Improve Your Resume & Earn More With These Free Online Certifications

Improve Your Resume & Earn More With These Free Online Certifications

So, most of you young folks out there understand
that being a student these days – in some countries at least – can cost you an arm
and a leg. There are options for free study, though. Some people, probably very few, opt to enter
into a degree mill certificate program. It’s not really a program at all, these
are just fake certificates and transcripts that are attained for usually a small fee. We don’t want you to be a dishonest person,
so today we will focus on real, free educative courses. There are plenty out there, probably more
than you think. We’ll look at what we consider the best
courses, or perhaps the most unique, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Free Online
Certifications That Will Look Good on Your Resume. Dog Psychology Course
Ok, so it might not be a shining light on your resume, but who doesn’t want to know
how dogs feel and think? Obviously, if you want to be a dog trainer,
or canine behaviorist, then this course is for you. We found an MOOC course, which stands for
“Massive Open Online Courses”, in dog emotion and cognition. It’s an 8-week free online course run out
of Duke University. You learn online, usually by watching short
20-minute videos. There are books to read, quizzes, exams, and
homework, and at the end a certificate is awarded if you pass (it seems you may have
to pay a small fee for this). The course received 4 or 5-star reviews, with
one former student saying, “The class was interesting, and it helped me to understand
dogs better.” Coding Bootcamp Prep
You might say this course could be a little more useful, but maybe not as much fun. You want to become a coder? Can’t afford university? Well, why not take the Flatiron School introduction
to coding course. It’s 75-hours in total. You’ll have instructors ready to answer
your questions and you will collaborate with other students. Surely there is a catch… free?! for so many
hours? Nope, they actually tell you on their homepage
that there is no catch. No hidden fees, no credit card needed, and
you can study at your own pace. You’ll learn JavaScript, make simple games,
and have a lot of fun. One student wrote, “Finding Bootcamp Prep
may be the single greatest thing I ever stumbled upon.” It is free, but no doubt if you get through
that course, you’ll be offered advanced courses that are not free. Still, you don’t have to take them if you
don’t want to. Medical Terminology Certificate
The American Association of Medical Assistants gives you enough literature in the form of
PDFs to become quite savvy regarding your understanding of medical terms. There are a lot of terms, too, and you’ll
have to memorize these before you take the free exam. But if you pass, you get a certificate, and
anything medical is useful and looks good on your resume. In fact, there are a handful of free medical
terminology courses available online, but some charge you if you want to get your certificate
after you pass the exam. CPR Course
Sticking with health, you can take a CPR course online for free at First Aid Web Inc. The course is totally free and it is studied
online. There is a catch again, though, in that you
must pay a small fee to actually get the certificate. Still, there is no reason why you couldn’t
state on your resume you have taken the course, and those skills you learn could also save
someone’s life one day. All you will need to do is read the material
and then take a test. Occupational Health & Safety Training
The website has a bunch of free courses on offer that are related to
safety at work. One such course is the Electrical Safety in
Construction course, and it doesn’t cost a thing. According to reviews, it was helpful and not
that difficult. According to the course creators, “You’ll
learn how electricity works and how it travels, cord and wire safety, safe power-tool use,
safe work practices,” and more. Other free safety education includes Hazard
Recognition and Assessment Training, Fall Protection for Construction, and an introduction
course to work safety. Each course is very short, and there is no
exam. Learn with Google
Google offers many free courses under what it calls “skills for a digital world.” This could mean learning how to make effective
presentations, understanding how websites work, or knowing how to take your business
online. You can learn at your own pace as you just
watch videos, and then check that you understood the lesson. It takes a matter of minutes for each part
of the lesson. The best thing is that Google will certify
you for free once you’ve passed. You can find these courses at the Google Garage
and Learn Digital. Emergency Management
FEMA offers a host of free courses that relate to learning about what to do in an emergency,
but only if you get a user ID with them. You just need to sign-up. We found a 10-hour Learning to Identify Hazardous
Materials course. Anyone can join. You download the course materials, study the
five units, and when you are ready, you can take the exam. You can study Animals in Disasters, or Radiological
Emergency Management, and many more courses. Some of these give you college credits and
no doubt such serious-sounding training will really glow on your resume. All these courses require are a few hours
of your time. The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism
Yep, you can take a 6-week, free course online with Stanford University on this topic. Anyone can take it, as long as you have a
passion for learning new things. There will be various units, such as “What
Are the Historical and Contemporary Security Issues with Nuclear Weapons and Materials?”
and “What Would Be the Consequences of an Improvised Nuclear Device’s Detonation in
a U.S. City?” Stanford has many free courses online, but
it seems you won’t get formal certification. Blockchain Essentials
Do you keep hearing about Blockchain but don’t quite understand what it is? If so, take a free course with You’ll learn all the basics of Blockchain
and then at the end you will have to take an exam. If you are successful, you don’t get a certificate,
but you do get a badge. The same website has myriad courses for you
to take, from Big Data, Watson Analytics, Deep learning, Machine Learning with Python,
and more. Sign Language
If you are in the U.S., you’ll be learning ASL or American Sign Language. Many of the courses online are totally free,
and what a great skill to have. One website, Sign Language 101, is free, but
it’s basically just following a bunch of videos. A website called Start ASL has a much more
comprehensive free course, which has videos but also has book work. All the resources are out there for free,
but with this, you won’t get a formal certification. Again, if you can say in your resume you know
the fundamentals of sign language, it certainly makes you look like a dedicated and caring
person. So, that’s ten courses you can take, and
just think about how much you could learn if you just took five of them, or how that
would bolster your resume. If you’ve taken any of these courses, or
know of any other good ones, please let us know about it in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
called What is the Deadliest Substance on Earth?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

