Internet Comment Etiquette: “Weed Channels”

Internet Comment Etiquette: “Weed Channels”

Hey there, everybody. Welcome to Internet Comment Etiquette. I’m Erik, your host, and today I don’t really have a lesson plan to look at specifically. So I was thinking maybe I’d just hop online and see if you guys have any suggestions. Here we go. “Comment etiquette: Weed Channels. Eric make it happen!” Oh, yeah, no, no, that sounds like a great idea. Ebjdhvbj blah lahalah *Theme Music Plays* Alright, now just a quick disclaimer: I know I got some younger students in the audience and, uh, just wanna make it clear to them that this, this lesson is for the upperclassmen only. You know, the ones old enough to enjoy a nice house blend of Jack Herer and Trainwreck when they want to unwind. As you can see, my wine glass is completely empty. That’s ’cause tonight it’s all about my girl, Ms. Jane. Mary Jane. Mmmm Marijuana. Alright, let’s watch a video! Here’s a YouTube video from weed channel, ‘CustomGrow420’. This guy’s the man. All he does is take bong rips to the dome and make sick YouTube cash. Fucking 1.2 million subscribers Man, that’s great. Good for him. That’s a lot of people just watching a dude smoke weed, so lets see what he is up to. ‘2 LUNGBUSTERS!!!!!!!!! 60 INCHES OF DOOM!!!!!’ Spark it up! Video: “YAAAYA! WHAT UP YOUTUBE YOUTUUUUUUUUBE?!?! What up..” Shit, man. That’s fuckin’ up my high. I gotta skip that. YEEYA, There we go! Drink that milk, cuz! Oh, fuck! He meant two in a row. Video: *Coughing* “oh…my…god…” Nah, man. You’ve probably got enough already. Video: *Coughing continues* Jesus Christ Video: “Grimis OG Rosin. Look…UGHHHHHH…” Are you serious, dude? Please don’t smoke anymore. You’re starting to make me nauseous. Video: “Oh yeah…” *Coughing some more* Bro Video: *Still Coughing* “Hey, if you enjoyed this video GIVE IT THE THUMBS UP…” Yeah, man, I’ll give that a thumbs up. Oh, you meant in the video. Nah, too late. I’m leaving my comment. Hey great rips bro but your lungs better have Obamacare “with all the trauma you’re putting them through. I mean holy shit if I tried doing what I just saw in this video, “I’d be in the hospital so long they’d have to make me a doctor. “Big ups my man keep puttin those clouds in the air and just remember the only bad clouds “are the ones the government’s spraying above our heads to keep us complacent while “they spike our drinking water with 9/11 drugs don’t trust your computer monitor “and birds make bad pets.” Aaaand post! Now you’re probably thinking, “Yo, Erik, man, that’s probably the only weed channel on YouTube right?” And, nah, you- it’s not. It’s sick. Look. If I type in ‘weed channel’ on YouTube and I search There’s tons of videos of people who just wanna get high for you… Well, and for them too, I guess. But anyways, here is one of my favorite weed channels. ‘Crutch 420. 6 INCH DAB ON A 6 INCH DAB RIG!!!’ I don’t know what any of that means, but we’re gonna hit PAH! Video: “And I thought what could we do with this thang that would be crazy. “That would get us super high. Zero to ten like that” *Snaps* Man, you can’t help but admire the obvious love these people have for getting high. Hell, yeah, son! SHMOOOOKE! Video: “Hooo hoo hoo” *Coughs* I mean, if you’ve got a song in your heart, you should never be afraid to sing it. Video: “Such a solid ten man. “If I had to describe the high I’m feeling right now to you guys, I’d say… “I’m floating around on the top of the room.” Alright, we get it, bro. You’re high. Video: “Most importantly, I’m so high right now. “You guys, gotta stay high.” Well, that guy sure did smoke some weed. I’m gonna congratulate his ass in the comment section. Oh, Fuck! “Oh maaaaan dabskiiiieeeees! You got high as fuck, “you’re lucky YouTube’s not a cop or else you’d be in marijuana jail right now, “which I guess is just regular jail you know the place we send an astronomical “number of predominantly black youths in red states over nonviolent marijuana offenses so that “racists rednecks can feed them and house them with their tax dollars while also “simultaneously compromising any chance these kids have at securing a normal career “once their time’s been served only for those same racist rednecks to complain about the government “giving them handouts when nobody wants to hire someone with a