Intel’s NEW 8th Generation Kaby Lake CPU’s… EXPLAINED!

Intel’s NEW 8th Generation Kaby Lake CPU’s… EXPLAINED!

what’s up guys Eber here with Hardware Canucks and
I want to make this quick video regarding Intel’s upcoming 8th
generation CPUs the reason why we wanted to post this video is to clear some
misconceptions about these upcoming products but also explain to you guys
what the difference is between 8th generation CPUs versus Kaby Lake or
seventh generation products now quick disclaimer we still have no information
regarding intel’s upcoming Coffee Lake cpus we might share a few information
here and there in this video but we just have to wait for the specs and all that
kind of stuff later down the road but as of right now this video is just going to
go quickly over intel’s upcoming 8th generation cpus into ultrabooks and
guys i have to admit the specs are really and I mean really interesting so
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so let’s have a quick refresher about what until a generation course series
involves since things are pretty different this time around
it used to be that each generation was tied together with specific architecture
for example the seventh generation held exclusively Kaby Lake chips while the sixth
generation was skylake shifting beyond the 40 nanometer manufacturing process
has been proven to be a challenge so basically we now have an architecture
change following optimizations on an architecture without switching
processing nodes that means skylake kaby lake and other refreshes are all the
same 14 nanometer manufacturing process basically Intel’s a generation will
include three different refreshes new Kaby Lake processors coffee lake and even
cannon Lake expect to hear more information about coffee Lake in the fall
and we’ll be covering that architecture in depth very soon this release follows
their new naming scheme while introducing a new set of Kaby Lake processors for the slim and light ultrabook range intel is calling these
newer 8000 series processors kaby lake are and honestly i’m pretty excited for them
but why is intel targeting ultrabooks with this refresh well the simple answer
to that is the majority of consumers heavily rely on these products students
professors business professionals use these devices on
regular basis to get work done in fact I use this LG gram 15 every day to log
benchmarks write scripts consume content and in some cases even edit videos our
day 1 RX Vega coverage back in LA is a testament to that since it was all
edited produced and rendered on an ultrabook that weighs a bit more than a
soda can also over the past few years we’ve only seen a minimal improvement in
terms of performance from one generation to the next
in fact we did test out the ultra low voltage u series skylake vs Kaby Lake cpu’s and notice roughly 9 to 15 percent increase in ROM performance so it wasn’t
really worth upgrading from Sky lake to Kaby Lake unless if you really needed
that extended battery life because Kaby lake chips were known for having better
power efficiency if you’re interested in that comparison video I’ll leave a link
to that in the description down below so what exactly are these new a generation
mobile CPU is called at least the low-end SKUs that we’re discussing today
well you can address them as Kaby Lake refresh or like I said Kaby Lake are
because they’re essentially using a refined and matured 40 nanometer
manufacturing process compared to Kaby Lake there’s also some minor design
changes that allow for better performance per one Intel says that the
new notebooks will feature CPUs based off this 14 nanometer plus technology
that means a more powerful node that allows them to jam four cores onto an
ultra-low voltage package without increasing its GDP versus the dual core
seven generation processors basically these new i7 and i5 series CPUs will
have up to four cores and eight threads while boasting a TDP of around 15 watts
that’s really amazing since it could really enhance performance without
sacrificing battery life it’s like a dream come true
I don’t know but let’s take a look at some specs just to be clear all four
SKUs that we’re looking at today feature four course and eight threads starting
from the top we have the i7 8650 you CPU that comes with a base clock of 1.9
gigahertz and turbo boost up to 4.2 it also comes with eight megabytes of cash
so that’s doubled up compared to last gen however it still seems to be using
the same integrated graphics except they have renamed it from HD to UHD implying
these new CPUs can easily playback 4k content without breaking a sweat
I’ll have to test that for myself of course
moving down the line we have the I7 8550 you let’s collect at 1.8 gigahertz for
bass and boost up to 4 gigahertz it still carries the same amount of cash
from the 8650 you the i5 8350 you is clocked at a base of 1.7 gigahertz and
goes all the way up to 3.6 gigahertz so the blue frequency is quite lower
compared to the i7 and a cache has been reduced to 6 megabytes they still
feature the UHD 620 graphics but they are 50 measures under clocked last but
not least we have the i-5 8250 new CPU sporting a base clock of 1.6 gigahertz
with a turbo boost after 3.4 and the rest of specs are identical to the a350
you what’s even impressive is that the TDP on these new processors remain at or
slightly above a 15 watts so regardless of those two additional course Intel
claims up to 10 hours of battery life like everything else we’ll have to
validate that when we get our hands on the new ultrabooks so stay tuned for
that one thing I have to mention is that Intel has achieved their excellent TDP
and battery values by drastically separating the speeds achieved by single
and all core performance on the desktop we’re used to seeing a few hundred
megahertz but in this case the Delta is several gigahertz basically int’l is
prioritizing multiple threads over raw frequencies when an application
determines all eight threads are needed but what about availability of the
products well Intel claims it will see over 145 designs in September and coffee
Lake will be coming to the desktop very soon as well we can’t wait to see what
Intel has to offer especially with rising putting on some pressure lately
so what can we take away from this announcement from Intel well there are a
few things one the specs on paper look very promising for users who are looking
to upgrade to two or three or even five-year-old notebooks even our mini
editor-in-chief mike AKA sky mt l has been using his five-year-old veil z as
his notebook and so you know CD specs would perhaps make him upgrade to a
newer notebook very soon I really don’t know
also remember that quad core CPUs were launched into mainstream networks ever
since Intel’s the second generation Core Series so it’s you know it’s awesome to
see them finally implement those quad core chips or not those chips but quad
core teacher into ultra books and I’m really
excited for that this is also an excellent glimpse into what a generation
desktops EPS are going to look like and I’m just gonna leave it right there so I
wanna hear your thoughts on Intel’s upcoming a generation you series
processors are you excited for this over the desktop or even the processors
getting into the mainstream notebooks this fall let us know in the comments
down below i’m Eber with Hardware Canucks thank you so much for watching make sure
to save subscribed to the channel for more upcoming content and we’ll see you
in the next one

