I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

This is Safiya’s new intro song Hello friends, and welcome to another video. Today I’m gonna be buying four wedding dresses from Wish.com. Now just as a refresher, Wish is a suspiciously low cost online market place where people sell pretty much anything from stretchy tongues to plastic tents to wedding dresses. And both in their many advertisements online and also in their product listings, the items they sell can look pretty good. But often times after purchasing, you do not end up receiving an item that looks like what you thought it would look like. And I should know. As I’ve previously bought inexpensive clothing: “free” a.k.a. “just pay shipping” items, knock off electronics and mostly fake makeup from Wish before. And though I would say that there was an item or two that I did like, they mostly are of questionable quality. Now as some of you all might know, I am engaged, betrothed, affianced and because I’m predictable and because you guys requested it, I thought it was finally time to dive into Wish’s wedding dress pool. I will say I have been curious about their wedding dresses for a long time because it seems like a very high stakes thing to buy on Wish vs. say a t-shirt. Not to mention that the price differential between Wish’s listings at like $30 and the average cost of a wedding dress at like $1500 is suspiciously huge. So I figured we should order some and test them out to see what’s up. And while I’m probably not going to end up wearing any of these to my actual wedding, I guess never say never. Also, I do know of a couple other Wish wedding dress videos, so I’m going to list those down below and with that, let’s get to it. Okay, so let’s just type in “wedding dress” to the search bar. Now, as I implied earlier, this isn’t my first time looking at the wedding dresses from Wish so I do have sort of like four different categories in mind. I’m interested in a big poof-y ballgown dress which is like not necessarily the look I’m going for with my actual wedding dress, but it seems like a difficult style to make so I just want to see what Wish comes up with. I’m also interested in a sort of like medieval or renaissance-style dress, because as we can see with like literally these first few results, this style right here is just all-over Wish for some reason. I’m also looking for a black wedding dress just to see what that would be like, and also a slightly more expensive wedding dress. I wonder if we spend like more than a $100, if we’ll get something a little bit closer to like an actual wedding dress one might want to wear. Okay, let’s get started with the ballgown. Alright, let me just start scrolling down. Oooh, this one looks interesting, It’s $78 but it’s sort of like a ballgown version of like a Kate Middleton wedding dress so I’m going to save that one as an option. These ones are kind of cute that have the sort of like lace thing happening. I don’t know if that’s like a true ballgown but I’m kind of into it. I will say that it’s sort of hilarious to me how they photoshopped the different colours on, in fact if you look in the back they’ve just like edited out the top of the dress for some reason? That must have been a mistake. Going back to our Kate Middleton option, this dress right here is the “2018 Women Wedding Dress Korean Brief Bride Marriage One Word Shoulder Repair Trailing Long Sleeves Dress Plus Size” Tyler: What does one word mean. -Safiya: It was definetly not one word But going along with the name, the dress does seem quite large and dramatic, which I think is what I’m going for. Like I want some serious volume that I could hide people under, Nutcracker-style so I think we should get this one. Ohh, actually as soon as I like put in my desired size and colour, it says it’s going to be $125 instead of $78, which definitely puts it more in that like last category of the slightly more expensive Wish dress, so let me see if I can’t find like a similar dress for just a little bit less. This one sort of looks like that Kate Middleton-style, even though this one only has three-quarter sleeves. They also have a nice little infographic here showing you how pleased you will be with their price. I’m actually pretty into this. This one does not have any reviews though, so I guess we’re just taking a leap of faith, sort of like… marriage, I guess. Tyler: Hey! Saf: [Laughs] So I’m going to add that to the cart and that is our ballgown. And then let’s look for our medieval-style wedding dress. Now there’s pretty much like one photo that circulates around Wish on different listings that is the style I’m thinking of and I actually see one right here so I’m going to save that. Though I did see one listing down here that was also a medieval dress but was a different style so I’m going to open this guy up as well, and then we can compare them. Alright, so this like original medieval-style dress is $25, it’s got four-and-a-half stars, and it’s called the “Handfasting Medieval Wedding Dress LOTR Renaissance Fantasy Gown Solid Batwing Sleeve Elegant Medieval Dress” -Tyler: Wow That is like, really up my alley, just shoot right up it. -Tyler: One could say… they had you at ‘batwing.’ Most people do. The reviews say that the fabric is thin which is to be expected I guess, but people do seem to like it so that’s promising. This other one is kind of interesting though, it is slightly less well-reviewed though at three-and-a-half stars. To me the reason I like it is because of this sort of like long cape sleeve. I wouldn’t call it a bat sleeve, it’s kind of like a Maleficent sleeve if you will. It is a pretty cool dress, but I see the other one everywhere so I feel like I have to try it out. So I’m going to add that one to the cart. Now let’s move on and see if we can’t find a black wedding dress to try on. So I think that might require like an actual search, I didn’t see a ton of black wedding dresses just on this “wedding dress” search page. Alright we’ve got some, uh, wedding dresses with like black accents. Ooh, I completely missed the fact that there’s just giant fake boobs as the number one search result for black wedding dress, so thank you Wish, I guess. This dress is actually really cute, it’s definitely grey