criminal record.” And dibbity dabbity! Alright, well I’m feeling top dog right now. I don’t know about you gu- What the hell?! Where’d this wine come from?! Uh uh. I can’t be drinking wine right now. Alright, our next weed shmoking video comes from ‘Haley420’. I guess all these people have to have ‘420’ in their username or somethin’. I don’t know. PLAY! Video Guy: “We are just gonna have to do work with them as we go.” Video Girl: “This is, like, my preferred way of smoking now, babe” Jesus, how high do you need to be? Video Girl: “DAAAAAMN!” *Guy Coughs* “I don’t know how you did that.” Video Guy: “I’m dead” Oh, fucking shit. Alright, I already got a comment for this. “What the hell I only smoke like two joints “and I think my heart’s gonna explode. How do you people do this? “If I smoked out of that thing I’d lose all of my childhood memories. “How much money do you people spend on weed per month? Don’t get me wrong, “I’m hugely impressed with both of you. That’s a serious achievement and you should be proud of yourselves, “but please never take a tolerance break or I’m afraid it’ll create a black hole in your living room “that eats our planet. Can’t wait to butt chug a Heineken to this later thanks guys peace and love!” And post, man! You guys, I’m so glad we can chill out like this in, you know, one of these videos without all the politics. All the stuff that’s stressing people out right now. Like…it’s cool to just chill man. And get back to, get back to the roots of- What the fuck is this? ‘Major drug bust yields one million dollars worth of marijuana’. What?!…No, what is this?! Why is this playing?! Video: “Marijuana with an estimated street value of 1.1 million dollars.” Aw shit, man. I don’t wanna be hearing all of this right now. Video: “Authorities believe much of the supply was sold to young people in the area. “Which is why this pot bust matters. According to department overdose data, “marijuana is an overwhelming gateway to heroin.” The fuck did you just say, you stupid bitch? “You wanna know what weed is a fucking gateway drug for “you Nancy Reagan pieces of shit? “Candy and sandwiches. Pizza. Cartoons. Fulfilling naps. Enjoying the company of cats. “Funny conversations. Relaxing with blankets. “Smoking a joint is as much a gateway to heroin as hiring you brain dead dipshits “was a gateway to good journalism. Can’t wait till you’re next story about kids putting “vodka tampons up their asses in high schools across the nation so you can hit your ” ‘scare mom’ quota for the month, and then maybe you can take a bong hit put of my dickhole. “signed Barack Obama.” Aaaand post! Alright, back to square one, I guess. *Cough* You wanna know what I like to do when, uh,… back to square one is… watch a little bit of Snoop Lion. Video: “Find the light, stretch’ out their limbs to the sun, got them right…” And that’s as much as I can show before getting copyright claimed but that’s all I need, man. We’re back to chill zone five million, alright. “BUTT CHUGGIN A LUNG BUSTER TO THIS SHIT “THANKS SNOOP CAT” And post! Alright guys, I’m totally level right now so lets continue on with the lesson. There’s an awesome website that I’d like to, uh, check out called Where people just chill, and get high, and watch community up voted shit. Video: *Alex Jones’s autotuned ramblings set to a synth beat* Yeah I wanna chat with these people logged in with my favorite reddit account, ‘curiousbetsy’. “HEY YALL WHATS EVERYONE SMOKING” “@curiousbetsy GG4 and larry OG” “im smokin a cigarette” Hey, look at these in the chat. They’re all gonna do a toke together so I guess I wasted mine, already. “POST PICTURES OF YOUR HOUSES” Uh oh, this guy’s onto me. “okay ya’ll i gotta go pick my cat up out the street” That’s a sweet little group of stoner-eenoes, man. Alright, well everbody at home, 3-2-1-TOKE! Oh god, that wasn’t a blunt!! “SMOKING A FAT CANDY CANE JOINT!” Video: “There’s probably around, like, four and a half grams in here” Nice, man. yeah, no, that’s totally dope dude. Nah, I totally…yeah. Great video so far. Video: *Coughing and Burping* “I’m burping” *Burps* Video: *Coughing Continues* “Holy shit.” Alright, time to leave my comment. Oh, shit. Wait. This isn’t a comment. This is just video games. Aye, yo, sorry guys. I gotta go. I forgot what I was doing. *Erik Shoots Team Member* Player