I’m BANNED for life… 📰 PEW NEWS📰

I’m BANNED for life… 📰 PEW NEWS📰

Roblox did an oopsie. Twitch did an oopsie. Disney did an oopsie. Everyone did an oopsie! [Good Music] ***PEW NEWS*** very good news Good evening. I’m Poppy Borger, and welcome to Pew News. Our first story comes from ̶F̶o̶r̶t̶n̶i̶t̶e̶ Roblox. (lol) PewDiePie played Roblox the other day to stop T-Series. Closing the gap over 42,000 subscribers There was over 120,000 concurrent viewers at some point, making it the biggest Roblox livestream of all time. I don’t know if that’s true, I just think it sounds pretty epic- Now, I go on Roblox every day and I check out my latest creations, and I realized that PewDiePie’s account had been deleted. ( ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ ) hahahahahah Offensive item Reason: Inappropriate pewdie123t32’s Place… …has been terminated How could Roblox do it? ROBLOX WOULD NEVER DO THIS “Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at Roblox had been in violation of our Terms of Service” WHAT!? “Roblox banned pewdiepie for promoting them” How could they do this? SMH Roblox!!! You banned PewDiePie? Roblox is biased Now I’m not supposed to have my opinion, but I would never be that biased. They banned PewDiePie just because he said a couple bad words Disgusting! 👏 PewDiePie 👏 didn’t deserve to be banned 👏 Unban PewDiePie! 👏 Unban PewDiePie! Now people are outraged in the Roblox community and rightfully so. I’m not supposed to have my opinion… …but PewDiePie getting banned from pew- die- pew- die- err Roblox Is probably the most grave offenses that I’ve ever seen in our modern society. 95% and I’m not supposed to have my opinion but I had to do it to see the poll vote, okay? 84 people have spoken. I think it’s pretty clear that PewDiePie NEEDS to get unbanned. Now, I watched the whole livestream… …and I don’t remember saying anything bad. I mean, what did I do? That was so bad. Everyone that makes an account in Roblox, …gets their own little house, …their own living sanctum, …their own little heaven. Imagine that just getting ripped away from you. So you may think to yourself “Well, PewDiePie must be having fun playing with his friends… …like, his fans. …There was nothing wrong with what he did.” Uh, uh, uh! I think I discovered I did some hardcore digging… …and I think I discovered the reason behind the ban. [Livestream Replay] Look guys I made a new friend Uh, See that? He was caught speeding. He went 150MPH in a 50MPH lane. I mean, he can cry all he wants but he did violate the law. So….. “I watched it all, he didn’t troll or anything. He had fun with fans.” And the other people said the same thing. I watched the entire livestream. He did nothing wrong. And then people started you know going into conspiracy territory saying that “I heard from a video that uploading anything related to Pewdiepie On Roblox might get banned so I decided to try it out. Uploading a shirt saying “Sub To Pewdiepie” Lo and Behold! He got a warning. Offensive item-Reason: Innapropriate Sub to Pewdiepie HoW cOuLd hE?! So, people were still kindly curious- like why like Why is that so bad? And people found this post from a Roblox Staff From January 9 saying “Pewdiepie is no longer permitted on Roblox due to his content Redirecting to unsafe and inappropriate site channels. (Pewds) What the hell does that mean?! As well as continued inappropriate behavior That would not be permitted on Roblox or his own channel.” So, it doesn’t matter on what you do on Roblox It doesn’t matter what behavior you have on their game Anything outside will get you banned. “links to sites and channels” like WHAT THE HELL What sites and channels do I link to? They even say it themselves that “Linked websites are not under our control and, we are not responsible for their content.” It says in their own Terms Of Service. Which they banned me for. How could they? I mean Pewdiepie. How could they do this? I’ve never been this outraged. Okay, then, you need to ban 90% of people on Youtube, like Logan Paul and VanossGaming For saying inappropriate things, right? It’s basically the same thing. “So bascially Roblox is saying that Youtubers with mature themes are not permitted to ever join Roblox?? Is that what they’re saying? It’s annoying that fans that would just want to support me literally get their account deleted For adding stuff like “sub to pewdiepie” My favorite one is this one. “Roblox, I met PewDiePie yesterday on Bee Swarm Simulator, greeted him.” And he got his account disabled for saying “HI PEWDIEPIE” in offensive item “HI PEWDIEPIE” “HI PEWDIEPIE” My lists of demands for the unban is simple OK This is a letter directly to you ROBLOX I supported you I made the biggest Roblox livestream and I think a lot of people can benefit from your game but NOW I changed my mind and I’m really angry reinstate my Roblox private uh- game thing 123t32 not just reinstate my account but I want at least 500 robux as an APOLOGY!!! and I also want a written apology saying, “SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE” to show that you don’t support T-series in all of this….. that’s my list of demands If you don’t follow ROBLOX you’re gonna be VERY mistakenly- you’re gonna be regretful OK you’re gonna be angry at YOURSELF you’re gonna regret this ROBLOX!!! Those are my demands, you have 25 hours. 