IBM Digital App Builder – Beta Announcement. Mobile, PWA and web apps

IBM Digital App Builder – Beta Announcement. Mobile, PWA and web apps

Hi! I’m Dilan Orrino from IBM Cloud and I’m
here to bring you the beta for the IBM Digital App Builder. On IBM Cloud you
must have built Kubernetes microservices used Cloudant to store data and be
excited at the prospect of putting Watson to work. Your organization may have a backlog of apps to deliver, and have developers of
varying skill levels. You may need something simple to get them started
quickly and scale up as their skills grow. The Digital App Builder is a low-code/no-code tool that helps you build multi-channel apps which can consume
REST based micro services and train and consume Watson services – all with no
specialized skills. Simply connect to a Mobile Foundation service on IBM Cloud
and get started. You can visually ideate the pages and the page flows. Add security and bring data from
existing back-end microservices and run the app locally to test it out you can add more channels like Android,
iOS, PWA and web and run them in those channels The same app is now installed on an
iPhone simulator as a mobile app You could bring in the power of Watson
into your apps as well quickly build and train a chatbot without having to
understand the technicalities of building a sophisticated bot that
understands natural language. Provide a few sample questions and an
answer test out the responses of the bot and the bot itself – all from within the
studio. In addition you can also train a visual recognition model and add VR capability to your mobile
apps You can take the source code of an app
that you have built and use it as a scaffolding to build a high fidelity app
by using the inline code editor or any of your other favorite IDE. when the app is put in use, you have a
host of information collected in the Mobile Foundation service. Things like
user activity, crash analytics, page flow graphs are
available to aid in runtime operations. And don’t forget to let us know what you
think of the Builder right from within the Builder. You will find more
information about how to get this in the description below. Please hit subscribe
to get more updates. Thanks! see you next time

Danny Hutson

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