IELTS & TOEFL Vocabulary – Technology

IELTS & TOEFL Vocabulary – Technology

Hi there! My name is Emma, and today’s lesson
is a very important one. It’s on vocabulary that has to do with technology. So in this
lesson, we will be covering 13 new vocabulary words that you probably don’t know. We’ll
also talk a little bit about whether or not to use “the” with technology. This lesson is especially good if you are
planning on taking the TOEFL or the IELTS, or any other test like that, because they
often have questions that have to do with technology on those types of tests. So you may get an essay question asking, “How
has technology improved our lives?” or “Think of a technology that you couldn’t live without”.
For these tests vocabulary plays a very important role in your mark. So you really want to score
high on vocabulary. These words will help you to do that, okay? So let’s get started. First of all, we have “technology” written here.
As you can see, it’s a noun, and in general, it’s uncountable. So I’ll talk a
little bit about that in a second. We also have “technological”, which is the
adjective form of “technology”, okay? So what is “technology?” It’s a very, very
general term which encompasses many things. So oftentimes, “technology” refers to tools,
machines, information, which make tasks or jobs easier, and which improve our lives —
so a very broad definition for technology. Okay, so here I have a sentence: “The technology
has made our lives better.” You’ll notice this big red X. This is one of the most common
mistakes I see ESL students make. They love to put “the” with “technology”, but this is incorrect.
So this sentence should really be, “Technology has made our lives better.” And
the reason is, because technology is uncountable and this is a general technology. We’re talking
about technology generally, here. We’re not talking about a specific type of technology.
We’re talking very generally, so you don’t need “the”, okay? So when you write your IELTS
or TOEFL essay, don’t write “the technology”, unless… our second sentence: “I saw a lecture
on the technology of storytelling.” So this is actually a lecture I did see. It was a
TED Talk I watched and it was called “The Technology of Storytelling”. In this case,
we do have “the”, “the technology”. This is okay, because we’re talking about a specific technology.
What type of technology is it? “The technology of” — this is usually a clue – storytelling.
So if – let me write “specific”… If you’re just saying “technology” and the
next thing is a verb, don’t use “the”. If you are saying “technology of (something)”,
use “the”, okay? So now let’s look at some of the words we’re going
to learn in this lesson. Okay, we have three words here first of all,
that have to do with people, okay? So, these are our people words. We have our positive
words, and you see the big smiley face meaning this refers to positive things about people,
and then we have negative words or a sad face. So let’s look at the positive words first. The
first one we have is “technophile”. Okay, a “technophile”. So what is a technophile?
Well “-phile”, anytime you see “phile”, this means love, okay? We have a lot of words…
“cinephile” is someone who loves films, for example. “-phile” is a key part of this word,
and it means love. Can you guess what this means: “technophile”? A “technophile” is a
noun, so it’s a person and it’s someone who loves technology, okay? Someone who
loves technology is a technophile. Now we have the opposite of a “technophile”,
a “technophobe”. So, just like “phile” means love, “phobe” adds a very important meaning to this word.
“Phobe” is similar to “phobia”, and a “phobia” is a fear of something. So
if you are a “technophobe”, you have a fear of technology. You’re afraid of technology,
so someone afraid of technology. So for me, between being a “technophile” and a
“technophobe”, I’d probably consider myself a “technophobe”. I know I make these online
videos, so it’s a little bit… I guess ironic, but I don’t have an iPad. I don’t have an iPhone.
All these modern gadgets, they actually make me feel stressed out and anxious. So I’m a “technophobe”. But presumably, if
you’re watching our videos online, maybe you’re a technophile, and this is very good if you
want to learn English. If you like technology there’s a lot of technology to
help you learn English better. Okay, so our next word is “tech-savvy”. Now
this is an adjective that has to do with people and someone who is tech-savvy is someone who
knows a lot about computers or technology. I put computers here, but it can be technology in general.