and not black but I’m just going to open that in a new tab just to see. This is cool, it is $129 but I kinda want to just look at it so let’s open that up too. Okay, I know I have a lot of options already but this is also a cool dress so now I’ll stop looking. Although that is cool too. Nope, nope, not going to do it. This dress here I think is really pretty, but looking at it, it is only one size and though I don’t know centimetres or kilograms, I’m guessing I am going to be a bit big for it. Though I do think this photoshoot like on the rocks is pretty impressive and I like her crown. This dress that I just clicked on is like totally like the kind of dress that I would wear in that it’s like partially black and then the rest of it is kind of tan, but it is also over $100 which I kind of want to reserve for that last category. So, my eyes turn to THIS dress which at first I thought was only grey, but it turns out that it is also available actually in black and it’s a pretty good looking dress so I’m going to add that one to the cart and that is our black wedding dress. Okay, so now we’re onto our fourth and final dress category, the slightly more expensive Wish wedding dress. So I’m going to return to like the normal wedding dress search page and see what we can find. This one’s pictures are quite pretty, and it’s $142 so I’m going to open that in a new tab. This one looks cool too, and it looks like there’s a giant train so let’s open that up. Alright and I’m also going to open up this dress that’s $136. It’s kind of like a peachy blush colo(u)r. This dress is very pretty to me and it has four out of five stars on sixteen reviews. This girl says she is going to wear it on her wedding day, so I think that she was pleased enough with the dress that it seems like she’s going to do it. This dress is also very pretty though. I do like that she has like a kind of robe that goes over her dress. This one has three-and-a-half out of five stars, which is okay but there is one kind of troubling review. Nia has really gone in and told you what’s up. It’s too small if you order your normal size, it’s see-through without any boning or structure to hold the top of the dress up and the dress is actually not a true champagne colour because it’s too yellow-ish. I feel like after that I’m not sure we can get it. I feel like Nia just served us like a slice of truth pie. And then this dress that I thought looked cute in pictures has one star on one review. It’s still only one person’s opinion but that doesn’t bode well. So, I’m going to go with the long-sleeved mermaid-style dress. There are a couple of red flags as there are with almost every Wish listing, mine here being that every picture on the side bar is the same photo that kind of looks like it was taken from someone’s Instagram or something, and I only say that because they like weirdly blurred this girl’s elbow, but let’s go with it and see what happens. So with that we have all four of our Wish wedding dresses, so I’m going to order these right now, and then hopefully in about a month and a half we can try them on. So next time you see me, I’ll have my haul. Alright, so it’s been about a month and I believe I have all of my Wish wedding dresses here now. I did rip open the bags a little bit just to see what we’ve got to make sure we’ve got it all. I ravaged them. If you see some extra bags on the table, I did order some backup sizes just in case the original sizes didn’t fit. I just didn’t want to run into a situation where I couldn’t even put on a dress. So what I think we should do is just go through these one at a time try them on and see how they are and how they compare to what I thought I was going to get and I think we should do it in the order in which we bought them. Which I believe, is ballgown first. Oh, it’s very crinkly. Here I go. I’m going to take this out of the bag, Congratulations! It’s a lump. It does kind of have like a vague chemical-y smell. It kind of smells like acrylic paint, oh no, I think I just got lipstick on it, excuse me. That’s no good. So I’m guessing it’s folded up, so I’m just going to… unfold. Alright, that looks like the skirt, right? This is skirt, this is boobs. It’s kind of an interesting fabric feel, it sort of feels like a nice satin-y shower curtain. Oh, oh Ty. There’s a brown stain over here. [Laughs] It doesn’t necessarily look like an excrement stain, it could be food, coffee, maybe like an iron burn? Why am I touching it? [Laughs again] Okay, that’s not ideal. The only other thing I want to note before we like actually go and wear the dress, is a little freebie that I got in my bag. They gave me nail polish ring holders. Now, I’m always down for a free little sum’n, but I feel like painting my nails is the last thing I would want to do in a wedding dress. One can only hope. So with that, let’s put this thing on. Okay, so this is the ballgown on. I’m having a lot of emotions right now for a variety of reasons. First off, this is the first wedding dress I’m ever trying on which is kind of fun and cool. It is a giant tulle ballgown from Wish which are none of the things I want for our actual wedding, but that’s fine. Thank you, that’s very sweet Tyler. So comparing how this dress looks on my body to the original photo on the listing, I feel like it looks okay? It looks probably more like the listing than I thought it would, I mean just knowing Wish a little bit. Now I am wearing a crinoline underneath this that I also bought on Wish which seems to be doing a decent job of poof-ing. I do kind of have room to hide people under there, which is what I wanted with a ballgown. You know, we could just walk around, have like other little pairs of feet underneath and then- WAPOW! [Laughs] But there are also definitely some not-so-good parts. Now the dress that I have on right now is actually the three XL size, the one that we opened up was actually the 2XL, the one that had the uh mysterious brown stain inside of it, but when I tried that one on it had a really hard time like getting over my shoulders and arms, so we went with the 3X. Now though the larger size fits better, it’s still tight around the shoulders and chest, which is not something I often say because I don’t have very large bazongas. I