Insomnia 55 TF2 LAN Intro

Insomnia 55 TF2 LAN Intro

WARHURYEAH: You just don’t know how – how it’s gonna go. Like, you really, really don’t. And I think that’s probably one of the really good parts of LAN, especially when it’s intercontinental. ZEBBOSAI: I’ve gotten it in my head that this is gonna be my last chance to ever win something, and I’ve… [chuckles] never won anything. I’ve always come in second. So that’s my motivation at the moment. MA3LA: I mean, I – I really want to win. Like, I’m… I’ve never been more motivated than right now. CLOCKWORK: We definitely want to be seen as, you know, the most dominant team over a given period of time, you know, we’ve won so many things. We definitely wanna close out strong. MIKE: froyotech aren’t that much better. We can beat them, and we’re not gonna get rolled. And that’s just what I wanna do. ♪ The stars ♪ ♪ The moon ♪ ♪ They have all been blown out ♪ ♪ You left me in the dark ♪ ♪ No dawn ♪ ♪ No day ♪ ♪ I’m always in this twilight ♪ ♪ In the shadow of your heart ♪

Danny Hutson

34 thoughts on “Insomnia 55 TF2 LAN Intro

  1. Hey everybody! I did some production stuff @ the i55 TF2 LAN this weekend, including camerawork, social media stuff, reskin organizational work, and some Source Filmmaker art and animation – including the animation work from this intro.

    Was super fun to be there and to do the animation work for this, thanks to everybody that showed their support and gave me their kind words during LAN!

  2. A mushroom goes to a party. A man opens up the door, and says "Sorry, no mushrooms"
    The mushroom replies "Why not? I'm a fun-gi"

  3. these clips made me super happy. Amazing med pick in the beginning. i think im going to start watching competitve tf2 now xD

  4. this was the absolute best insomnia year for tf2 and I remember the days i watched the whole stream, absolutely marvelous what our community has done for almost over a decade strong

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