
the negative patterns that you have with anyone in your life, but it’s ultimately your decision
whether to maintain those patterns, whether to keep that person in
your life, whether or not to. That it’s completely
and totally up to you. It is not a requirement
to cut ties with anyone, to be following my material. Also, you don’t have to
radically alter your goals before and after you join up with the group of people
who follow my material. There’s no reason for this. I want you to be authentic. If it’s authentic for you
to bake pies all day long, and your ultimate goal is to
get some award in pie baking, I’m not going to tell you there’s
a higher goal to go for. I’m gonna continue to encourage you in the direction of your
own personal desires and what feels the most authentic to you. You will be asked to reevaluate your life. Because reevaluation and the changes that naturally
occur during a spiritual metamorphosis or healing cycle, may reveal to you personally that making changes in your life is in alignment with your highest good. I would assume that if you’re even
listening to my material you’re looking for a life change. But because it’s not a
requirement in any way, any life changes you make, are entirely left up to you, the individual. 11. The group is preoccupied with
bringing in new members. In my experience, the people who follow my material being the people who watch
my videos, read my books, attend seminars or consider
themselves members of teal tribe, are not preoccupied at all
with bringing in new members. If anything, they’re a little
bit distrustful of doing so. What they’re preoccupied with is their own healing. Now if people are sharing my material, which is very different than
trying to procure new members, if they’re sharing my material the reason for that is usually because people want validation
for what they’re doing. They don’t want to go on this
healing journey by themselves. And also there’s a lot
of people in their life they may think might benefit by what I’m saying, the things I’m teaching, the processes that I’m showing people. You really do need to get that sharing content is very different than attempting to recruit people. On a personal note, I would selfishly hope that the quality of my material would be high enough to inspire people to subscribe to my channels, to share my material and to connect with each other. ~ Laughter ~ There’s no need to convert people, when something feels good or when something has
enough obvious value. 12. The group is preoccupied
with making money. My company is a for-profit company. That being said, finances is not the central
theme of my career. If it was, I wouldn’t be making so much free content. I also wouldn’t be giving so
much volunteer opportunity and so many scholarships. The people who follow my material do not try to make money for myself or for anybody associated with this, including the teal tribe. Because they have their own lives to live. Everyone who’s associated
with me in any way has their own careers, has their own families, has their own bills to pay. No one is required to give money to be anything that I do. The person can decide that they don’t want to spend
any money on any of it. And what they can do is simply
watch it the free content that I put out every single week. If you actually looked at all the
free content I have on the Internet, you’d be there for weeks upon
weeks upon weeks upon weeks, just learning all there is
that I’ve made available. Now if somebody decides
that they want to participate in one of the events or one of the products that I may offer, it’s gonna be the same as an evaluation of whether somebody’s going to spend
money on anything in the marketplace. It’s about whether it has
enough value to you. And like I said, if somebody really lacks the finances, they’re encouraged to contact us to try to work out some way
or some arrangement, that they can attend, despite feeling like they
have a lack of resources. I also have to make it clear that there’s no membership fee or tithing, that anybody would have to pay to follow my material or to consider themselves a member of teal tribe. 13. Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group and group related activities. No one is required to do
anything in this group. And I think you would find, with the majority of people
who follow my material that requiring them to do something, would meet with incredible resistance. It is completely up to the individual how much time they want
to dedicate to anything and that includes following my material or volunteering for events or anything that they
dedicate their time to. That being said, if anybody is considering dedicating their time and effort and energies to something that we’re
doing, like an event, I highly encourage you to look at your expectations and also your limitations. And to have an open and
candid conversation with any of my team members that might be organizing these events, to make sure that both of
you are on the same page about just how much time will be required. Another way of saying this, if you feel called to dedicate your time, but you only feel like you should
be dedicating six hours of time, but we may have a retreat going where ten hours of time
is the requirement, you’re going to start to feel used. So it’s good to have that conversation before get into the situation 14. Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only