have pretty, like, small to medium-sized bazongas Small, let’s be real, they’re small so I think it’s my chest barrel that’s too big. What that causes then, is that the boob cavities that are sown into the dress are like sitting high on top of my boobs, and my boobs are down here. While we’re in the chestal region, let me draw your attention to this pin that’s still in the dress. So we avoided the brown stain in this one, but there’s like literally a sewing pin that’s been left in the left boob. Besides that there are also some other questionable things about the detailing, like for example right down here, you can kind of see the hot glue that they’ve used to like glue this lace down, and I think that because it’s all glued on, some of the appliques are already coming off. Yeah, kind of creates like a peeling effect, sort of like I’m molting from my old life as a single lady into my new life, like I’m a giant bird or snake. Yeah mayb- no, I’m thinking bird. So all in all, this one doesn’t look so bad from far away, but there are enough problems with it that I would not recommend this dress or wear it to my own wedding. Alright, so next up is the medieval dress. Now I feel like normally I’m not gonna really like harp on the second option, like the backup size unless I like really need to wear it, but after peeping in on these two, I did notice for some reason, this one is straight-up purple. So not only did I buy a backup size, I also bought a backup shade. Here’s the thing – is that this is kind of funny to me, but if I bought this dress wanting it to be a white dress for my wedding and I got a purple dress, I would be pissed. But regardless, I’m just going to open up this white dress and see what it looks like outside of the bag. Alright, here we go. There’s a lot of- of skirt, here. I kind of like petting it, it feels very nice. It is kind of like a juicy couture renaissance wedding dress from Wish. I think these are the money sleeves though. The bat-wing that drew me to this dress. Now what I will say is that I am kind of interested in like what this dress looks like because it is sort of close to a style of like actual wedding dress that I kind of want to wear to my actual wedding so I’m excited to see what it looks like on. I mean listen, I got a fever and the only cure is more bell sleeve. Sleeve bell? Cow sleeve? Tyler: I got it. Saf: Alright, so this is the renaissance dress, the medieval dress, the Guinevere, the Galadriel. Now, just so everyone knows, I am currently wearing the smaller light-purple dress. We tried on the true white ivory dress and it was just too big in like the shoulder area, so we have to go with the smaller one. So compared to the photo in the listing, I would say that this dress looks decently similar, if just a little less majestic, like her dress is a little more voluminous and structured while mine is a little flaccid. On the positive side, I am very comfortable. I’m just feeling kind of like I’m wearing a night-gown. The other things that I really like are the sleeves. It’s just- do your sleeves hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Could you tie them in a bow? And the answer is “yes” to all of the above. Hoo! Hoo! [whipping noises] Are you noticing small particles going through the air while I’m doing that? That’s no good. I have mange. Besides the fact that the fabric might be shedding, the fit also leaves something to be desired. Overall, it’s like a little shapeless, like there’s no sort of like support or structure in the bodice at all, and it does also read a little more Halloween than like a fun-themed wedding. Like if you bought a Galadriel costume from a bag, it might be like this. This might be it. So all of that said, I would definitely not wear this to a wedding, but I might wear this if my bachelorette party were at medieval times. Now when we’re talking about this dress as like a stand-in for a general style though, I’m into it. This dress might not have been exactly what I wanted, but I’m still a sucker for a good bat-wing. Can’t stop won’t stop. Flapping. Alright, so next up is our black wedding dress. Oooh. Alright I’m liking this look already. It’s got some nice sort of like, creeping black lace you know, almost like a vine. Almost like a vine. Let me unfold it a little bit. The belt I’m not a super big fan of, it’s kind of just like a random satin-looking ribbon, but besides that, I do kind of like the look of this thing, although it does seem like these boob cups are kind of falling out. Looks like a flying saucer. Now I’m pretty torn on the idea of a black wedding dress, I feel like it’s kind of a meme like people keep tweeting me, like commenting on videos, “Oh your wedding dress better be black,” and I’m open to the idea, but I’m not like definitely going to get a black dress. I mean the thing that I’ve been thinking about is like maybe having like a black reception dress or something so it’s kind of like a white swan, black swan moment, but as for like a full-on black wedding dress all day, I don’t know, I guess this will be sort of like a toe-into-the-water of a black wedding dress so let’s go try it on. Okay, so this is the black dress on. Now I would say that this dress is kind of residing in the uncanny valley for me. It’s not horrible, but it’s not awesome. I think that in the photos on Wish, the waist of the dress seemed a bit lower, and on me it’s kind of hitting like right under the boobs a little bit higher than my natural waist so I kind of feel like it’s sort of like a little girl’s dress where they just hit you at the ribcage because you don’t really have a waist yet. Now this is the 2XL size, the other dress that we have is smaller so I don’t think that would help like the sort of proportion problem I’m having right now, and regardless even this bigger size is a little short on me. This might be a dress that’s made for more petite ladies. Someone like this tall? I think that the work on this dress is definitely like a little bit messy, but it is sewn on rather than glued on which at this point is a win. So I think that it is a little bit nicer in that regard, but it just doesn’t seem like a wedding dress to me, and not just because of the colo(u)r. I don’t feel like there’s anything about