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100 thoughts on “‘If You Talk About Me, You Can Go Viral For A Day Because That’s How Relevant I Am,’ Says 20-Year…

  1. Doller tree brand Jeffree star and paintbrush looking dude are like two 10 year olds that just became friends that are causing trouble around the neighborhood.

  2. literally no one cares who came up with ur awful video idea i know neither of ur names so u arent relevant enough to be in our timelines

  3. @ 3:01 when they were fighting about who gets credit for the video had me dying 😂😂 . I wouldn’t want people to think I was even apart of that video 😂 they must love haters ☠️

  4. Wait until these dildos get charged with consumer tampering. It’s actually a felony to lick ice cream and put it back or gargle mouth wash and spit it back.

  5. I'm sorry who? Just because you get views doesn't mean they know your name. Like if they could hear how idiotic they sound.

  6. I knew a gay guy who had a similarly vapid, glib demeanor and would always go on about how much he wanted to be a princess. Thank God I only met him twice.

  7. The guy/person with the blue eyeshadow and long hair is so much more down to earth than the other person. I feel like the long haired person is more passive and just "goes along with it", but he could do so well on his own and actually do something meaningful with his popularity. He needs to move on from that short haired guy.

  8. You should check out the current suicide rates, tracked over the past 10 years, in the high school to 35 age range.

  9. How are influencers at all you’re just making stupid videos that little kids watch but then I think it’s OK when it’s not honestly why don’t you do something that has actual meaning in the world and will make a difference I’m just wasting your time doing stupid things that I have an a prank it’s just being stupid in the store because you have nothing else to do in your life at all. Get a life

  10. These are ugliest people I've ever seen. And I'm not talking about their looks. But, can anyone imagine being intimate with these disgusting clowns. Yuck!

  11. Thats why there is a high rate of gay men like this committing suicide because they realize, they are broke because no one want to hire them because of their attitude and views wont make them famous rich. Smh

  12. Parents……please use a condom and save us from this sanity if you cant discipline your children. This will be there future

  13. Just.. why.. WHY does a guy (or any person) ever wear blue eye shadow?? And so much?!?! Like are there actually people out there who like walking around with that??

  14. I thought the ice cream lick pranksters are arrested..
    LoL hate seeing them talk n seeing their not so preety faces but im just gonna watch the whole videos in case i cud diss them more??

  15. 🤮 They said a zombie apocalypse was far fetched…. WE NEED TO SAVE THE TEENS! FEED THEM BRAINS EARLY AND DON'T RAISE THEM TO BE EMPTY NARCISSISTS ☹️

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