So, those people who are extremely good when they touch a computer. You know,
it does the right thing automatically. Those people are very tech-savvy. They don’t run into a lot of the same problems I
do when I use a computer. So I am not tech-savvy. But an example: “He is tech-savvy.” Okay,
so now let’s look at some other words that refer more to the actual technology. The words to my side are words that can be
used to describe different technology. Okay, different types of technology. The first word
we have, again we have positive words, so these are what you want when you buy a piece
of equipment or some form of technology. And then we have negative words, so
this is what you don’t want, okay? So first of all, the first word is “cutting-edge”.
So this can be either a noun or an adjective and “cutting-edge” means it’s the leader. It’s at
the forefront. It’s in the lead of technology. So for example, I hear in South Korea they
have robotic teachers, so robotic ESL teachers and teachers teaching classrooms. I don’t
know if this is true, but I’ve seen some news clips about it, and so I would say that that
is definitely cutting-edge technology, robotic teachers, okay? Now, “state-of-the-art” has a very similar meaning.
It means the most recent and the best. Okay, so state-of-the-art is the most
recent and the best. It’s also an adjective. So an example is: at the time of this filming,
I think the iPad 3 has come out, and I would say this is “state-of-the-art”
technology, the iPad 3. Maybe in a few years there’ll be an iPad 9 or
10 and things will be different, but right now that’s the state-of-the-art technology, okay?
We can also use “the latest”, when we describe technology. This is an adjective and
it just means “the newest”. “Have you bought the latest iPhone”, for example. Our next word is “obsolete”. This is a negative word.
This whole section is negative. “Obsolete” is an adjective, and it means “no longer used”. So
what’s an example of something that’s “obsolete”? I have a huge collection of VHS tapes at my house.
My VCR doesn’t work and now we use DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs, so VHSs are “obsolete”.
They’re no longer used. Another word very similar to “obsolete” is “outdated”.
“Outdated” is an adjective, and again, it means “very old”, or it’s also a
synonym of “obsolete”. So what is outdated? Well, if you bought a computer from the 1980s
today — so you bought a 1980s personal computer — that would probably be considered “outdated,”
because we have all these newer models, which work a lot better. So
that’s “outdated”, okay? Now we are just going to switch back to our
positive side and we have the word “compact”. “Compact” is an adjective, and what does it mean?
It means small, easy to carry. This is my cellphone, very small. It’s compact. It fits
in my pocket. It’s not clumsy. It’s not bulky. “Bulky” is the opposite of “compact”. “Bulky”
is an adjective, and it’s when something is very massive, and kind of a little bit clumsy. It’s hard to…
you can’t put it in your pocket. So, I don’t know if you remember if you were
born in the early 1990s, cellphones used to look like walkie-talkies. You could say that
they were bulky. You couldn’t put them in your pocket. They were big. Now they’ve gotten
a lot smaller and they are more compact. So now let’s look at a couple of other
words that have to do with technology. These are our last three words. Sorry, our
last two words. “User-friendly”. This again, is a very good thing. If something is user-friendly
— it’s an adjective and it means it’s easy to use. So for someone like a technophobe like me, I
really want something that’s “user-friendly”. So here is an example sentence, and some of
you may disagree with this, but some people would say, “Facebook is
very user-friendly.” I don’t know where I stand on that. With the
latest Facebook edition, I don’t know if it’s so user-friendly or not, but some people would
say Facebook is very user-friendly, okay? Now our final word for today is “glitch.”
“Glitch” is a noun and it means a defect, problem, or error. Oftentimes, we talk about
glitches when we’re talking about computers, okay? And so plural, this is “glitches” with an “-es”, okay?
So here’s our example sentence. Some of you may have been on EngVid trying to
do some of our quizzes the other day. “The quizzes on EngVid had some glitches a couple
of days ago.” But they’re fixed now, so I invite you to come practice our vocabulary and try
our quizzes at Until next time! Learn English for free

Danny Hutson

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