Ilustración botánica con acuarela – Curso Online de Canela estudio – Domestika

Ilustración botánica con acuarela – Curso Online de Canela estudio – Domestika

Hi, I’m Paulina Maciel,
designer and illustrator. I use watercolours
and I specialise in botanical art. It’s a technique in which
you don’t have complete control, the polar opposite
of my personality. It allows me to be more free and let everything flow naturally. I like the fusion of art and design. One helps me create and the other has a commercial end. One day I decided to name my work. That’s how Canela Estudio was born. I have two client types: those who need me for business like Palacio de Hierro,
Desigual and creative agencies, and my favourite
are those who look for my art and give me total freedom. The botanical theme
is constant in my work. I love observing nature,
which never ceases to amaze me with its subtlety, gentleness
and wide variety of plants. In this course you’ll learn to create
a botanical illustration. As a final project,
we’ll use a flower as a model to create a botanical illustration that we’ll use as a resource to design a stationary set. We’ll discover the material
we’ll work with in this course. Then, we’ll do exercises
to introduce the technique, we’ll try some opaque
and shiny textures, with hairs and thorns
present in natural surfaces. We’ll also do volume exercises
with watercolours and I’ll show you how
to identify shapes with botanical compositions. We’ll tackle botanical illustrations
from different styles. We’ll use watercolours or pencil
with the grisaille technique. You’ll discover
the plant’s basic morphology to know the essential parts to include in your composition. At that point, we’ll create a picture we’ll ad colour,
volume and texture to it. Finally, I’ll show you how to digitalise
and edit your picture to apply it and use it
in design products. No previous knowledge is needed
for this course you just need interest in
the watercolour technique and a love for plants. The material we’ll need is:
tube, pan or liquid watercolour, round brushes, paper for watercolour, leaves, plants and flowers
that we’ll use as models, as well as other basic tools
you’ll have at home. This course is aimed at designers,
illustrators, artists, and anyone interested in nature. More than a technique,
watercolour is an attitude. Feel free to discover it with me. Botanical Illustration with Watercolours

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  1. Asombroso, estoy empezando en esto de la ilustración botánica y tu curso me parece muy interesante. Saludos desde Panamá

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