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Intel’s NEW 8th Generation Kaby Lake CPU’s… EXPLAINED!

  1. Man I just got my kaby lake laptop sadness really would have loved a quad core also………. EDGE BROWSER IS THE BEST BROWSER FOR YOUTUBE goodness I'm watching 4k video without any frame dropping on balanced power mode because edge LOVES to throw work at the gpu chrome, opera, and even firefox all wouldn't do it yet edge does easily

  2. I hope I made the right choice… I ordered my I 7700k 3 days ago. Just sent an email back to amazon saying I no longer want it as I'll wait for the I 8700k in September. (MY first ever PC build)

  3. It's 2017 and laptop cpu still quadcore WTF?!? Upgrade to 8 core already. This is why nobody buys laptops no more. Their octo-core cellphone and tablets are stronger and lighter and their gaming/editing machine at home is stronger.

  4. Key points:

    Intel doubles number of processor cores on laptop chips
    New chips are response to AMD’s upcoming Ryzen Mobile
    Revealed laptop chips are 40% more powerful than 7th-gen equivalents and twice as fast as five-year-old equivalents
    Line-up is mix of different Intel architectures for the first time
    No information on 8th-gen Coffee Lake desktop processors

  5. lol after ryzen release intel fanbois have bee converted into amd slaves yet most of them don't have an AMD product. I really don't care which side is better.

  6. That laptop you're using @6:29 I still have it. My mom uses it now and it's like 7, nearly 8 years old now. It's nuts how it's still running.

  7. Intel = The perfect chip for gamers who do productivity on the side.
    Amd = the perfect chip for content creators and people who do very very minor gaming.

    Amd fans= 90 percent arent content creators cause i damn well know they aint writing code, making music or editing videos.

  8. To be honest, intel mobile processors confuse me- you have a 2 core i5, now hyperthreaded i5, like can't you name them i3 and i7?

  9. Even i9 uses thermal paste under the hood. Goodluck replacing that every year. I don't know about you folks, but that's a no-no for me.

  10. For you gamers thinking intel is still not bad at gaming. Look into the future. Games right now may not be optimized for multi-core CPUs. But how about in a year?

  11. Unlike fanboys. I am a proud owner of Intel computers and AMD. Honestly if Intel can make Quad CPU's for Laptops and Notebooks i am all for it. However if AMD offers Ryzen with the same cores but better pricing. I will be buying a new Laptop with Ryzen. But for now i have a Lenovo Laptop with a I5-3230M processor and it serves its purpose rather well for school and day to day tasks.

  12. The only bad thing about Intel CPUs is that they don't have good stock coolers. Hell, their "K" line doesn't even have one. If they do something similar as AMD's Ryzen CPUs, at similar prices, that would be great. I might consider getting an i7 8700K for the PC build I'm gonna build for myself in the near future. But the fact that I have to spend more money on an aftermarket cooling solution kinda sucks to me :/

  13. Im currently upragrading my rig, but all these news for intels new line of processors has me me thinking, that should i wait for these new processor line ups or just go now with the 7700K which im currently planning on? Any tips? And i have also thought about getting ryzen system, not closing off that possibility either.

  14. TY for that very informative video on the new chips from Intel. I may be looking to build a new desktop computer in early 2018 and I really needed to get the latest updates on products such as this.

  15. 14nm++ is 8th gen. Coffee Lake will be 10nm, right? Will the 8th gen run in a z170/270 board? This is what we are all waiting for…well, the truth anyways.

    nevermind…this is all about mobile chips…

  16. I just bought an ultrabook for college, and I was really disappointed with its performance in creative applications such as those of the Adobe Suite. Why did it take Intel this long to decide to give its U lineup more horsepower? I'm going to be stuck with this laptop for the next four years. 🙁

  17. 4:47 base clock frequency is as low as 1.9 ghz? Lowest speedstep? If they sold it as that they needn't bother wtf is going on.