👏NEXT NEWS👏 because I’m so angry The new Aladdin was announced and uhh Will Smith is on a career destroying path at this point. [Trailier] When he sweat the sweat run back what’s off his forehead just to stay away from his face. was that supposed to entice people to watch the film? Jesus Christ WHAT WAS THAT!? What have you done to the BELOVED GENIE!? You know there is gonna be a ton of memes there’s already a lot of memes Colossal is Crazy posted “breaking bad deleted scene” *pewds laughs* *gasps* Oh God. “actual photo of Will Smith in the new live action Aladdin movie” *pewds chuckles* “This looks like a blue version of Shrek.” Yes it does! (look at meme) “it’s not too late to just not do this” Please Disney…….PLEASE DON’T DO THIS 👏NEXT NEWS👏 uhh Mr.Beast posted on twitter that he got this claim which was VERY questionable [Mr.Beast] My recent tweets have been about my videos getting claimed and I wanna do a video to give a little more details basically this is the old Youtube uhh- yeah analytics which is what I used and on this it just tells you whatever musical composition the record label you know monetized by copyright owner it doesn’t give you ANY information which is why I was always so confused uh if we look this video is claimed by “LIVING ON VIDEO” by Pascal Languirand whoever that guy is so watch the video, this is what I think they claimed me for because we were singing this song. (Video) Livin’ on a prayer Copy righting this makes no sense [Mr.Beast] Didn’t use a beat or anything we just sung this song um so I don’t thing that’s claimable but whatever and then THIS Pascal guy who doesn’t even own the song claimed it because of- let’s find his song where is his Right here! This one! uhh “Living On” I think he says “Living on” in the video so I’m guessing we got claimed because we said the words “Living on” (laughs in background) Idk I was gonna try muting it or cuting it out (other person) HOLY SHIT but that’s what I’m sayin’ I just feel like- *pewds laughs* Like you say the words “Living on” and you get claimed all the revenue is lost from your videos by those simple two words Oh God! Did I just say them!? Like what the HELL is this Youtube system!? It’s insane! so, it’s not even the song he’s referencing but he still get’s claimed for just referencing a song? Like WHAT THE HELL is this system on Youtube where you can do this sort of thing!? This guy should not be allowed to upload songs on Youtube if this is the sort of uhh way you abuse the system. The system is there to protect people from copyrighting and up- re-uploading other people’s content THIS IS NOT IT. How crazy is this!? (very ;-;) Now, Grandayy pointed out on twitter that uh methods that these uh companies are using outside of Youtube are equally crazy if even crazier bringing up uh stories like “In one case it told a 61-year-old mechanic that he would have to pay £150(193.46 dollars) to play his radio while he worked by himself. It also targeted a bakery that played a radio in a private room in the back of the shop, *pewds gasps* a woman who used a classical radio to calm her horses [Pewds] had to pay up and community centres that allowed children to sing carols in public Like this is how copyright is used to target individuals in abusing copyright law Like WHAT THE HELL this is- the greed is unfath- unfathomable I mean..this is not about protecting artists something needs to get done! 