with other group members. No one is encouraged only to socialize with other group members or people who associate with my material. In fact, I find this incredibly unhealthy. If people choose to primarily connect with other people who
resonate with my material, the reason is because
that’s where they feel the most connected, the most supported and
the most understood. It is my hope, that we could create the kind of society that whether people
follow my material or not, that a person who does
subscribe to my material, could go across the street
with somebody who doesn’t and find the same level of support, the same level of connection, the same level of understanding. 15. The most loyal members the true believers, feel there can be no life outside
the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be and often fear reprisals to themselves or others, if they leave or even consider
leaving the group. There is life to be found and lived no matter where you are. Whether that is following my material, considering yourself a part of teal tribe, or not. Relative to teal tribe, there are guidelines like there are on any
social media platform, that serve to support a
healthy social environment and they apply to anyone
who is aligned with the group and anyone considering leaving. If someone does decide to leave we would hope that they would do so in a way that is authentic to them and that supports their own highest good at a given time. We also would hope that they would do it in a way that is responsible, a way that is respectful and loving to the rest of the community that is deciding to stay. I don’t nor should I have control over how
people are going to feel or react to somebody deciding that they’re going to no longer
follow my material, or no longer be a part of teal tribe. That being said, there is absolutely no reprisal, no consequence and no punishment for deciding to leave teal tribe. I personally would simply hope that if they did that, they would do it in a way that wasn’t a push away, shall we say? to the rest of the people who decide to be in alignment with
what the group is doing, to be in alignment with
the material that I teach. Also, Teal Tribe is open
to people returning. There have been quite a few
people who have decided that it’s just almost too much for them and so they want to take a break and then they come back and then sometimes they
take a break again, and then they come back and some people even don’t ever come back. But it’s still an okay relationship that people in the group may have at them. Abraham Lincoln once said that no man is good enough
to govern another man without the other’s consent. And then it must be considered
that the giving of consent is an act of free will and therefore the giver of consent is governing himself by giving his power away. If people are worried
about being led astray or worried about joining a cult, the problem is really about two things: lack of self trust and fear of influence. If people are worried about
someone else being led astray or joining a cult, the real issue is that they do not
trust that person with themselves and they believe that free will can be taken away. If self trust and belief in one’s
own free will did exist, one would trust themselves to keep on the path of what
is right for themselves and the world regardless of
other people going astray. The real conversation to be had, which is being highlighted
by the topic of cults, is about free will and influence. Therefore ask yourself: “Why don’t I trust myself?” “Why am I afraid that I can be influenced
into losing my free will?” Let this be the real conversation between yourself and those
who you think have joined a cult. Why don’t you trust them with themself? Why do you think they can be influenced into losing their free will? The answer to these questions that you will be asking yourself, is a good measure of what
you actually think of a person. At the end of the day, it’s insulting. At the end of the day, I have a genuine interest in you developing
discernment for yourself. Decide for yourself. Weigh things in your life against your own personal truth, to see whether something is
actually right for you or not. And there is nothing that is worth living out of alignment with
your own sense of integrity. Power and influence is
not bad in and of itself. It is rather like a tool. Whose use is down to
the person wielding it. This is why when it comes to power, right use of power is such an important
discussion to be having. And when it comes to influence, the most important thing is the intention behind a person’s drive to influence other people. For example, a politician might have the
intention to influence people towards a policy, because they have personal
financial interests, that would benefit by the
adoption of that policy. On the other hand, they might have the intention
of Influencing people towards that policy, because they believe strongly that it is in the best
interests of people. I have the intention of influencing people towards their own authenticity. Towards their own personal truth, their own personal desires, towards awareness. Towards them making better decisions for their relationships and for their lives in general. So that the lives that we
are all living on this planet, can be even better than they are, in the first place. Have a good week

