Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism? | Head to Head

Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism? | Head to Head

A landslide victory for Narendra Modi’s BJP seemed to herald a new era in Indian Politics. But how inclusive, how tolerant is the new Modi lead India? So you can say, yes I am a HIndu Nationalist because I am a born Hindu I am a patriotic So, nothing is wrong in it India’s Prime minister hails from the RSS, a hardline Hindu Nationalist Organistaion and the ideological backbone of his ruling BJP party Critics blame the organization for the murder of India’s iconic independence leader and accuse it of neo-fascism and inciting violence against minorities RSS activists have been widely linked with those hindu mobs who slaughtered perhaps as many as 2,000 Muslims

Danny Hutson

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  1. Destroyed ! ? You should always Remember it's not Aaj tak Or any other Indian media! ?

  2. Atleast dissent is allowed in India. And mostly, the voices of dissent come from within the ‘Indian’ community, as opposed to them being specific religious views. I agree that some issues need to be addressed, but over sensitising them should be avoided as it can lead to comparisons such as with Taliban and Nazis, which any right minded Indian would reject as being outright ridiculous.

  3. They are ISIS of India! This fool has the audacity to say ‘your ISIS’ to a journalist in Oxford union! It’s their real face…

  4. this indian minister is a champ. to every false narrative, he laughed it off and never became angry. even though most audience were brainwashed to believe in the false agenda against india. this guy came laughing it off instead of feeling bad.

  5. IT Seems there is another competitor WHO RUNS A BIGGER BROTHEL HOUSE….All media houses have become BROTHEL houses as they will show WHAT YOU WANT …ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS bid OR PAY THE HIGHEST….the TRUTH is never shown ….hypocrisy has taken over there Brothel Houses…ooops …MEDIA HOUSES.

  6. Irfan Nawas See u just want to spread ur narrative.
    If mehdi would have agreed with u
    He wouldn’t have considered ram Madhav as a “strong guest”.
    U want to see how people tuck their tails between their legs and run away,

    Check out the previous episode of mehdi with Hina Rabbani Khar( Former Pakistani foreign minister).Then u’ll seriously feel that mehdi need to show some mercy on the guests.She was about to cry after so many hard questions ,all out of the syllabus.

    And for your information Qatari govt funds this channel and they try to show they are very true to their profession.
    But they always try to portray Indian govt in negative shades, be it an interview or a question to an Indian diplomat .
    By the way they are themselves accused of terror financing by other govts so many times and the channel has been accused of antisemitism.
    So it’s just a question of which channel is building up your intellectual arsenal.

    May allah bless you and give you the wisdom you need.

  7. I become big fan of Ram Madhav
    He shows Discipline of RSS

    46 : 57
    Kaul looks unsatisfied even after 1 hour of debate
    Rss won
    Al jazeera lost

  8. ???????
    Mehdi hassan peeding in his pants

    23: 14
    Lets take break when muslim brutal occupation topic came ???????
    46 :57
    Kaul looks unsatisfied still bubbling ?????

    "Your ISIS"
    Lost clearly

    Hats off ram madhav you nailed it spoke the truth.
    "Your isis"

  9. India is a country that has no good relations with the neighboring country Modiji often gives religious encouragement Modi is as dangerous to India as dangerous to Asia

  10. The one thing that shocks me is how people view the hundreds of years of Indian history that molded its culture and thought to happen under "occupation" or "oppression." The mughals and the dozens of empires/dynasties that weren't Hindu shows us that being Indian means more than being Hindu and that the BJP can't throw hundreds of years of shifting history and culture out the window just because they want India to be in their vision as being a solely Hindu nation.

  11. The Founder of Pakistan the great Muhammad Ali Jinnah with all his wisdom timely identified the RSS Terrorist Agenda and said "Hindus are Incorrigible" and its just now world is realising about Extreme Hindu(Brahmin/Kshatris) terrorism. They were dreaming to enslave every section of minority once the Britain left..
    Furthermore, these RSS/BJP Terrorist today are their to validate the infamous "Two Nation Theory" the base of Pakistan was so correct.
    Thanks ALLAH and Elders for their Knowledge, Wisdom and migration.

  12. Modi is bringing back the glory of India which we lost during mughal rule.
    These radicals believes in ghazwa e hind to conquer India by spreading Islam.

  13. The current government of India and their radiculous Media knows nothing but oppression..
    They don't know how to avoid chaos inside their land including the outside..
    May Allah grant peace in India and give the rightous sense to their media and the hindu nationalism government..
    oppression is not a weapon of protect sovereignty.. Allah never supported any oppressor like Isis,taleban,crusadors..
    We love India as wel as they do.. From Bangladesh ""Indeed, the wrongdoers will not succeed."" sura al-Anam {6:21}

  14. Every 2nd grade journalist talks only about Muslim lives lost..none of them will talk how muslim mob burnt alive 59 innocent hindus…this was the reason of Gujarat riots…but you will not talk about the other half of story because it does not stands in line with ur blind fold hate narrative…both aspects were equally wrong but u would show only one side..

