Introducing Google eBooks

Introducing Google eBooks

The book business hasn’t
changed very much in the past 500 years. Someone writes a book. Someone publishes it. And you buy it, and carry
it around until you’re done reading it. Then if you’re a book lover,
you repeat this process for lots, and lots, and
lots of books. But in the past ten years, a
very big change has happened. Books have gone digital. Today there are all kinds of
ebook standards, each with their own dedicated e-reader
and their specific place to buy ebooks. And all lacking one
thing: choice. The idea behind Google ebooks
is to truly set your reading free from all these
limitations. Google ebooks stores
your library safely in the digital cloud. Which means you get to shop for
all your favorite books wherever you want and read them
wherever you go using pretty much any device with an
internet connection. Let’s say you wake up one
morning and decide to read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. You might begin the story at
home on your laptop, over coffee and a pastry. You’d really be getting
hooked on your tablet on the train to work. And by noon, you’ll be racing
through the chapters on your smartphone when you head
out to grab some lunch. Now, imagine if you’re carrying
around not just one book, but a lot of books. Like, maybe a couple
million of them. With Google ebooks, syncing
all your books with your devices isn’t just simple. It’s automatic. You can take a break in the
park with some Stevenson. Reference your favorite French
cookbook at the supermarket. Get lost with Grisham on
your crosstown bus trip. Whenever you open one of
your books, we’ll pick up right where you left off. With millions of books to
choose from, in every imaginable category, finding
what you want to read on Google ebooks is easy. You can check out the New York
Times bestseller list, browse the Google ebook store and find
recommended titles or free ebooks, discover up and coming
authors, or buy ebooks from a growing number of
independent booksellers and retail partners. Google ebooks is
all about choice. From what you want to read,
where you want to shop, to how you want to read. That’s all your
books in one place. No matter where you go. That’s truly reading unbound. Start exploring Google ebooks

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Introducing Google eBooks

  1. I just finish reading an ebook i bought on amazon called " The fisherman's wife" by Ainsley Delva. it's agreat story..check it out might enjoy it as much as I did.

  2. Or downloading and reading books off of Project Gutenberg. ^^ They have been collecting and offering (free of charge) public domain ebooks and other ebooks that have been freely given by their authors since 1971.

  3. yep, me too! It seems like all of the book companies only focus on making fortune not about spreading new ideas and making worlds much better.

  4. Ein sehr schöner Kommentar! Hier wird noch einmal ganz deutlich dass das e-Book immer beliebter wird. Also E-Book Autoren,nicht verzagen, Google fragen. Leider gibt es mein Buch nur auf :amazon.(de.) (com.) (es.) Asin Nr. B006KD2RZC Mit dem schönen Titel:"Mein Traum frei zu sein"

  5. Here is a great book that I just got as an ebook on Amazon it's called "How to overcome fear, and start living fearless" the book is amazing check it out It's very life changing!

  6. Too bad this doesn't even exist. So much for 'choice'. Google Play Books doesn't even let you import ebooks you already own. So much for syncing and storing 'all' your books.
    Expected more openness from Google. Unfortunately this is probably a restriction Google agreed to in order to secure contracts with publishers..

  7. I have a downloadable library of ebooks, videos, audios, scripts, graphics, templates, icons, fonts and many more! 🙂

    It has thousands of resources and continuously growing! 🙂

    Only for $55! 🙂

  8. Unlimited eBook downloading membership site which allows its members to choose from thousands of eBooks, Newspapers, Comic Books and more…premium quality at premium price
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  9. this is one other think what i love from google and its another think what i cant test or use cause is not able on my country (mexico) :'(

  10. So,this is how Big Brother will ultimately burn all the books. Very green method to destroy all the books in the world and eliminate printing new ones! Ha! Ha!

  11. Hello! I've been reading your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

  12. How do I borrow books though? I would really like to be able to read an ebook without having to own it.

  13. what do you mean by old technology… Please explain. I do not own a e-reader do I need to own an e-reader?

  14. Can I share the books I buy?
    So far that has been my biggest deterrent for me, the price of ebooks is similar to buying the actual book. But if no one else can read it then the price should be a fraction of the price of a paperback.

  15. I agree with you about the e-book should be a fraction of the price of an actual book. I think that buying an e-book should save us money, not making a hole in our pockets!

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  18. Ah AAH just wonderful , Just saw the EBook in Google,I am a book worm so now i can store & read as & when I want to my heart content.Do any body know which are the Languages the EBooks Available ? Blessings & Happy XMas to all my dear friends.Love A.N.

  19. Professional video, no question about it. 🙂
    What is more important thought the message it delivers: books ready to read anywhere …anyhow! Awesome solution: device/reader independency, location independency fromat independency…

    I wish we had this option when I struggled creating my own e-book!
    If you want to know how to start writing your first e-book see mu suggestions:

  20. Is Google looking to cutting into Amazaon's Kindle sales… Not sure yet on this one..

  21. Um, Google? Why Google eBooks are not available in Latvia? The video was from 2010 and i guess latvians are waiting FOREVER! No fair!

  22. Does it have to be connected to wifi or can you download a book if you are traveling to another country? Or can you download books in another country to be able to read them?

  23. Why not in Pakistan? I don't want this trouble please… Please look into this and make it accessible in my country too….. 🙂

  24. I just bought an ebook and I am very disapointed… Google's systems and apps don't give you freedom to download it easily to yr computer. You just can't find the "download" link anywhere!!! it's ennoying and disgusting. Because I cannot carry my pc everywhere with me and I'd like to print it to read wherever I am and make marks. My opnion; never buys books on googlebooks! It's a waste of money.

  25. Hello I am an author and I have a lot of Arabic books I would like to add to you. My readers are excited about this step because I promised them that the books will soon be on Google Books. Please help me because I have requested the publisher and I am still waiting for admission.

  26. Google,im afraid i might find out you dont like me. thats scarey,that really means no one is on my side. its a very painful crime

  27. Don't ever buy from google books! In my experience if you have books in google books then get a new phone and log into your google account your owned books are GONE! and there is no option to redownload.. All they want is more and more money out of you. They cost as much as a physical book (serious rip-off) although that is not google's fault.

  28. – “Interactive eBook” engages more audience!

  29. Why don't you release a Made by Google ereader? It will be an awesome experience syncing my Google Play Books instead of doing all that confusing process with Adobe Digital Editions with other ereaders…

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