in Game: “Are you fucking kidding me?” Oh whoops. Thought you were a bad guy. *Erik Repeatedly Shoots Dead Corpse* Okay, I’m, I’m too high to play this game or leave this comment. Let’s skip to the next video which is… “Sean Spicer Equates Marijuana with Opioids then Lashes out at Reporter” Wait, wha-…the fuck is this? Video: “I think that when you see something like the opioid addiction crisis… “um…blossoming in so many states around this country..” Yo, this isn’t fucking chill, man. Video: “The last thing that we should be doing is encouraging people. “There is still a Federal law that we need to abide by.” “Is it just me or “does this guy look like he hasn’t gone a day in his life without being bullied? “I mean maybe quit making it so easy you bloated soft eyed creep. “This dude probably hates weed so much because the idea of happiness “feels like a witch’s hex to him, so just ignore this dumb bitch “whenever he starts mumbling out that pursed vagina quivering beneath his nose. “Also, I heard Sean Spicer sneaks into retirement homes and fucks dementia patients, “maybe someone should look into that.” Aaand post! Hell yeah, that made me get even higher for some reason. Ha ha, alright, time to celebrate. No, wait. Alright, well that wasn’t that bad. What’s the next video? *small burp* “WILL IT BONG? CAP’N CRUNCH BERRIES” Oh, we know what universe this guy’s from. When did this get refilled? Video: *Echoing announcer Sound Effect* “WILL IT BONG!” Ah, this is fucking with me. *upbeat music plays* Alright, I got my comment. “man I am so high right now” You Now Guy: ” ‘Man I’m so high right now.’ Damn. “Why’re you so high right now? What the fuck? When did I get onto YouNow? YouNow Guy: “Commen-ti-quette, commenti-, COMMENTI-QUETTE, commenti-que-ette. ” ‘Have you ever eaten wolf meat?’ Nah, is it bomb or what? ” ‘I’m gonna be featured in Erik’s video.’ Who, whose Erik? “You- No one ever mentioned an Erik.” ” ‘No snitchin’ ” Alright, and over to twitter. “@tedcruz you ever wonder “if the universe is sentient enough to be grossed out by your personality?” Aaand Tweet! *Erik Shoots Team Member* Fuck! Alright fine, back to YouTube. “World’s Biggest Daaab!” *rap music playing* Wooooooah! *Rap Music Continues* This is the biggest waste of the sweet mother herb I’ve ever seen. “Put your mind on the right track rude boys, there are starving stoners “in Alabama that could get lifted for weeks off that blob, but they can’t “even though its mostly because they keep electing old white pricks “that don’t want them to have the choice to get high even though we are “all Israelites under BABYLON” Aaand Poost! *Erik Shoots Team Member* Oh, whoops! Sorry, I thought I was typing a YouTube comment. Oh, okay, I was though… Uh, I don’t know how that worked. *Erik Shoots Team Member” Player in Game: “You just killed me!” Man that wine is starting to hit me. I think I’m gettin’ the spins, bro. Alright, let me find something relaxing to chill me out. *Hyped Cheers Sound Effects Over Loud Rap Music* Noooooo, duuude. I don’t wanna watch that right now. “lol a cow died for this” And fuck you, stupid milk video! What’s next? *eerie wind and fire crackling sound effects* Oh, this is worse. *creepy gibberish with haunting piano notes* This is the worst time to light a blunt. *creepy gibberish with haunting piano notes* Woo, alright. “Ain’t no planet x coming “cause ain’t no space cuz ain’t not globe earth.” Aaand post! Aaand I’m sober again. Son of a bitch! I really hate when that happens. Alright, anyways, I hope this has been a real chill party for everybody. I hope you all had a lot of fun hanging out with me, And, uh, let me get back to this guy who gave me the idea to do this in the first place. “My name is spelled with a ‘K’ you fucking idiot.” Aaand Bob Marley. *Theme Music Playing* “BIG MONEY SALVIA IS HERE POSTING COMMENTS EVERYWHERE” “@seanspicer “hey I heard some crazy shit about you fuckin dementia patients, what gives?” Aaand tweet! Wait, what? I just donated a hundred fifty bucks to the ACLU instead of sending that tweet. What, how did I do that? Man, I gotta stop smoking so much god damn weed. Google “how to refund ACLU donation”. Aaand Google! *Erik Shooting Team Members* DAMMIT!!! *Erik Shooting Team Member* Player in Game: “Are you kidding me?” *Laughs* *Theme Music Playing*