  15. Ram Madhav should begin the change with himself. He is talking nonsense in virtually every statement. He is supporting every kind of Hindu oppression in principle and then talking about 'akhand Bharat' and quoting Germany and Vietnam unification as examples, actually, he should be accepting the example given in the program that the RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP is the Hindu version of Islamic ISIS and Taliban, the only difference is that the Hindu groups use petrol, kerosene, sticks and stones, because they can call in the AK 47s of their state forces at any time to defend the sticks and stones. DOES HE REALLY THINK SUCH TACTICS WILL MAKE INDIA GREAT AND THE HINDU RELIGION RESPECTABLE ???? The man should be ashamed of himself for defaming India with his views. Most Hindus in India are not even Hindus today because of this nonsense, they follow Sai Baba a Neo-classical Muslim fakir as their god.

  16. RSS who didn't contribute a single member to India's freedom struggle is trying to preech nationalism and nationhood. Madhav is lying blatantly when he says no weapon training is given.

  17. I am Indian Muslim I respect my Hindu brother I see no threat to my self these people just using relgion
    To spread hatred all these comments also belong to people who love hatred in name of relegion

  18. Yes India is Hindu nation and I being Hindu is proud of my religion and religious identity . I donot need your pig head description of how I should live and treat my non community members of society. Again repeat I am proud of being Hindu and called Hindu nation identity.

  19. I see Indian Agencies sitting in the show ?. Look at the posture and sitting of some ppl, they even don't let their Ministers to talk openly.

  20. that accent is so painful to process…..I could barely hear his points, even though there are hardly any.
    Edit: after some hardwork, understanding his "points" makes me wanna puke even more. There are no points, only euphemisms.

  21. I'm not happy with Ram sir as he didn't answer questions but it is not correct to say INDIA is intolerant. INDIA is the living example of unity in diversity.???????? BHARAT MATA KI JAI…????

  22. Somebody really needs to organize similar elaborate panel and audience based interviews with the ruling authorities and talk about the current fascist scenario in India. AJ, are you listening?

  23. Al Jazeera care to show Islamic barbarism in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir and persecution of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh…. Al Jazeera funded by Wahhabis terrorist groups

  24. thes are the real terrorist, bastards, liars…..they are racists who fool public for politics. thisram madhav from rss,,,,,,these rss say they are cultural organisation and not political….ask tese bastards, if they are not political, then why he is in politics……….these are rioters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like hitler, musolini,,,,,these are raist criminals, fascists.

  25. 20:40 by whom the small majority will feel threatened, is it the outsider? Or the majority?
    If it is majority definitely it is threat,,u threat the minority and then say if u feel threatened i will help u.

  26. That idiot from Afghanistan asked wrong question. If he is from Afghanistan, he should say what will u do when black flags comes from Afghanistan to india to help kashmiri?

  27. Muslim show as always… Before teaching other about equality.. try to show equality in ur action Mr.Mehedi… no one is listening Al Jazeera… Terror funded media

  28. India is largest muslim minority after indonesia, muslim population florished under any rule now see pakistan minority condition .decrease from 20% to less than 1% . What would u say on that?

  29. Can't believe that gulab jamun said 'your ISIS' to an INDIAN muslim. Indian's, if you don't consider this fascist ideology as a threat, you're extremely deluded.

  30. Al Jazeera, An Arabic News Channel from Qatar, A Nation whose constitution is based on a Religion – Islam and is still ruled by Monarchy and Archaic Islamic Laws talks about Fascism in India, Which is a Secular Democracy where people get to vote their leaders in elections, What an Irony.

    How about Qatar abolish their Ruling Prince and become a Democracy first, Give your people the right to vote, Transform into a Secular Nation and a Democracy first, without any Islamic Laws and then worry about India ?

  31. BJP should hire a better Spokesman, I would say. It was under PM Modi when India sanctioned Nepal with blockade of petrol,medicines,salt and many other essentials in the face of the massive earthquake, President Xi helped us big time and won our hearts. The two neighbouring countries had never been so distant like now. Although India can afford its own manpower for soldiers but Nepal has been fighting alongside India from centuries. I am sure China will open its door for future Gurkhas.
    India is a nuclear powerhouse but its getting in conflict with almost all of its neighbouring countries. I am sure the expanding educated population would certainly choose the correct direction in the future

  32. he sounds like king Julien from MADAGASCAR animation movie. if I ever see him I'll ask him to sing the song ( I like to move it move it) ???????

  33. Islam the religion of Peace? LOL. Typical using divid an rule, yet Pakistan the most secular state in the world? HUH

  34. Thanks Allah. We made our own country from India. Quaid e Azam was right. Hindu and Muslim cannot live together anymore.

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