I regret shopping online /Comedy Skit/ 2019

I regret shopping online /Comedy Skit/ 2019

hello good morning hello how are you
my dear I’m very well thank you my name is Madame kofi how can I help
you? my name is Silvia I’m calling from Abuja
I’m at work presently but I just want to make an order I got your number
from Facebook I’ve seen some of your works I really like them so I have an event in two weeks
and I would like you to make a dress for me do you guys deliver to Abuja? we
deliver everywhere in the world we deliver everywhere in the world we deliver to UK, US, Canada, India, Ghana
even last weekend we made a delivery to India we deliver everywhere in the world you you
you came to the right place Wow impressive
so I really trust you right? let me tell you something I am not a tailor I am a
fashion designer I have machines, I have people working for me both male and female I don’t even sew myself yes i dont even use local machine all these manual machines i dont use them to sew all the Nigerian celebrities i sew for them Genevieve, omotola,funke akindele, mercy johnson i have their numbers and they have my number ah as I’m not even talking to you nanananana I’m sewing a dress for Aisha Buhari even before you called me i missed a call from Tiwa Savage but my dear i will call her back later, i will call her back later im very busy right now. okay okay okay enough said I believe
you so im going to sender Dress that i wants to your
phone right now ok have you seen the dress madam? yes I have my
dear please give me exactly what you can see that picture
how much is my bill? your bill is twenty five thousand Naira Is 25k
not too much? no.. ok ok ok money is not the problem
I will send 25k to your account but please give me exactly what you can see in that
picture ah customer silvia you don’t have any
problem na me be madam Kofi original madam Kofi I sew in and out
after sewing for you your life will not remain the same again
ah you dont have anything to worry about oh oya now take care okay I will send my measurement over
to you by next week i will do everything quick quick and send to you Thank you very much ma, have a nice day please
I love you bye bye two days later yes come in the door is open
good day ma, good afternoon you have a parcel a parcel? from who?
madam KOFI oh!! madam Kofi that should be my dress please give it to my PA I will pick it up
after work I have so much on my table right now the auditors are coming next
week I need to get this report ready okay thank you four hours later Chai what kind of dress is this? Chai look at the sleeve what kind of dress is this? oh my Jesus christ look at look at the burst everywhere is this thing a ball gown? what is thing doing here? oh my God i dont like this thing madam KOFI you have killed me ooo

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  1. Have you been in this mess before?? Let us know here? the struggle is real mehn??. Please don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe here ? youtube.com/c/RubiesTv

  2. This video has changed my life for good. Thanks madam Kofi for making me a better person. My business is now flourishing like never before. Thanks for the tips.

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