I Suck at Spamming! Quadcore – Geometry Dash Demon

I Suck at Spamming! Quadcore – Geometry Dash Demon

hey guys and before the actual video starts I want to quickly mention that I had many demons planned for this episode but the demon I played quad-core actually somehow ended up harder than I expected so only one demon in this episode but I hope you’ll still enjoy this and let’s get to it what is up guys and welcome back to geometry dash we’re playing some demon levels and number one is going to be quad-core made by two decks and this is supposed to be a fairly simple demon level the beginning so far doesn’t seem too bad but there is something fishy going on right there like the jump orbs are not the right color at least the first two and okay then we had a few more cha worthless here this one is normal but these two like you use them and they’re actually the normal yellow ones even though they’re colored greener so that maybe it will be a gimmick in this level where you will have differently colored orbs which do different things kind of cool actually I kind of like it it is something refreshing something new but we will see if this will be a lot harder than normal all right again different jump warps we had green once again which only it let you jump again they don’t actually switch to gravity like these ones and we do have this song which we know this does get pretty intense and very fast after a certain point and a huge jump boost and then we had a dual part a dual part already 20% which means it’s not really a long level it’s kind of short so far and was that actually was that inspired by the upcoming 2.1 update that red one like the huge one is actually it’s going to be in the update and what do I have to do what I should really focus on the dual part now I’m not sure if it’s going to be something where I can focus on both easily it or if I only like have to focus on one and then it will kind of work out I’m going to try it just trying to understand what’s going on and there is a jump orb up top like the the upper part has a jump orb which I guess I have to use so I will only focus on the upper one for an hour maybe you will work out if I only do that and yes the music is so well timed to when it goes insane here Oh what the hell it actually works wait I only use the jump war by only looked up and we got I guess kind of far far enough for a dual part dual parts are a lot of times very confusing so I will be happy if it’s not too bad I’m going to try this one more time Oh what the hell I’m just spamming wow what was that what the hell was that it actually worked I just like lightly spammed I didn’t spam like crazy and tap my a junkie I did hold down I I was holding down the junkie for a little bit and then let go and I pressed again so I guess it’s somewhat of a controlled spam yes III really should only focus on the cube so I will first look up use the jump warps and then I will look down because then the gravity I’m not the gravity the the parts which the cube will go down on it so I will only focus on the cube all the time I think that then is actually a pretty good strategy we’re not I’m not sure maybe I just have to just ignore what’s happening on screen and really only rely on the spamming because you saw that was so good I literally was just spamming and I actually survived on that godlike attempt a few attempts ago come on Noah to Hyatt I think I was too high that time now I’m spamming too I guess too little I hold down jump for too long and that is what kills me there we go and then a super fast wave doesn’t seem too bad though and like honestly already 30 percent this is actually really short like it’s not even that fast like that means yet the entire beginning is pretty slow it starts slow and we are already at 15% I actually think this is a very short level and I just completely forgot to jump because I thought I was already at the red jump booster okay Wow I’m I think I’m starting to slowly learn it I think I know how to do the dual part now but the wave afterwards I shouldn’t underestimate it I think it’s actually not too easy I mean come on this is actually a demon I should actually never underestimate demons no matter what and yeah that’s real part I said I think I thought I kind of understood it but maybe if I actually don’t oh my god seriously if like now I kind of know how to do the dual part but I actually cannot I cannot deal with that transition to the wave honestly I just cannot survive that at one point I will just touch a wall because it’s so fast-paced here you just spam and then come on seriously it’s not even that bad I think soulless actually ripped my soul away and just took all of my wave skill what the hell it’s just a wave oh my god my hand is dying there we go okay I think I just I just I just really played really badly what I did is I tried to spam and play really fast but you can just take your time you have to really use control and stay in control and focus when in the way you don’t just spam okay okay okay and that is like memory memory stuff I have to know what’s going on I had to go up and then down immediately yeah and it is a pretty short level still it’s so fast-paced but I will try to get back there a few more times but if it doesn’t stop I guess I will have to use practice mode just to learn the level oh no way I just have to spam I literally just have to spam this level is so weird there are some parts where you have to be really slow like the way if you actually have to play slowly take your time and have controlled movements and then the duel and that ball part is literally just spamming okay never mind it’s actually not about spam and you actually have to time your movements pretty well I have no idea how I survived the first time by just randomly spamming but that does not work at all like I’m actually thinking about using practice mode that’s actually kind of annoying that I have to remember all that and I don’t really know what I have to remember that’s like the main problem I don’t know what how to do that part so I think I will actually use practice mode after the next time I get there which I hope will be soon screw it I need to get good at geometry again so I will use practice mode because this is actually already getting on my nerves which is not a good sign that I am actually having problems with this already yeah can you really call it problems I’m not sure but it’s just hard to deal with this part especially so what do I have to do I have to go uptown Noah up down and then I have to wait for a bit and then go up and down that’s actually an OK save like look at that no way I’m so happy that I decided to use practice mode because that’s actually kinda hard to understand what’s going on okay I have to wait for a bit and then fly up wait and then fly up threat we’re not oh wait away if away if I have to use the wave maybe only look at the wave is it seriously spamming again I actually don’t like that I have to say I don’t like this spamming idea like the spamming design that you have to spam I don’t really see how this is working it is it’s somehow it’s working but then I have to stop as soon as I get into the ball I have to stop what is happening why can’t I I have to like what what just spam like spamming worked last time and now it doesn’t work anymore that’s why I don’t like spamming spamming is so horribly inconsistent I hate spamming what now what now yeah up until that point I think it kind of words and then it doesn’t work okay there we go I just have to do it one more time I didn’t get a good save and then I have to always switch the gravity you get ready for hopefully just normal gameplay I would be so happy again spamming gameplay like this entire level is full of spamming and that’s not good for me use everything and then the transition to the wave also requires you to spam oh my goodness and then I kept oh my god I have to spam and then I can’t jump no wait is it an automatic jump it’s an automatic jump what it’s a gravity switch that was a gravity switch right there okay now I’m completely confused I have no idea what’s going on here what what I have no idea what’s going on in this level nope what wait okay here I just have to supply a little bit up and then down and then go up again no I have to time that a bit better there we go and just like I don’t even know how I’m doing some of these things what is going on yeah yeah yeah that’s okay that’s not too bad up up all the way oh my goodness and then a slow part which actually this doesn’t kill me um and then of course one more one more dual part hopefully the last one and then I can get to the end do i I have to focus on the ship I have to focus on the ship and on the cube wait what if I only jump that doesn’t work I have to focus on the ship no way it’s the same thing it’s spamming again I cannot deal with the spamming it’s literally just spamming again just BAM look at that and then I’m in a robot and I have to use this jump ring jump here screw the coin ngg wow wow so many names holy moly Wow this is a weird level it took so many attempts because I just cannot deal with spamming so I will actually have to do that again on practice Marotta and I tried to understand when I have to spam and when I don’t have to spam I hate that part I actually maybe have to practice that part more I don’t know what’s going on I honestly just cannot see it what’s going on I have to like I’m in a ball and I have to go into a ship cart and then I have to fly with the ship part through the spy corridor back into a ball it’s so weird oh my god I got the coin but I forgot forgot what to do afterwards you have to jump immediately okay I hate that I still don’t know what’s happening sometimes it just boosts me up and it’s impossible to do anything and sometimes it just doesn’t do that I don’t know what causes that I am actually getting kind of mad I don’t even want to say mad but I can’t even really hide it like this is kinda annoying I suck so much at the spamming and a super fast-paced gameplay like this wow this is actually not going well oh my god no oh my god I’m suffering why am i suffering on this level I don’t know what I am oh Jesus oh I’m seriously going to blow up what this is this is actually ridiculous right now I totally lost my touch I don’t even know us this is actually ridiculous what is going on right here oh my god all that hurts that was so problematic why I don’t know I cannot tell you why but my god am I glad that it’s over Wow my hand is dying it is dead oh wow all right it’s quad-core I don’t even want to see my attempts 349 still you know all things considered which is ridiculous that is still an amount of attempts for an easy demon but for some reason it was so freaking annoying to play I don’t know I just cannot handle the spamming holy Wow and also I think I may not do demon specials like I won’t attempt multiple demons in one video anymore because honestly I suffer the gameplay suffers and the demon suffers so what I will do if I ever come across a really easy demon I can include another one real quick but I don’t think I will you know sit down and look for easy demons because then easily something like this can happen and the demon can be way harder than I expect anyway guys thanks for watching I do hope you like this episode and until next time take care

