Interactive Online Learning Course Trailer

I think the session is very successful. Well this was very interesting. It was very practical, very hands-on. I think today is quite good because many people are supporting it here. And I think most of the teachers they don’t have that experience and they don’t have that knowledge. Okay I’ve never had experience with Camtasia. It’s quite different when I present in front of the students. Being able to do the blue screen and take out the blue screen background was something I had never done so that was very useful. In fact what I created today, although it’s not good enough yet, I do intend to use in class. So how do you choose what is a good lesson to flip? How do you choose what can be covered effectively online and doesn’t really need a face-to-face session? If you try it, then you know. I have to practise a little bit more. I am a bit horrified at my video but I’m sure that it’ll get …

Danny Hutson

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