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Is Teal Swan an Online Cult or Not?

  1. Cult was a word derived from latin to describe a religious group that offered sacrifices as offerings to provide a benefit for them, which slowly morphed over the years but very much employed the same type of mental confinement of quid pro quo alongside piety.

  2. The netflix docu was a better gauge of the mental fragmentation that occurs when someone is inducted, isolated, and enmeshed within a cult. I think you went off on the wrong footing when you started off 1 like that. It's a slow fragmentation alongside the natural human tendencies to conform.

  3. The Netflix Series "Explained" has an episode about Cults, and it talks about Teal Swan in one part. I don't think they were outright calling Teal Swan a cult leader, but they were definitely alluding to it by saying that Youtube stars with a lot of followers could become cultish with how much influence they have on people. However, I think it's so unfortunate to make this suggestion about Teal and Infinite Waters (as well as any other self-help channel). Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn't make them cult leader. I have done a lot of research into cults and I have never found Teal to say anything that would come off as someone trying to manipulate or force people into anything. Her videos are actually very healing for me. Does that mean I would do anything she says? Absolutely not. Do I still question the things she says? Yes. I think its a shame to keep people from accessing her wisdom because she has been labeled as something she is definitely not.

  4. They don't know what else to say about you Teal!! I come from Galicia, wich is traditionally witches hunting culture too, I just can think I forgive them because they don't know what they are doing. I am tired of this too, so much gaslighting, manipulation, in the moment that a person, in this case a woman, takes a step forward in any area has to deal with a huge burden of criticism and abuse, instead of being grateful for your teachings and intention to help and in it's majority in a free way!!!grrrr!!!, I like to be grateful with someone who helped me to see another perspectives and to rebuild myself. Still following many of your advices. Thank you.

  5. I feel like teal is above explaining herself but she does it anyway which makes her really relatable & lovable. All you have to view is one of her videos & it's blatantly clear that she's not apart of a cult, it's quite obvious that her intention is to help. So, anyone out to discredit her for any reason is either serving an personal agenda from their "shadow side" or just delusional

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  9. Teal loves loves loves questions because she loves explaining in complicated, thorough detail and is eager and willing to help you understand. She’s willing to spend hours explaining things.

  10. I frequently daydream 💭 of Teal and withhold watching her videos to build excitement and desires. That way when I hear and see her I feel tremendous relief…

  11. Free Will is always present. Cults can only make you make your own choice to serve or not. America protects its citizens from religion and individuals who are manipulating religion.

  12. A man could say the exact same thing as Teal and i would ignore him. Teals beauty and sound and stern tone pulls me in.

  13. I love these definitions. This means many religions and leaders of nations are cult like. Leaders like Mao coerced millions. Shame and violence is a powerful motivator.

  14. I don’t think you get that you follow the definition of a cult, whether or not you believe that it is bad… this video is denial, denial, denial. All the big claims against you are facts, facts, facts. Quite simply, I don’t think you get it, even if it isn’t intentional. The fact that you say you don’t care about dissent while you call people who disagree with you “crazy” doesn’t make sense at all. Your followers attack any doubters in these comments, as I’ve seen. Again, you may not be the cause behind this, but I believe much of your following is a cult following. They see these videos as law.
    Beside, you use “feeling” and “association” for the majority of your videos, from what I have seen. People follow YOUR thinking with no thinking of themselves. Sure, it may not be intentional on your part, but people who follow you DO make your content into a cult community. I think if you approached this open mindedly and worked with those obsessed followers. A lot of them don’t question this, especially the young ones, because they have little to no experience of life and turn to videos like this to decide what they want to do. They only follow this, and many of them do not think for themselves about whether or not your words are true. You do claim you are a higher being in many videos, blessed or something along those lines. Your self-proclaimed “excellence” gives you authority, as you say. There is little to no proof. Blessed with beauty? Take off that makeup.
    While you yourself may not be at fault, many of your followers are causing a toxic community. If you release a video about them and why they might need to rethink, rather than using these videos to call out and attempt to shoot down any dissenters. By being caring and direct to your more obsessed followers, this could go from an unintentional partial cult to what you describe as a self-improvement channel. Many of them need to be told, one by one, to think for themselves. They will verbally hurt anybody who disagrees, and that puts out negativity. Lots of it. Your group does believe it is “supposedly exalted” and I think that could be damaging to you and your following.

    I hope, if you see this, you will take into account my words and think over them. For that is what you ask of your followers, so I suggest you hold it to yourself too, if you don’t want to be called (accurately) a cult leader yourself.

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  17. I think when most people say: "that's a cult." It's just something they know nothing about and they want to dismiss it. They have a fear based idea that they can be safe by hiding from things they don't understand.

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    Cults force you to believe what they want you to believe for their own benefit.

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  22. if what you do is a cult, sign me up. you talk so much sense. it helps me realise how much I have changed about my thinking and also how much more I need to change. thanks for being there. being someone who i believe will guide me throughout my journey.

  23. Simply for clarification, a cult is not necessarily the same as a false spirituality and a false spirituality is not necessarily the same as a cult. Teal Swan is not a cult leader – she is an amazing human being in a very confused world.

  24. I'm new to your channel but so far, I think the only reason you've been smeared as an 'online cult' is because you dared to speak out against modern feminism…. which is itself a cult.