👏NEXT NEWS👏 speaking of bad claims questionable decisions made by every- decisions made by everyone not just companies but individuals in the community as well This time “JustDestiny” I mean I called out youtubers for making questionable copyright claims before just ’cause I think it’s really important like- if companies are abusing the system then at the very least we as individuals or youtube creators should NOT be abusing the system but NO ONE LISTENS!!! “JustDestiny” this time uh a channel with 1.7 million subscribers he makes Dr.Phil videos which I may or may not have gotten some inspiration from uh but he also makes these also VERY questionable thumbnails where he criticize really young girls and he adds some uh in a very sexual manner in the thumbnail “SHE’S ONLY 13” a lot of people called out JustDestiny from this saying, dude- like what are you doing!? this is kind of messed up this 15 year old kid called “LT cobra” uhh criticized him [LT cobra] and already the top search you get “What Kids Are Really Doing On Musical.ly” now without the thumbnail it’ve already given it away that their children we also have KIDS in the title so JustDestiny is fully aware that he’s using the fact that kids are being VERY sexual to boost his views f*ckin quailty mate. we have this individual girl kind of moving her hair back with her t*ts out *sighs* Destiny wh- why is this on your hard drive? “Malu Trevejo Must Be Stopped… (Danielle Bregoli Exposed)” t*ts in the thumbnail not to mention the fact that this says, “SHE’S ONLY 14” [Pewds] and low and behold JustDestiny took this video down criticizing him which obviously he can’t do it’s the Youtube system It’s so fantastic and on top of that he also sent a LAWSUIT {WHAT!?} against this kid, this 15-year-old kid that made this video he sent a lawsuit against for being defamatory, I think at least KEEMSTAR even pointing out that this is a fake lawsuit it seems to be fake and there’s no listen attorney under that name so it’s basically just fake threats and scare tactics to get this kid to uhh shut up from criticizing him JustDestiny did a response to this basically saying “wElL hE cAlLeD Me a pEdO” [JustDestiny] so there is this kid called “LT cobra” who made a video on me about 2 weeks ago insinuating, accusing, or throwing out the conspiracy that I may be like some type of PEDO or knots as they call it? {wth did he say knots nots?} SOMEHOW he came away with a conclusion and the bright idea that he should make a video spreading rumors, speculating and basically insinuating that I…could possibly be a pEdO. I think you’re getting sucked JustDestiny on the whole pedo thing most people probably don’t think you’re a pedophile most people are criticizing you for using really REALLY young girls in a sexual manner as a thumbnail as a way to draw people in I mean I have a girl in my thumbnail of this video, ’cause I know that’ll get views everyone knows how this sh*t works but to use underage girls is VERY questionable it’s kind of a gross thing to do and I think you deserve to be criticized for it (👏RESPECT WAMEN 👏) and this sh*t ain’t rocket science you know what you’re doing and even if you’re denouncing it That’s just weird. This is weird. All you really had to do in this situation was acknowledge “Yeah you know what, that was f***ed up, I won’t do it again” And people just can’t learn! People just can’t face criticism And instead he just abuses copyright on YouTube, which is already an issue enough, to take down this kid’s video And even sending a lawsuit. It’s really f***ing annoying how people keep doing this Just STOP like this whole thing got so much overblown AGAIN f*ckin reference uh- Barbra Streisand for the f*ckin 100th time why do I keep swearing? That’s not helping, sorry. The MORE you try to hide something on the internet the MORE people will find it. Just acknowledge that you were wrong and move on. IT AIN’T THAT HARD GODDAMN like people are generally forgiving on the internet just own up to your mistakes and that’s it that’s all you had to do it’s not like- GODDAMN 👏NEXT NEWS👏 To brighten the mood a bit Tekashi who’s who’s- in jail right now I think? before he got arrested God Bless Him He recorded this brand deal for Valentine’s Day and it’s goddamn beautiful. [Video] (worker) Well how can I help you guys? (Tekashi) Yeah we ready to spice thing up 😉 (worker) You do know you have to know your partners limitations? (Tekashi) I agree. (*pewds chuckles*) When I was younger I used to make a lot of stupid mistakes. (Pewds) yeah (Tekashi) I’m ready to learn more. (spokesperson) Get informed, help stop violence against women. {RESPECC WAMEN} (Pewds) a oh? (Spokesperson) Visit a Romantic Depot near you and pick up your free pamphlet. (Tekashi) Thanks to Romantic Depot I now know how to treat women with dignity and respect. (narrator) Visit Romantic Depot Rockland go to RomanticDepot.com for directions. (Pewds) Finally Tekash, another fellow man that knows how to RESPECT WAMEN. He has SO much respect for wamen. That was WAY more impactful than any Gillette commercial in just m- my opinion 👏NEXT NEWS👏 The FINAL news is about HelenaLive getting banned uhh she got banned for basically saying “There’s only 2 genders.” [HelenaLive] “Your recent