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “I Suck at Spamming! Quadcore – Geometry Dash Demon

  1. I think your next demon could be Steel Terror by Chase97 or CandleLight by Xaro if u want a challenge 🙂

  2. Good Job, I'm pretty bad at geometry dash, but I love hardcore games =P
    You should try Super or open hexagon

  3. let the bord in anger e we e. e e. e è e. e. e e. e e e eene. e e e

    I'm goning for donk. e e e e e. e

    s e e e e e e


  4. maybe if you come across easy demon just keep the recording and after you get few with similar difficulty make a video from it
    you will get back in shape we belive in you! 🙂

  5. I would like to see you try toxin lab 1, 2, and 3 (toxin lab 1 is an insane level, but still should be considered an easy demon in my opinion)

  6. Merg I made a map named ExoduS which I dedicated to you, pls play it's demon difficulty… ID is 21302687, hope you take a break from making awesome videos to play it a bit.

  7. +merg when 2.1 is out, which should be soon, are you going to play the new level and add it to the geometry dash official level series?

  8. Hey Merg, thanks to you I started to upload vids 😉
    I love when you say that your hand is dying haha someday I may be able to beat one of those veryhard levels

  9. Normally you nowadays use practice mode somehow with the level music in there instead of the "Stay Inside Me" music. But for this time, you DID have the stay inside me music here, instead of space battle. It was also the same for Figures. Why was it this way?

  10. Is it necessary to get gd on pc because i finished all the normal levels with demons but i've never finished a custom demon but I really want to

  11. please try sweet nightmare or ice cave by cyclicj in your next users levels, he is a good friend of mine and I really want to give his levels more attention, so please do that.

  12. this demon looks hard, but its not as hard as it looks

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Can anyone give me some tips to get better at the game? I am on mobile. To give a perspective of how bad I am, I have been playing for about 4 or 5 months now and have 0 demons. 60% on The Nightmare with 857 attempts. 79% on Green Demon "using the secret way" with 1262 attempts. On the RobTop levels I have 41% and 1776 attempts on Clubstep. 858 on Toe2 with 15%. I have not unlocked Deadlocked yet and have not beaten these RobTop levels:
    Time Machine 91% 949 attempts
    Clutter funk 60% with 1043 attempts
    Electroman 74% 1229
    Electrodynamix with 35% and 948 attempts
    Hexagon Force 40% with 996 attempts.
    And I only have 222 stars.
    Phew that took a while to type. Thanks for taking taking the time to read this!

  14. you should play either Vertical Calcultion(ID:20134731) by turtlebuttsmack or theory of divinity(ID:21831236) by turtlebuttsmack there both incredible levels and quite challenging.

  15. when i was playing geometry dash i went to play a different level but it didnt work. i kept trying but when i checked my profile it saied something went wrong… then i realised my wifi was down this is a troll ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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