  18. so basically they rebranded kaby lake which is a rebrand of skylake.
    but they added 2 cores so thats definitively worth this time

  19. about time Intel step up there game releasing the same quad core cpu for past 7 years at inflated prices with less than 10% improvement from prev gen is bs if it wasn't for AMD they still be milking the same quad core chip at 300 dollars every year that requires a new motherboard

  20. Intel designs mobile processors for thermal throttling. Sure, you can run a powerful CPU with high performance. In the Antarctica… for 10 seconds… After that, the throttling comes, and performance goes away forever with I/O too.

  21. Looks not as amazing as it sounds. Note that 4 cores @ 1.9 GHz < 2 cores at 4 GHz, assuming linear speedup. The addition of two real cores may turn out not to make much of a difference since lately Intel processors are thermally and power limited, and throttling all the time, like the Y series (as in WHY did I buy this SLOW processor?)

  22. I got the new macbook 13 just last year… So many years without much change and NOW Intel decides to make there mobile chips better… I'm pissed because I want them.

  23. Sounds like my new i7 7700k i've had for a month is gonna need an upgrade again, it's gonna perform like shit compared to the 8700k knowing my luck 🙁

  24. PLEASE for fk sake someone clear me up ? What is the purpose of revealing the coffee lake since we just got the 8th gen line up ?

  25. I need a new laptop within the next few weeks for school. I was thinking about a dell xps or razer stealth. Will these processors come out on powerful ultrabooks soon or should i just buy one already released?

  26. Not bad if Intel can keep the price low with the 6 core variants I might consider switching back to intel sure ryzen is cool and all but the drivers ugh.

  27. 5 year old? the battery must be dead. but back then it was replaceable :((

    I bought a 7th gen u a week ago /c ry.

  28. Intel i5 8250u have low base clock speed of 1.6ghz and much more turbo clock speed of 3.4ghz
    Will slow base speed is an issue for a laptop?
    Or i should go with a laptop with 7th gen i5?
    Please help bud!!

  29. it was only one year ago when i bought an i5 skylake… month later 7th gen comes out… a few months on ryzen and now coffee lake. 🙂 That's Intel for you.

  30. Hey, whats better : Laptop i5 8250u + hdd or i5 7200u + ssd ?(display/screen is the same)
    i wanna learn programming + use adobe things

  31. amd= more cores bullshit to catch up to intel and they're budget oriented
    intel=better performance per core but is expensive as fuck but i still love intel.

  32. Someone on a YouTube comment on a Ryzen vs Coffee Lake video was incensed. He wished that AMD would go out of business for making such awful processors. Their disgraceful new processors couldn't even run modern games. Those running AMD must be pure evil, taking lots of money from people but providing them with crap processors whilst bribing and getting people to lie about how superb they were. AMD must have even bribed HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer etc. to not use Intel processors. They probably even created their own compiler software to produce code which only runs quickly if an AMD processor is detected and bribed major games makers to use it to compile all their games. It's a corporation. What do you expect?

  33. My 8th gen I5-8250U runs screaming circles around my 7th gen I7-7500U all the way down the benchmark line! First time I think I've ever seen the I5 of a new generation beat out a previous generation I7 of any series and the difference is enormous also! The jump from 6th gen I7-6500U to 7th gen i7-7500U last year was negligible and only notably marked in limited specific benchmark areas in a slight edge but this time around the difference is massive and that is on top of that going backwards from i7 down to i5 as well; plus looking at it, an interesting footnote is the notebook level i5's for the 8th is essentially what would have been if they had continued as before in naming would in fact be named the i7's for this generation looking at specific design differences agains prior generations where they have essentially and effectively shifted the naming schemes over for the 8th generation and thereby further increasing the distance in the leap forward this generation which really makes me wonder what both the performance and desktop / server lines are going to bring shortly (IE: new i7s become now i5s, new what would of been "i9s" become i7s, what would be a new i11(?) to be unveiled shortly officially be the upcoming i9).

    Aside from the new I5 beating out the previous generation i7, this is quite possibly the first time I've ever seen a "U" model of either series regardless perform so well on most every task I give it putting boundry tasks such as video editing, gaming, and heavier level multitasking within actual viable reach even in the budget and power conscience notebook spectrum which is a really good sign and high hopes for other things to follow soon.

  34. Getting tired of waiting until these reach Australian shores in greater numbers. 8th gen machines are STILL not available in Aus for the Razer Blade Stealth. Dell's XPS13 lineup on the other hand HAS them…and my XPS12 running a 3rd gen ULV i7 is getting longer and longer in the tooth.

  35. Go for Ryzen CPU's 2400g. You will never regret. Lower cost and best performance for money. I power my system with generic 250 watts and it does the joB.

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