behavior has proven your lack of understanding what hateful speech is, and how it may effect your community or your channel.” They told me that I insulted the transgender community. “I would advise you to study our TOS and community guidelines once again and- [Pewds] Ok so what she alleged is I- I’m saying alleged is because I haven’t seen the clip ’cause her channel is deleted so you can’t really watch it but she said that she was just bringing up the ideas around biology. I think she says it here? (HelenaLive) I think that biologically there’s 2 genders. I think there’s the woman and the man. That’s what biology tells us. I specifically said it’s okay if a male wants to be a woman and a woman wants to be a man. You can not anything in between. I said I supported the transgender community. I never said I didn’t. They banned me because I said there’s two genders or sexes. That’s why I got permanently banned from Twitch. Are you actually kidding me right now? Biology with HelenaLive everyone. Now eh heh heh She says so apparently if you get 3 bans you’re…..off the site on Twitch. I’m not sure if that’s right. I shouldn’t say stuff that I don’t know. But she basically says that she’s only been banned once. (HelenaLive) He says several. I’ve been banned once. And warned that way…. “And warned that way that the behaviour you’re showing is unfortunately not the type of content we let live on Twitch.” You let boobs though. You let actual naked tits.
*HAHAHAHAHA* But you don’t let conversation. “I’m very sorry you had to come to this decision but there’s no turning back from this point and we have finalised the process. We hope we can look back one day and learn and grow from this.” (Pewds) I love…I love that… We hope that one day we can all learn from this. You’re not allowed to have any discussions about certain topics. I mean I….”Proof that Twitch staff is filled with LGBT white knights.” *wheeze* Jesus Christ I mean the thing is you know that this is such a sensitive topic for a lot of people, that it’s like if someone brought this up I’d kind of would just go ehhhhh I mean I don’t know why..what the context behind this discussion was. I don’t know why she was discussing it. Explosives that you probably shouldn’t go near. and lo and behold here’s the reason why you shouldn’t. But then again it’s pretty concerning I mean this seems to me…again I haven’t watched the footage so I don’t know what she exactly said. But if it is what she says then I mean Twitch seems to be pretty strongly against freedom of speech if that’s the case As long as she wasn’t inciting violence or harm against anyone, she should have every right to express her opinion about it whether you agree with it or not. I- It’s pretty concerning how these websites are shutting down pe- people voicing their opinion on this subject because it might offent a community of people I mean…that just doesn’t seem right to me. This bending of Freedom of Speech just to appease a group of people. we’re living in really strange times right now.. really strange times I would be concerned if I was a Twitch Streamer *chuckles* to say the least Jesus Christ… I mean as much flak as I give Youtube at LEAST I haven’t seen them pull any stuff like this I know Youtube still.. Is workin’ really to pro- protect Freedom of Speech and they know how important that is To see Twitch make a decision like this is very concerning I would- I would like before I express myself too much on this to have seen what she actually said uhh but as she pointed out herself uhhh which was, (HelenaLive) Not giving me access to my VOD to PROVE to them that they’re not- that they’re LYING they’re saying I don’t support transgender people when I- in that VOD in that VOD that they banned me that I had to delete I said I do. I am done. at this point there is nothing I can do about Twitch (Pewds) so there you have it a-as far as I’m concerned I think she switched over to Youtube man….CRAZY I can’t imagine I mean your livelihood basic- idk is she a fu-full time livestreamer? Just getting banned? That really sucks. OK That it for this weeks PEW NEWS hope you guys enjoyed this video smash like if you did!! and uh- I as always I’m Poppy Gloria Borger Harlow and this has been my pleasure Good Evening, Good Night, and have a good life [Good music] {cc person} Guys I edited subs to like 14 mintues of this video…ugh wth am I doing IM NOT EVEN GETTING PAID FOR THIS [Good music] PEW NEWS OUT!!! [TuberSimulator Ad] You want pyramids? We got ’em! Oh you’re into castles huh? WE GOT CHU COVERED BABYYYY YOU WANT SOME PETS!? EASY!! WE GOT IT ALL!!! *GASPS* SPONSOR EAGLE!? THIS GAME IS STILL RELEVANT GODDAMMIT!!!