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100 thoughts on “Internet Comment Etiquette: “Weed Channels”

  1. Bro I feel this may herald the time of the epic essay comment a more thoughtful thought provoking time where we can use the cancer that has become the comment section for reason and logic to solve the problems of the world together, really enough of pressing F to convey a whole sentence and for gods sake do more weed videos we need more of this in out lives ! MAGA Trump 2020 also do some JRE comments !

  2. I'm not sure why I find you kind of attractive, being a straight male and all. I mean, other than those times I'm feeling extra naughty on porn hub and need something crazy to satisfy my porn pallet after an adolescence of near constant viewing of pornography. Fuuuck man. Maybe been smoking too much of that Bubbah Kush. Nah I'm totally sober, other than the opiates.

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    Im Stoned as fuck and just wanted some relaxing Shit
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  6. CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a natural chemical compound that comes from the hemp plant. It is one of over 113 compounds found in hemp, known as cannabinoids. However, CBD is not a psychotropic cannabinoid like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), nor does it produce intoxication or euphoria.

  7. 3:34–3:57 was that… necessary? Like sure hearing that up front would convince anyone that "racism bad and conservatives are bad" but its pretty easy to disect that statement if you give it some thought. Are the majority of black youths in prison for drugs? Well… no. Are the majority of americans (especially conservatives) libertarians? Well… yes. Also Libertarians have a reputation for being advocates of weed legalization so… your statement does not make the most sense. You kinda wedged it in there and it wasn't very comedic. I wish you wouldn't do that… often. You've shown multiple times that you have a "if you don't like it, get the fuck off my channel" attitude but I like your videos and your a funny guy. I just wish you wouldn't try and ram your political agendas down peoples throat so often.

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    Waste not want not.

  10. God damn. I found your shit like 4 days ago and I haven't stopped watching since.
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    And I don't even know how high you can get because I practice reasonable highness when it comes to weed. Just make it chill and don't overdo it you idiots.

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  15. customgrow420 is so fucking stupid. he gives the dispensary shit because he busts open crystal ass nugs and finds a bunch of black fucking seeds that he can sell for like 10 bucks a piece and he got the nerve to call it crap and take it back to the dispensary and complain about it n everything. fuckers a joke

  16. Watching this made me realise just how bad the ever-present need for channels to outdo themselves can really get… Like, who exactly is the audience for "Xtreem fat tokes"? Sort of seems to go against the spirit of the thing…

  17. CustomGrow420 is the archetypal stoner that everyone grates on your nerves and the reason why weed hasn't been legalized. I hate him almost as much as the guy demonstrating the gravity bong while his dolphin friend cackles.

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  21. I would like to note that according to R6Tracker, Erik has 20 hours playing Jackal, and 90 playing Hibana.

    So with this data we know that he's just as sweaty in R6 as he is in real life.

  22. Real Talk: How sad do you have to be to make weed your purpose in life … and how even more sad you have to be to subscribe to the youtube channel of a guy like that.

  23. It is funny but the fact he is a huge racist makes it hard to watch.
    How brainwashed you have to be to be a racist againsg your own skin tone.

  24. It is funny but the fact he is a huge racist makes it hard to watch.
    How brainwashed you have to be to be a racist againsg your own skin tone.

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