  25. Yea I subscribe to your channel and … lol Uhm if being subscribed to you is a cult, I’m a member of a couple of 100 of youtube “cults” from cults about wigs to makeup to cults about cuddling with cats 😂

  26. I commented on one of these accuser's videos and asked "how can she be a cult leader when her entire goal is to help people find their own way?" I never got an answer

  27. Anything that causes fear to me is a cult fear = control the Bible fear all religion Christianity to me are all cults

  28. I don't get it man!. I mean, it blows my mind how people can be so far off in their own views and believe it. Honestly, that ex-cult-claiming- terrible hair- British- cry baby, seriously brings out tbe shadow in me. The things he says to discredit Teal, and every other victim of shocking abuse seeking therapy….I really fantasize punching his dweeby face..ugh… and that stupid gamer with his "leaving the cult" videos…to EVEN MENTION Teal or Spirit Science is like…."we're to help help raise THEM!?" …There's no way, this has gotta be puppet strings or encouragement somewhere to discredit all the waves of people waking up recently. I know it shouldn't bother me, but I just watched a show in Actual cult survivors like NXUS so this was just too much. I'll glady wear a Teal Swan cult member shirt if that guy actually prints them. "Stick that feather in your hat and call it macaroni"!

  29. Teal your highly developed….you should know….everyone's existence on this plane and this plane itself is nothing more than a staging for next step of the soul within us and our consciousness that develops..hopefully merging to that soul….So…whats up with you and these crazy misleading videos that totally taek everyone away from the absolute truth?

  30. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Teal Swan the cult leader… only ignorant people say things like that. I don’t think you’re a cult or cult leader, I and thousands of others love you sincerely for the work you’re doing 🙌💛🙌

  31. Yeah, I watched that telltale video… borderline ridiculous.
    I’d love to see a video on the “cult of telltale”…
    And.. if neurotic atheism and scientism can’t be a “cult”? Then… how can half the things they claim to be “cults” be as such?..

    Anyway, I trolled the channel a bit.
    And I stand by my performance.

    (Insert picture of a child wearing a towel cape standing proudly despite age and attire)

  32. 'Cult' 'Cult-ture' America and any country, state, corporation, religion, idea, family…. anything could be considered a'cult'

  33. I’ve left & returned Teal tribe & teachings. Never have I been pressured or bothered by Teal. People need to take accountability for their actions.

  34. Yeah I've been having a hard time trying to figure this one out I know we've got adult we have adultress and occultress and now a cultress; oh my I think everybody should just let her be the way she is she's fine,, and she's very cute.

  35. I'm thankful 4 have crossed your path. Thanx 4 the love and strength you are sharing. I feel stronger as a healing sister with your guidence💗🙏🏾 love and light Jools

  36. The organization in question is the worst group to ask as to whether it is a cult or not. What are they going to do? Admit that they are indeed a cult? Of course not.

  37. I don't think you are Teal. Yet.. give you more ego and different circumstances? I love you as you are. Just don't change that much. 💯

  38. I have just recently started listening to your videos and I really resonate with your message and what you're talk about. This video talking about what a cult is kind of cracks me up because almost every thing that you listed of what describes a called completely describes Scientology. LOL

  39. Teal I defended you in a comment section of a video where you were called a cult leader. Theres really no medicine against jealousy I guess. I am proud of you and thank you a lot for your helpful advices and authenticity.
    The people calling you a cult leader would have burnt you as a witch in "good old times". I remember being burned as a witch and I react very furious when I spot this behaviour!

  40. Good for you for taking on your detractors! I hope you make this part of your ongoing strategy since opposition by small minds goes with the territory when you take on iconoclasm as you have. Keep up the good work and start enjoying the fight!

  41. Teal swan just states the obvious that we all should know deep down…the person following another blindly seeing them as their source of everything and give them their entire being and will is the type of person that is disconnected from themselves and would blindly follow the next teacher or religion if teal wasnt around. People called this a cult likely are religious followers who are living a cult like spiritual lifestyle themselves.

  42. Has it occurred to any of you “I grew up in a cult” posters that there’s a reason so many of you flock to this crazy person with a lot of charisma and a promise of “the secretly obvious way”?

    Like an abused child ending up in a cycle of abusive relationships throughout life, you lot end up following another woo peddler because you’re psychologically programmed to seek out the same kind of madness, with the same controlling, conspiratorial overtones — now armed with the resistance to cognitive dissonance and apologetic tendencies to make sure that the next Cult’s ideology sticks.

    Just sayin’.

  43. I have no time for cults and haven't watched enough videos to form a solid opinion either way, here, but what I do know is that the current system we're living under is exhibiting most of the symptoms of a cult shown on that list.