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  1. OMG GEORGIAN HOODIE I LOVE YOU PEW MY COUNTRY 20% is occupie by russia FUCK! 🙁 🙁 ( i am from georgian and in georgian every teenager knows you <3 )

  2. why flamingo/albert just abusing player and not getting banned, why pewdiepie is banned and he isnot abusing ? why roblox?

  3. The real reason behind pewdiepie being banned in roblox is a infamous roblox user named psyduckc who botted pewdiepie game. Then roblox admins automatically banned the game and its creator

  4. Seeing this video after 6 months and finally realizing where JustDestiny went.
    God I need to come out of my rock

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  6. Word you can’t say in Roblox (I’ve been keeping track)

    2. No
    3. Hi (I got banned for saying hi to a friend that was new to Roblox sad)
    4.Stop (I got banned for saying “stop” for some unknown reason)
    5. ROBLOX… (yep I’m pretty sure at this point a admin is targeting me)
    7.YouTube (it’s not tags no more it not tags so they can ban u when u say it)
    8. yes
    9. out (I got banned for saying “out”)
    10. Ow (A admin doesn’t care about me then)

    The list goes on I didn’t list the obvious ones like the bad words
    But I’m pretty sure a Roblox admin hates me for something
    I think it’s because I seen a admin and I was like “OMG A ADMIN”
    I think I blew there cover cuz the badge wasn’t there but the name looked exactly like the actual one

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  9. I know, im late, but about pewds banned for "a couple of bad words".

    Then, i was in an italian lobby in murder mistery 2. And someone said p*rco dio.
    And its like p*g god.
    Marzia pls non arrabbiarti.
    I reported him and i still waiting for the ban hammer to hit him.
    I said everything.

  10. They did it for your cursing inappropriate sorts vidios that I like xd and the admins act like they never saw u play as they don’t like you in the community for some reason

  11. There is a chance he was banned for his roblox username. It has PewDiePie, roblox thinks it's offensive because it has the word " Pew " in it, like a gun, and the other word " Die " ..

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    Roblox: We need money so we remove tix!
    T-Series: Hmm Interesting
    Pewdiepie starts a Live Stream about Roblox
    T-Series: Hey Roblox!
    Roblox: What
    T-Series: Ban all 9 years olds and Pewdiepie in your game!!!!
    Roblox: Why he doesn't need to be banned!
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  14. This is funny, because PewDiePie played Minecraft, and as a result Mojang made millions off of new players. Roblex may have shot themselves in the foot with this one.

  15. I´m in the LGBT+ community. I´m bisexual and don´t identify as female or male. In the community we refer to sex as the biological "gender", and to gender as the psychological "gender", or basically the gender that we fell like we are, not the "gender" that we actually are. I don´t think she should have been banned. It would have been different if she said something like; "it´s evil/bad/wrong to identifie as neither gender, or if she said that you are stupid, mentally ill or wtv to identifie as that.

    Ofc, maybe she did actually say something like that, I didn´t watch the stream.

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