this dress that’s making me feel like I’m the center of attention. Like in the listing on Wish, the dress had more of a train, the fabrics seemed more flowy, and the look was more like ethereal, but in person the dress is more just like stiff tulle. So as for this dress in general, I wouldn’t recommend it for a wedding, and I would not wear it at my wedding. If I were gonna wear a black dress to my wedding, I’d want to be slinky. What if I wore the ZoZo suit to our reception? [Laughs] Alright, and then here we have our exshpenshive dress. I keep saying exshpenshive, I mean expensive. Now this quite a voluminous package. Uh that’s it’s girdle, it’s got to stay sucked in. Alright, shall I pull one out? Boom! Oh I see some lace. This is a wedding dress. Alright, it’s coming out of the bag. Ooh It smells almost identical to the ballgown. Oh yeah, it’s got like a super paint-y kind of smell. Alright here, I’m going to unroll it a little bit. Oh she’s tall! Look at that! Look at the train, there’s some fabric back there. Now, because this was our more expensive dress, I do have like slightly higher expectations for it, and there are some things that seem like a little bit nicer about it than the other dresses, but I’m going to reserve like my full judgement until I try it on, so let’s go do that. Okay, so this is my fancy shmancy dress on. I will say that now that it’s on my body, the smell is still there – it’s kind of like a plastic-y fishy smell, it’s odd. The other thing is that there’s a lot of dirt on the dress or like small amounts of sort of like dirt particles and a hair, as well as a small rust-coloured stain, so it kind of feels like it came a little dirty, and not like sexy dirty, like literally dirty. As for the appearance of the actual dress, I think that this dress looks reasonably like the photo, it’s not like a complete like “Oh my god, I didn’t order that” but some of the details just look kind of worse on this dress than in the picture, and it definitely doesn’t fit me right. This one is the larger of the two sizes that I ordered, and I’m wearing this one because the other one could not get over my thighs and booty at all (laughs) It was rump rejected. But even though the bottom of this one fits a lot better, the top of this dress is quite loose. There’s just a lot of room up here. There’s room for two. Just this? I guess, you know, if this were going to be my actual wedding dress I could go get it tailored up-top a little bit, I mean that’s what people do with wedding dresses, they get- they get them altered. That being said though, I do kind of like the idea of the mermaid fit. Like I’m feeling kinda like a little “Ooh, bring it around town.” Don’t dig too deep into that one, just leave that where it is. The other thing that I do like about it is the length of the train back here. This is something that we have not really seen with any of the other dresses – whether it be dusty or not, it does exist. So overall, even with a couple of better elements than the other dresses, I still wouldn’t say this dress is good. In fact, it’s probably the least comfortable. The fabric is a tiny bit itchy, but more than anything it’s just warm. I think this is like the tightest dress to the body that I’ve tried on so far, and I don’t think the fabric is breathing super well, so my legs and thighs are sweating. Ohh, it’s happening. I am in a fancy white duffle bag. Okay, so now that we have all these wedding dresses in our possession and I’ve tried them on and figured out which ones actually sort of fit me, let’s take them out into the world and do a little wedding montage because every wedding dress deserves their day in the sun, no matter how strange they smell. Tyler: Well you’re wearing a wedding dress. Tyler: Good save [laughs] [Song: Morning Good Morning by Lincoln Grounds and Pat Reyford] I’m crying, not from joy but from wind. [Tyler laughs] Is my eyeliner okay? Okay, so those were my four Wish wedding gowns. Now overall, I had a good time trying on my first set of wedding dresses, and I did enjoy gallivanting about with them at the beach but besides that I wouldn’t say that I had a very positive impression of these dresses. To be fair, they all ended up looking somewhat like the original pictures, but I would say that none of them lived up to what was really presented in the listings as all of them had some problems with fit and also most of the details were pretty iffy, ranging from questionable stains to saggy zippers to dangerous pins. Now I will say that I didn’t enter this experiment expecting to find my dream wedding dress, and I think that most people who requested this video were more interested in seeing what on earth Wish would send us, rather than like a serious wedding dress try-on. But in general, in case you were wondering, I would not recommend buying a dress from Wish, for your or anyone else’s wedding. I mean, when it comes to Wish, you basically don’t know what you’re going to get in any scenario, and with the stakes of a wedding, you probably don’t want to play Russian Roulette with what you’re going to wear. If you are a bride on a budget looking for an inexpensive wedding dress, I would say you should go for pretty much any other option. Ideally one that you can try on and smell in person, because even if Wish wedding dresses seem cheap, you might end up wasting your money buying back-up sizes or buying a dress you don’t even end up liking when it arrives. I guess it’s possible that some people find wedding dresses on Wish that they like, but from my experience buying stuff from there, that would be the exception and not the rule. As for whether or not they are suitable for a Rocques Renaissance bachelorette party though, I guess I’ve never been to the Excalibur Hotel in Vegas before. So ladies, saddle up. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you liked that video make sure to shmash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to shmash that subscribe button. Here are my social media handles, and a big shout-out to Tabitha for watching, thanks for watching Tabitha and I will see you guys a-next time. [Sings “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion shrilly] Tyler: [Chuckles] Oh my god Saf: Alright, do it again.