  44. What I like about Teal is that even though this is a spiritual channel, she genuinely gives great advice on a psychological standpoint. In a lot of ways she reminds me of a therapist in the sense that she dives deep into issues and for the most part gives logical and rational advice. When I see all of these reports calling her a cult it just makes my eyes roll. What efficient evidence do we have that could back up such a claim? I honestly think those people just don't like her advice so they try to come up with all of this malarkey to bring her down. At the end of the day if you don't like her advice that's on you and not her. She's not telling to do anything, she's simply just giving advice. Her goal is just to help and that's all that matters. Don't take everything she says as a state of fact or forced action, it's just advice.

  45. Hi Teal.
    Love your work.
    Your videos are awesome.
    My wife and I both feel that you are far from a cult leader.
    We both find your videos informative, and, aiming to get people to help themselves. ..IF they choose to make any steps towards Self change….it's a long road.
    Often times that journey is too difficult for some people, in this life.
    The journey to the Self is often a long, lonely trip.
    Society is not very conducive to actual knowledge of the Self.
    It doesn't lead to a soul that is easily controlled BY society.
    Often times, the journey to the Self may require that one leave behind aspects of that former life, or, what they knew as themselves. This could be, what we knew AS "friends".
    I started studying religions and magic at 10 years old.
    At 57 the one real fact I have is this…… I don't know what I don't know.
    However, one thing I have discovered is that almost all religions are, based on these definitions of a cult,just that.
    You must do this.
    You must read this book.
    You must do as we say.
    Give us your money.
    Come to this place when WE say to.
    And the best one so far.
    You must do what we say or you will live in eternal damn nation. ..
    Or, You must do what we say so you can be one of the chosen to salvation.
    I do not consider myself a qualified spiritual counselor, as I am continually learning.
    Yet, over the decades many people have asked for my advice upon these matters, which I have freely given.
    What people do with tools depends on their own knowledge of using that, or, those tools.
    As with a car, it can be used in many ways.
    It can transport a happy family on holidays for the most joyous time of their lives.
    Or, it can be used to drive into a mass of people on their way to work, by a religious fanatic, because he was told to, by his leadership.
    The murderous torture of so many innocent women, especially, by the church back a few centuries is never mentioned in religious circles….yet is responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of innocents. ….because some pewter riddled nutbar decided to kill and torture in the name of God.
    These sound more like cults than you, by far.
    In any manner of comparison, used in the official definition you've provided.

    Haters gonna hate, is I think how tubers put it…
    Personally, I've been watching, listening, and, learning from your stuff for about 5 years now.
    As well as , Sadhguru, and others.

    I think its just too bad that weakness pervades some individuals, and, they use social media, as thousands do, to reach for the short term fix.
    Ooooo, look, I am on t.v.
    I'm famous.
    Their own qualities of weakness being used as a last ditch attempt to stay in control.
    The ego, exerting itself in survival mode.
    Using the opportunity to remain in control of that person.
    The ability of a person's ego to pander to themselves is amazing.
    Life is fraught with hardship, and, change….if we choose to grow.
    I was "out the door" at 14 years old.
    Now, I look around and I see 40 year olds living in mommy and daddy's basement playing video games and refusing to work.
    Refusing to change with life.
    Do the gaming companies have to worry about feeding and clothing them?
    Do they offer any form of recompensation to those who support the video game industry instead of contributing to society, or even their own growth?
    You are far from a cult leader.
    I do wish we lived closer to you so we could meet.
    I live in Canada.
    Way below a normal income level as well.
    However, rather than bitch and beg, to get money to travel, or complain about that, I watch your vids.
    I know you will, but, please keep up the "good fight".
    Many hundreds, if not thousands of people out here truly enjoy what you do.
    Many illiterate people cannot ever partake in your books, but, they can recieve your advice on line.
    You have touched, and do touch thousands on here, that would never get this Avenue otherwise.
    Thank you for your work.
    For taking the brunt of this shit on the chin for those who cannot.
    Please stay strong, as you've learned to do.
    My love and support are yours.
    My wife is in there with me.
    One day, I would love to exchange words, in person, with you.
    Until then, we'll keep watching.
    Grateful for your time and effort.

    Natalie and Joe.

  46. Update.
    For an example of a real cult, by definition, look into AJ Miller, in Australia. …
    There is a video about him.
    He's Christ.
    Has a wife who was Mary Magdalena.
    The other members were his disciples.
    Now, he and they are buying property, in isolation, where he guides their education.
    Even getting children to be brought in as reincarnation of the deciples.