Danny Hutson

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  1. A CPR course online?!?!! just go take a HANDS ON course from a reputable organization with certified instructors, muscle memory is everything with CPR. You need to train HANDS ON with the guidance of trained instructors to let you know your doing quality CPR!

  2. That CPR course may not hold water as most medical centers and hospitals want a CPR class done through the American Heart Association. But good video and info nonetheless

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  4. In a lot of workplace hiring people don’t give a shit about how good your resume was all they care if filling up the slots for the companies that need them.

  5. I've taken a lot of the FEMA ones for my first responder certification, and theyre really helpful. You even get a certificate you can print off too

  6. I've taken 8 or 9 FEMA ICS courses and I dn't think they'll ever end up on my resume now that I switched from emergency services to finance

  7. Thank you for the free resources. I usually use code academy, Lynda, Udemy and a few more.
    Forgot Khan Academy
    No certifications but definitely a good resource for any field,

  8. Still even after u have degrees or certificates.. The thing is which prevents u from getting a job is EXPERIENCE… how do u make EXPERIENCE? I have a masters degree in Electronics Engineering and now a PhD student but I got rejected company after company after company to nearly 300 companies reason: NO EXPERIENCE!!!

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  10. CPR requires hands on learning, please don't take an online course and think you can save a drown victim- from a former life guard

  11. these are great and all, but i live in Australia. would you guys be able to make a part 2 that exclusively lists courses that are recognised globally?..

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  13. Here is the list of websites that I found that have free courses (including but not limited to): Khan Academy, Saylor Academy, Open Culture, MIT OpenCourseWare, 360 Training, OEDb, Coursera, Canvas Network, and Harvard Extension School.

  14. As a veterinary technician in college looking to ad more to my resume, this video is AWESOME!!! I'm totally going to look into the dog psychology class

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  20. Thank you very very much, I'm still 16, but I might find this video and the websites helpful when I'm older and job hunting. I just hope the websites and their services exist at that time…..

  21. there are 13 "ICS Certs" (Industrial Control Systems) online offered by The Department of Homeland Security. They are easy and only take about 20 minutes per cert or you can skip to the end and print your cert. The topics are based on a cyber security point of view and are mostly for people trying to break into the IT or cyber security industries.

  22. The Professional Development bundle found on FEMA'S independent study website is also good. Try it ou!

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