(dial-up internet connecting) – (Ian) SHUT UP!!! – Dude, Becky Johnson
just poked me on Facebook. – Becky from high school? Why is she poking you? I thought people stopped
doing that ten years ago. How creepy would it be if
someone you hadn’t seen in forever just walked up to you
and poked you in real life? – Yeah, dude, real life would be weird
if it was like the internet. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
If The Internet Were Real 2 ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Periscope – And that’s how you make
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Please give me hearts. Please? Please? – Why the hell are we watching this? – Because we’ll follow
any social media trend to stay ahead of the curve.
(approaching footsteps) – Guys! I just got a notification
that some big-tittied lady’s making a peanut butter jelly
sandwich in the other room. – Ooh, I’m hearting!
– Heart! Heart! Heart! Heart! (screeching) Heart! Heart! ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Waze: Outsmarting Traffic Together – I’ve gotta get to my job interview
in seven minutes or I’ll be late. What’s the fastest route? – Take a right in two blocks
and you can be there in ten minutes. – You’ve got five cops up on your right and traffic’s about to
slow down in two blocks because someone dropped
a dirty couch on the street. And a car just exploded
100 feet ahead of you. Take a hard left here and you’ll
get there in seven minutes. – But that’s the route of the parade! – Do you wanna be on time or not? You could always use Apple Maps. (flies buzz) ♪ (chipper music) ♪
WebMD (flushing toilet) (sneezes) – You have cancer. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Tumblr – Pfft. This meme
was just stolen from Reddit. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Reddit – This was just stolen from 4chan. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
4chan – Finally! The place from whence all memes originate. According to other internet elitists. ♪ (ominous music) ♪ Why was Rainbow Dash
doing that to a Power Ranger?! (sobbing) ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Pinterest – Okay, I just need
four more perfect dresses and then we’ll be set. – Don’t you think you
should get a boyfriend first? ♪ (ominous music) ♪ – (in demonic voice)
My Pin Wall is my boyfriend. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
#hashtags – Why are all these teenagers
starting their words off with the pound sign? Pound sign confused. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
YouTube – (owner) Hey. Do something. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Buffering (music stops) ♪ (music continues) ♪ ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Vine ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Instagram (silence) (approaching footsteps) – Guys! I just found a photo
of a PB and J sandwich, but it’s on some girl’s big titties. – (men) Like! Like! LIKE! – Oh, and there’s another photo
of a questionably of-age boy with a decent-looking face and abs
and no other discernible talent with a PB and J sandwich too. – (both) Like! Like! Like! – Like? Like! Like! Like! Like! – Yeah, I guess the internet
in real life would suck. (sensuous moan) – (Ian) Becky, you poke so good. – What about me, Becky? – Yeah, share it. (Anthony and Ian moan) – (Ian) Get in there. Get in there. – Pound sign, this generation is f*cked! – (Ian) Hey, guys, thanks
so much for subscribing. Click the video on the left
to check out bloopers from this video and this deleted scene. ♪ (chipper music) ♪
Google: Deleted Scene – The term “bitch” comes
from the 12th century word “bicche”. – (Anthony) And click the video
on the right to check out Every Vine Ever. – Black people be like–
– What?! Go ahead and finish it, man. What do Black people be like? – (Anthony) And, of course,
if you’re watching this on any touchscreen device,
all the links are in the description below. [captioned by www.facebook.com/subtitleyoutube]

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “IF THE INTERNET WERE REAL 2

  1. 1:28 If I was him, I wouldn’t be scared that I had cancer, I would be scared that a random stranger is behind me in the mirror telling me I have cancer.

  2. Ways to die

    1:shoot yourself

    2:stab yourself

    3:jump off a bridge

    4:jump off a building

    5:pass away

    6:listen to cylee mirus

    7:be possesed


    How not to die:like this comment

  3. if the internet were real:

    hacker: Runner.instance_.playingIntro = true;


    game creators: YAWNNNN

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