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  24. The first dress u looked at is the exact dress i got custom made for my wedding! You picked my dress! Except, she was able to make it bright red for me plus added a royal style train/tail! I got it customized for me on Amazon. A dress maker in China. My wedding was a Autumn wedding on Halloween night so I needed sleeves and a high neck due to the chilly weather here in Reno during the fall. My floral arrangements and bridal bouquet were also Autumn flowers. Autumn is also my favorite time of the year. 😊 I wanted my dress to resemble Lydia’s in Beetleguese. So that’s why it had to be brilliant red! lol My husband’s Tux was in the color of Beetleguese’s, the darker red crimson kinda red. Anyway, we did a quick ceremony at a very nice Chapel in Reno. Since it was going to be a Reno style wedding, we thought at least we should still get dressed up in traditional wedding attire. Friends and family were there as well. My husband’s family, and friends anyway. He’s originally from Nevada and his family lives in the Reno area and so do we. My dad wasn’t able to give me away or even get to see me on my wedding day in the gown he bought for me. So later on, we will be having another wedding ceremony where I am from originally, San Francisco Bay Area so that my family can attend. Both my parents are sickly and couldn’t make the trip to Reno. It will be our big real wedding. 😊 But OMG! You showed my dress! 😊 I was able to get it made with a few personal requests added, like a tail/train because the original style doesn’t have one as you saw, and since i was a little girl I always had to have an extremely long train/tail. So, had to get it! I got it all for around $200 and something dollars. It was a bit more expensive due to the Royal style train/tail, more fabric had to be used. However, she gave me a all button down back and I did NOT want that at all due to the difficulty of having to self dress. Originally, I wanted the back to be a tie up lace back like on corsets and I didn’t get that😞 but overall, the dress is gorgeous! Huge as in ballroom and tail literally a little longer than a stretch limo. If u have seen Coming To America, at the end during his wedding ceremony, Lisa, his bride was wearing a huge pink gown with a wide and long train? Mine was like that. Literally fit for Royalty, a princess’s gown. 😊I’d say i was satisfied with it overall. DO NOT GO TO EBAY FOR WEDDING GOWNS IN AUCTION AND BIDS. I got scammed at least 3 times by FAKE SCAM ARTISTS COMING OUT OF CHINA. Luckily, after 2 years (sarcasm) i was able to get most of my money back from EBay but they don’t make it easy at all. I felt like they were coddling and sheltering the scammers on their website! Kicking their customers in their asses right along with the scammers! eBay does NOT CARE ABOUT YOU or your MONEY. As long as it’s making theirs. One seller did get away with $40 of my dad’s money scott fucking free due to Ebay’s policies that protects sellers along with the fake sellers that scam you rather than their customers/the consumers. I ended up having to go to Amazon instead to get a gown custom made for me. Amazon sellers are legit. Meanwhile, Ebay made my entire weeding gown shopping experience a freakin nightmare! 🤬

