Indian Heroes of PUBG Ep:1 | CarryMinati | Ajey Nagar | CarryIsLive

Indian Heroes of PUBG Ep:1 | CarryMinati | Ajey Nagar | CarryIsLive

When you land a headshot with a Kar98 rifle. *bang* when it hits… it feels great because… you’ve hit the head when the body is quite large and you take the shot from a distance and you’re hitting the head directly! It is a great feeling. You feel the rush. When I used to stream before the launch of PUBG… I used to have… when the game was really exciting I used to have 10,000 people watching. 10,000 people concurrently watching. That is it. That was a big deal for me. Otherwise I used to have 4-5 thousand people watching. I remember my first game very clearly. I played my first game of PUBG… and I destroyed it. I killed a lot of people… and a bot spawned right next to me. I thought, “What just happened?” Tencent contacted me and said… “You shouldn’t have seen that.” This is even more amazing! “Oh man!” “What the @#$% is this?” Twitch is a platform that is more successful in the West. There’s a feature called Twitch Prime… which is really important for streamers as well as the audience… that is not available in India yet. and I don’t think we have the servers for it either. People mostly watch gameplay on Twitch because that’s a part of their culture they have access to faster internet every other guy has gaming consoles you can build a PC at lower costs. We have almost double rates for everything in India. So I think… this is the reason why… Indians don’t indulge in PC or console gaming as compared to mobile gaming. PUBG is a game that is perfect for streaming… there are lot of good games games you can enjoy a lot. But PUBG is a game… which people like to play… and watch live as well.. And I think people sometimes prefer watching over playing PUBG Cars are flying away… things are exploding… grenades are being thrown around… whole squads are charging in So much action is happening it is very engaging to watch. Both factors are vaild. I think firstly it’s trending if something is trending… then you should stream it. Secondly, I really like playing the game. It’s not like there’s only one factor because if I don’t like playing it… I won’t be able to play that game. I believe that you should want to play the game first only then you can play it. Otherwise there’s no point. PUBG Mobile, in a way, is a gift… to the streamers and to the gaming community of India. It’s helping us grow. Dynamo, because I really like his gameplay. It is very engaging. And secondly I like Gunshot. I was watching a Sardar Ji stream PUBG once… GTX Preet. I think he’s a very serious guy. I think so. But when he speaks… I always laugh. I don’t know if it’s only me or everybody feels the same I don’t know. Everybody has their own unique style. A guy is following me should I knock him out with my fists? I stabbed him with a dagger! With the emulator… I have a keyboard and a mouse I can look at the camera I can check the superchats I can take a look at the chat as well. But if I am on a mobile phone… the phone’s battery drains out very quickly Okay? Then I will have to connect it to a charger and I will have to play facing down If I play facing down… the audience will only see the top of my head. Emulator is much more convenient for me that’s why I like emulator better. Plus, when you have a mouse you can aim and kill with more precision you get a better game experience. It was a great experience. I had no clue what I had to do as a caster. Every segment was divided you’re supposed to say this now you have to commentate now then you’ll get a break then you’ve commentate again and then you’ll get the next break. Then you’ll be on the screen and then you won’t be on the screen. You had to speak for around 2 hours. And you have no idea what to speak. You just keep on talking… which I think I do pretty well. There are a lot of teams from India. There’s full support for those Indian teams. We are completely biased. I think it’s only going to get better. What I feel now is… companies will start investing more in the mobile industry. Many more mobile games will be developed. I think a new Call Of Duty mobile game has been launched. I haven’t played it yet, I have to try it. So many people will chase after this opportunity which never happened before. People didn’t play a lot of games on mobile phones. There were games like Candy Crush… which are very casual. But now… I think the big gaming companies… they will also focus on the mobile industry. Because they know the kind of success PUBG Mobile has gotten… they will try and replicate it, again and again. So I think Mobile will help our community. Slowly and steadily PC gaming will also rise. There’s some growth in that field… but it will flourish only after the Mobile industry and then consoles and our industry will keep growing. So friends, that’s it for today. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up! And subscribe to this channel hit it with a pan or throw a grenade I don’t know just make sure it clicks. Now it’s time for me leave you should leave and I shall leave too. Bye-bye. If there was no trend of PUBG Mobile streaming might not have been a thing. It wouldn’t have been this huge. There would be no Mortal without PUBG Mobile. When I hit a headshot I say… “Patt se headshot!” that’s my favourite thing to say.

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  1. Best series ever
    So on point
    No annoying music
    Content rich
    Values players
    Focuses on relevant topics
    Good editing

  2. PUBG tatti game hai khelna Ab pasand nahi hai dekhna hi pasand hai Kyuki itne hackers ho gaye khele kaise cheating bahut chalti hai magic bullet and aim bot leke chalte hai bahut se players

  3. Ya gita bhi indian tata ha ya carry dynamo or mortal tati ya sab emulator or pubg mobile khalta ha kabi pubg pc ya pubg lite khala to bund phat jay carry or dynamo to phala pubg pc khalta tha or kita rota tha jis sa bhi mar jata tha khata tha ke hacker ha ya to bsdk all indian streat are not noob but please still dont show off on pibg mobile or emulator play pubg pc or pubg lite

  4. Bhai why don't they play pubg pc why play mobile game on emulator not a hater just asking?? I am also a fan

  5. Carry ab to Tum bohot cute Swee s golu molu ho gae😍😘
    but yr ak shikayt h tumse k His vahja log tumhare fan h vo Kam to tumne band h kardiya (vdos roast)😔😔kya yr itna b Kya lgna pubg m

  6. Csetoo ko invite kren plz ghazab ka streamr to mai but game play videos super duper owsm bnata mza ajata dekh k casetoo ko bulain plz

  7. Bhai toh pubg pc khelo na jahan pe har dusra banda pro jaisa khelta hai, bc emulator guys calling themselves gamers. Chutiye

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