Introducing Dial-Up mode

At Google Fiber, we are passionate about bringing
our users superfast Internet and ubiquitous connectivity. But as we rolled out in Kansas City, and then
in Provo, and then again in Austin, we realized that there was something we had overlooked.
People didn’t have enough time to do the little things in life. We hear you. You want a chance to grab a snack.
To text your mom. To run to the restroom. So today, we are excited to announce Dial-Up
mode. A way for our users to get their time back. We looked to dial-up and T1 for inspiration,
and we found a solution, of all places, in meditation. Once we got to the root of the problem, it
was easy. By incorporating dial-up technology into the Fiber, we were able to slow the photons
down by 376 times, giving you more time to load the dishwasher. Or hug your kids. It turns out there is power in slowness. Switching to Dial-Up mode is easy. Just select
Dial-Up mode at the top right corner of your browser. Once selected. close your eyes and
relax to the soothing, familiar sounds of a 56k modem. Dial-Up mode has really benefitted my work
life. I video conference for work and last time my boss asked me a tough question, I
was totally caught off guard. Now when faced with a tough question, I just turn on Dial-Up
mode. My face gets all pixelated, my voice goes in and out, and they just reschedule
the meeting. I love Dial Up mode. Before dial up mode,
everyone was glued to their devices. Now, we can have family time again. I call it,
Dial Up and Hug. I’ve never felt more loved. When piloted with our trusted testers in Kansas
City, we noticed 3 times more calls to grandma, 10 times more hugs, and 15 times the amount
of popcorn consumed per household. We are encouraged by our early results and
we’re excited to see what you do with Dial-Up mode. So what are you waiting for? Dial up
and hug!

Danny Hutson

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