    Now, what do you out there think of that as a comparison?

    Watch the video.

    I think you can intelligently make a decision based on these two examples alone.

    Teal, does not fit the definition of a cult, when you do a side by side comparison and stop screaming about your unjust treatment, and, trying to force discredit upon her.
    Grow up…..accept your lack of commitment to Self change.
    This goes to the former member who appeared to look at blackening this hard worker in his weak "exposing" of her and their home, on another You Tube channel.
    Hoping for fame because he had a weak spot inside that his ego latched onto as a survival method.

    Once again young lady,I love your work, your vids, and,what you are doing.
    Teal, you resonate the same as my Self.
    Would love to meet you.
    But, that will take some real creative visualization on my part.
    I feel that we could have some real indepth, reaaal deep conversation.
    Two sided conversation.
    I am virtually alone with my knowledge here.
    Lots of knowledge, no one here wants any part of it..
    Guess its not the time for it, from me, here.

    Oh, one day, maybe people will experience the value of you.
    The ones who dont , well, nothing to do before its time.
    My dad always had amazing information for me.

    No one can wear shoes that are too big when they get them.
    If the base of knowledge grows, as in belief structures, spiritually, etc, those shoes begin to fit.

    Some remain too big.
    Some grow as we do.
    Others grow out of those shoes quickly and move to others.

  47. All of the things stated in this video it's very rational. but from my experience it seems like only Teal holds these values and those in the group deliberately go against the things listed here in this video. there's been multiple examples of where a individual has no intention to be involved in a cult but a cult is created. By individuals that are afraid of their own insecurities and forces others to be the same.

  48. As someone who has looked at both sides of the argument, had an interview with someone who does identify Teal as having a cult or being an “ex-cult member” and I peeked in a group of people who feel somehow abused by Teal or her leaders of Teal Tribe, I have come to this conclusion:

    Teal Swan is NOT a cult. She has the makings of a cult, she even has admitted that herself. She called a spiritual path after herself- Teal Tribe. Her followers can create a cult when it centers around a leader so much so, they forget about themselves and listen to every thing she says such as leave their pregnant wife because Teal says (true story from the gateway interview)…that’s the danger where it can become a cult.

    Hanging onto every word of one individual is when you lose your personal power.

    Teal may be very honest here and say she doesn’t want a cult, but she must one day admit to herself- there are very hurt people by her and the way she has taught them, or has treated them offline. Most hurt people are those she knew personally I have learned, not just as a YouTube personality. Her friends, or those who used to be till she acted strangely towards them and did some things only a person in ego for power over others, would.

    Is that all Teal’s fault? No. I believe that people take things differently. But there some part of it that is her fault. Only she can get the answer if she truly treated everyone with kindness and respect in the way she would want to be treated.

    There are over 1,000 people and more starting to speak up about being in Teal Tribe. It’s not the best thing for everyone.

    That’s why there are people who felt abused by her or being part of Teal Tribe.

    Using my logic, I don’t think it is a cult, but I think Teal has hurt people and I have heard it first hand on The “Truth Tribe” Facebook group, you are welcome to all join and listen in. They are ex members of Teal Tribe. You can not negate their experience either.

    I encourage you to hear both sides of the argument always.

    Here is the gateway interview, that shows both sides of things. Just the facts so you can make up your mind:

  49. Oh my god lol. Sorry, I know it's serious but..omg that is just funny if you think about. That's how much the truth scares people. No seriously, I hope no one ever accuses you of that ever again. I bet it was someone who knows you're right and has felt the pain of coming to terms with their truth but still, just can't/ doesn't want to own it.

  50. Judging by your drop in influence over the past few years, I'd suggest it's a diminishing one at best! <3 Kisses xoxo – Mikey

  51. Steps to proving you aren’t a cult the Teal Swan way:

    Step 1: say you aren’t a cult
    Step 2: claim people are being emotional and don’t actual know what a cult is
    Step 3: strawman some of the criteria for cults so they no longer apply to your group
    Step 4: if you can’t get out of a specific point claim you are doing it for good reasons
    Step 6: give a sales pitch for your cult
    Step 7: super creepy/culty laugh
    Step 8: more creepy laughter

  52. I was watching the vox thing with my husband and when they called you a cult leader, my jaw dropped…I looked at my husband and was like wtf?!

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