Internet Service Cancellation MELTDOWN (UK) – Ownage Pranks

Internet Service Cancellation MELTDOWN (UK) – Ownage Pranks

This guy has been getting insanely bad internet from his service provider called Talk Talk and hes pretty pissed about it Hes been raging at various customer services reps and is waiting for a call back from them because he really wants to cancel his contract and get a refund for a few months of service. I figured itd be a good idea to call him up with the squad and see if we could help yeah hello? Uh yeah hello this is Panjit calling with Talk Talk costumer support back here I wanted to figure out you
know how we can go ahead and try to resolve some of your problem with the
service not a problem for like a year or so what I want to do is basically terminate this contract with you guys and also i want to refund for four months I got you okay just tell you this mental
man here’s what our web use practices like I’m just trying to get to the
bottom of why you having computer crashing issues and things like that you
give my computer proper k not what my pattern with all due respect maybe the
pornography preference things like that maybe have caused some spyware and what
about why even employee contract to crack with no no but I said man-to-man
right like I i say that first-rate return the catification that no i don’t
watch porn it’s not what I’m trying to say is sometimes these websites they
have malware on it . listen curry masala connect me to someone else. I can speak to.
I don’t want to talk to you… why do you have to what do you call me curry masala? Wo – wh wo
SO INSULTING! listen to me. Your english is you are making my ears bleed.. i wanna talk to someone else ok alright alright alright ok i will
swallow my pride right and transfer you but please hold i will get to to
my supervising supervisor you are currently caller number 32 you
waiting to speak with a representative What the fuck? hello my name is harneet with talk tallk customer service. How can i help it? I just spoke to one of your colleagues
regarding my refund and also regarding my termination of the contract yeah okey so on the system note here uhh we have a
have a lot of pain guy your other thing that spoke to a few minutes ago so I
don’t know what you’re talking about my name is horny time level 2 Supervisor
I’m trying to help i’m not i’m not detonate if your mom drop you when you
were younger k connected on my day look connected coming out actually I don’t know I think maybe you
talk to my two in Turkish but we are different people he helped me with my
problem then oh yeah for sure you so yeah what I seen
it on the system nor does that you have the contract commitment i see a note
here that they want to make concentrate so we can do one month refunding and
leaving the termination you can’t fucking bikini outfit for my not fucking
one month okay i got time for this bullshit okay i want you to give me for
talking about the refund ok my twitter k seem to get upset and lower due from
2121 want i want to go ahead and bump you back as a one time courtesy to two
months the fundings and then also cancel that the waving feel okay I know you’re
upset but I’m trying to meet you halfway right so what do to motivate killer was
at the end of complication you’re going to fuck away she started 4k by the
fucking special it hello for security hello yeah hello soda I no maricon like
they little bit you suppose we don’t talk to me again look-look park make you understand
english and i look i have somebody else i just did some research on my and i
found supervising supervising supervisors not me don’t worry i will give you somebody
else I know we’re having issue communicating i want to transfer the
bloodwork peloton that pocket okay for another second of how much I don’t want
to go peace honestly I really enjoyed our time
together so I’m really it’s really hard to you there is that but then no kinetic
yourself again okay you said that the previously as well
don’t connect me to your 10 proper you any of you ok alright give me one second I will transfer it don’t know why I keep
getting these assholes your hello this is abdul is to get a lot of coconut
helmet that’s what you want to get colleagues other quality of yours and
like december and he he must hit whole thing up here you but now our two-hour
to canada in our contract i want it for much more fun I don’t you contaminating our
contractors okay yeah you look I really can’t but what are you from but what is
your background I’m originally from Afghanistan I know
that now as you know 02 the bridging ramadan and seems to exist I know you’re upset maybe like your
blood sugar is low do you want to maybe go take a look a small set up yeah yeah that’s why that’s why you
understand you probably kept you know I get guy gets cranky too sometimes you
know sometimes particular icon yeah but no 30 just between you and I
sometimes I act like yeah like I act like a little bitch to when I get cranky
you know ya do ya got planned with your template since you’re like my fasting
browser you know what I want to do for you here is I couldn’t give you I’ll go
ahead let’s go ahead and get your refund and we’ll go ahead and you know just
because you’re my friend and complimentary we will refund to my job
you know what take my broadband and pick it up he’s taking motherfucking Harry
art and don’t talking again motherfucker my brother fucking ghetto I knew it yeah like yeah hello I’m looking for
this for my butt and my husband look sir look I have are not hear that
you are upset you wanted a callback we wanted to get somebody else to i’m
actually supervising supervising supervising supervisor ok my other supervising supervising
supervisor he tell me that you was gonna give you the funding for a little bit i
wanted to go ahead and split away with you if you are wearing so we want to
basically give you the money back side a 12 pack how much how much are you gonna
give me back uh-uh you think you’re just with
something like making noises I don’t know sorry I just I tried to figure out
all the notes below ok we can give you the funding for the two months before
i’m so down with you guys take my money take my house take my car take my soul how to even take my fucking grandmother
don’t fucking call me okay but hold on one minute look how to commit I didn’t want to hang
out fuck haha yeah my name is Russell I’m
calling with talk to a customer service i’m actually with HR almighty no nurse I
don’t want any service thanks very much for one second what sir I have good news
is if you just would mind give me 30 seconds of your time and then i will
want you anymore call it but I’d rather marry put it in that pocket talk to you
I’d rather considerably from the pool is not sure I want to talk to his house
anymore i’m with HR I’m not you’re not going to be doing any of our call center
employees I’m very very sorry for you have to deal with actually was
monitoring the last call and look at your records notice how many times you
called in i want to go ahead and give you a full refund for five months of
service and wait the cancellation fee if you’re okay with that I be seriously look with no sir i’m not
i’m not taking the piss and I’m being serious oh cool ok so you can go ahead and just
take down this confirmation code just in case you have any issues with seen the
refund you should see a process in your account in three to five business days
are great for many of the reference number i got a whole collection of my go
on the don’t worry this is going to be like the cream of the crop reference
number that’s actually going to be associated to your five-month refunds
you want to hold onto this one arm you got a pen and paper handy yeah okay that’s going to BP is
intentional or are as in romeo wore a as an asbestos or then as a nougat yeah and then k as in this entire thing
is just been a prank setup by her friend David oh fuck man you got me wound up
nine was wrong with me and I here to fucking get back hey guys subscribe to DBgaming25 he makes good content alright you got it you got it all worked
out manner towards the end up calling me you don’t understand . so many a
probably starting to all the whole department of talk that’s out there is
all of them and nobody comes to a resolution bottom when I got don’t want
to take everything out of the shower for this was my life of

Danny Hutson

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