  25. From watching your "Wish" videos, the one thing I've learned is that Wish is really good at leaving you wishing. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed this one!

  26. On the midevil dress……the wish picture has another entire lace skirt overlay that yours is completely missing …..

  27. I'm sure the dress does not come with the puffy slip that goes underneath . It's not the dress that has volume it's the skirt underneath and that doesn't come with a dress

  28. Wish is nothing but a foreign wholesale company selling items that were already sold in other stores. They also do tons of false advertising. That's why I don't buy any major stuff from Wish. They also take your $$$ but never send you the actual item sometimes.

  29. I bought a swimsuit from there and it came out with no stains, rips, tears & no frays. It was literally great and it fit like a glove.

  30. Guys I used this code here wzbsmjj on WISH and got 90% off my first buy .. you'll get this discount on your first buy

    Can buy using this code is not misleading advertising

  31. Can please explain me why you used German language in the title and not English when you obviosly dont speak German in this vid? Is it for clickbait? Really? With over 8 mio? Or what is the matter? Im really interesting.

  32. ain't it funny how all the dresses that Safiya bought looked much nicer and much better quality in the pictures than in real life but then I suppose that is how websites like Wish and other similar websites get you to spend your money with false advertising pictures

  33. Wish is a joke!! I first started buying like fishing stuff for my husband because apparently they had really good prices and for the first two weeks that I would buy anything from them I get everything within like 3 or 4 days and I thought this was awesome but literally a month after I started buying things from these people things that they were shipping out we're coming up missing or if I got anything from them they were literally falling apart in the mail or the material like clothing was flimsy and if you ordered something that was like an X3 it would literally be a size small for like a child they have a policy that if you don't like a product they would actually give at least half your money back that happened a lot with him and because of that they put my account on suspension I wasn't receiving products at all and I'd report that and I still wasn't getting my money back do not waste your money on this company because they rip off hundreds of people for pennies on the dollar they sell junk you would get a better deal at a 99 cent store then buying anything off of wish

  34. This company should be sued for false advertising and steeling images of designer gowns…these dresses are nothing short of fancy dress items…I am a bridal seamstress and think it's absolutely shocking these online companies are getting away with fraudulent activity.

  35. I think the ballgown dress really looks nice – kinda forever new except way cheaper – that would cost around $400 at forever new


  37. I don’t know why I watched other than the Wish item review just caught my eye. Congratulations on your wedding. The black wedding dress wasn’t that bad if it would have had the lower waist. I never thought I would say I liked a black wedding dress. I think I may buy the bat wing dress for next Halloween or for a Renaissance fair…possibility in a different color. I’m just curious to what size you wear in normal sizing and your height. I think you are a bit smaller than me but it’s hard to judge how much.

  38. All the dresses look a lot better than I thought they would. None would do for a Wedding.  But they would make nice formal gown.

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