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100 thoughts on “I Sold Feet Pictures For A Week And Made £____

  1. bet you thought I was joking about this bit didn't you…

    There is now a foot pictures tier on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Ellbat

  2. lowkey this video has me thinking about selling feet pics but I'm not about to get scammed for these s o l e s

  3. Try to contact Quentin Tarantino and you'll get a role to where your feet will be displayed for the whole world to see. Then profit.

  4. There you go. Yes your feet are gorgeous but i guess its dirty panties sales for you lol. Look it up its also huge on Twitter and every where else lol. Men pay you to wear them for however many days they request then overnight them. One lady made $750,000 in 7 months doing that. Kicker they want a pictire of you wearing them to prove they are yours lol. So, there you go porn without doing porn lol.

  5. Step it up a notch and sell your worn socks!! I just might be your first buyer. You’re cute funny and so enjoyable to watch.

  6. email dude: "and everything is kept strictly confidential "
    ellbat: puts his full name in the video

  7. F19 milk chocolate🍫

    Looking To Buy Custom Feet Pictures or Videos?🦶🏾 Catering to all Kinks & Fetishes😘 Snapchat @Obeyy_Esha or Text @3144926806 SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY

  8. Every guy that’s dm me keep asking me to buy a amazon gift card so they can send the funds… it sounds like a scam to me…

  9. Very good video! The ladies are also into feet….I was at a convenience store and the attractive lady in front of me at the counter dropped her keys at my flip flopped feet. She paused, as she retrieved them…Then she dropped them AGAIN!! Never made eye contact, I took it as a compliment, my feet were in great shape at the time.

  10. Actually Twitter was made originally for bird watching and thats a true fact. Hence the name "Twitter" and the bird icon 🐣. The foot fetish thing is just coz its the human race and we're all a bunch of weirdos hahaha 😂

  11. You all interested in doing this might also want to look up giantess genre too many people there might like that too

  12. For previews you need to have them pay up something up front *say if you only want to send a basic one foot pic do 15$) usually you do 25$ per foot so its half for preview duh lol but just advice for anyone who wants to sell em so they dont get ripped off

  13. Well Elbat, your not alone in your mother condoning somewhat odd and questionable behavior; my own mom straight up said I “was going places” after I put my lack of gag reflex to use and deep throated a spatula that was covered is brownie batter…

  14. This is a solid idea until you end up on a date with a guy and just as you’re about to do the ol deed he says “wait, I know those feet”

  15. Yep manipulator are most men, f them tell him pay first trust me , I worked in the adult industry and men try get everything for free and extras, you have to be strong.

  16. Hey my name is Craig! I was born and raised in California! I have a knack for sensing at a deep level if a person's ora, personality, looks, character and overall attitude is marketable to the masses! It is often referred to as the "IT" factor! And let me tell you, kid, YOU GOT IT! Hopefully, you know how to use it! Trust me it is not what you think! Change your thining subconsciously and you will discover what the true meaning of limitless truly is!

  17. the college i want to go to is $45k for tuition. i need this desperately. i have two years. i can definitely do it and probably get a nose job while i’m at it

  18. I've sold mine a few times, kinda fun met some weird peopl, pretty chill. I never gave my pics out for free lol I made in total about 400 haven't done it in a while because too much traffic came in and a lot of fakes came with it.

  19. Hollywood should do a movie about a girl like you that breaks into the world of foot fetishism. If a movie like "the shape of water" can happen than so can this.

  20. Best way to sell your feet, add whatever the person wants. I've had guys ask for a certain toenail color, others to cover them in mud had some wanting me to put a toe tag on. People have odd kinks and if you wanna make some nice money. You gotta widen your foot horizon lol.

  21. come take a sneak peek at my feet on Instagram @DOLLYSFEET 👣 I do personalized photos and videos, too ❣️Fresh red pedicure 😇 @DOLLYSFEET

  22. For the right amount of money, people can access any information they want from the dark web. You're only anonymous until someone likes your feet enough to pay to actually find out who you are, and where you live..

    Have fun with that pocket change ladies.. 😉

  23. Your feet are not nasty.. I thought they were really pretty…
    Would request for some photos, although I am a broke loser, who can barely support himself after paying bills and buying essentials…
    So.. yeah.. you probably won't read this, but your feet are adorable. At least I think so. Loved your humor as well.

  24. I once spent like two days writing some kids school report with the promise of $15… Little twat did a runner with my report

  25. What if I dont want to use my real name? what app can I use only with an email account that doesn't reveal my name? Help .

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