Internet Heroes of Genius: Person Who Sorts by “New”

Internet Heroes of Genius: Person Who Sorts by “New”

Bud Light Presents: Internet Heroes of Genius ♪ Internet Heroes of Genius ♪ Today we salute you, Person Who Sorts by “New.” ♪ Person Who Sorts by “New!” ♪ While everyone else is hopping on the Karma Train, like an Internet hipster, you were there before it was cool. ♪ Hands off my maymays! ♪ Gaming. Pics. And even Birds with Arms. You’ve seen everything from mind-numbingly boring, to, “I’m bringing this up in my next therapy session.” ♪ I still gave it an Upvote! ♪ When your rising star finally graces the Front Page, Your only regret? Not commenting to rake in those sweet, sweet Internet points. ♪ I was there, I was there! ♪ So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Sir Isaac New Content. You’ve discovered the law of putting posts in motion. ♪ Person Who Sorts by “New!” ♪

Danny Hutson

2 thoughts on “Internet Heroes of Genius: Person Who Sorts by “New”

  1. Bud light with ginger, wizard: if I've been searching for herbs that makes bud light taste better for years and I found ginger king: is it enough for production: wizard: not enough for everybody but in order to get more ginger you need to marry the queen of amberia end says better with amber

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